Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mendeley word pulgin error - Address is protected and unable to start mendeley automatically

So, I was stumped by these errors, because all these while, I had been using Mendeley perfectly. I did a couple of minutes of digging and found very messy answers. I thought I could put them here in a clearer way so you won't be spending a lot of time trying to fix this and actually be able to use the time to write something. :P

First thing, you should check is whether your Mendeley is run as an administrator or not in order to solve the Address is protected problemYour Mendeley is NOT supposed to be run as admin. How to check?

1. Close everything that is running mendeley plug-in (this means your word docs) as well as the mendeley program itself.
2. Right click on the mendeley icon on your desktop (or in your mendeley/program files folder) and choose 'properties'.
3. Find and click 'advanced' under the shortcut tab. Ensure that the 'run as administrator' box is unchecked. If it's checked, then uncheck it.
Step 2 to 3
 4. Then, head on to the Compatibility tab and look for a privilege level. Ensure that the 'run this program as an administrator' box is unchecked as well. 
step 4

If you've made any changes, go check if your problem is fixed. If this is not the problem that you've encountered, don't give up! There is another stuff that you need to check yet!

step 1 to 3
1. Start up your mendeley program and press Ctrl+Shift+D to bring up the debug console.
2. Go to the 'settings' tab and look for General_HttpServerPort in the table.
3. Change the numbers beside General_HttpServerPort to 5001 or 5003.
4. Then, close your mendeley. This should have fixed your 'Address is protected' problem - it did for me.


Lastly, to fix the 'unable to start Mendeley automatically' problem. Your mendeley and word docs should still be closed at this point.

1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to quickly bring up the task manager.
2. Click on the 'processes' tab.
3. Search for these: winword.exe, MendeleyDesktop.exe or MendeleyWordplugin.exe If you found any, right click on it/them, then click on the button 'End Process' to end all these processes.
4. Restart your word docs and mendeley. The problem should be fixed by now.

I hope that my explanation is good enough and that you've solved your problem. Please comment or share this post to your friends if it is in any way helpful. Thanks! :)

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