Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back in... zzz

Let the nonsense begin! =D
Well, I'm back at dreary Kampar again... that's one thing. I'm starting my first year sem 3 - second thing... and I'm still... well, you know... bored.

It's a start of a new sem - a new beginning some might say but though, from what I've seen so far, it's gonna be the toughest semester ever! Biodiversity? well, we're taught by a lecturer who, well, has very high standards... that doesn't mean he's not a good lecturer lol - it's quite the opposite.

The statistics lecturer's okay I guess... if she could stop teaching to fast! :O I'll bet she can beat that new bullet train service introduced in China lol. She's just amazing - with one breath she could explain the whole slide. It's like... 'hmm... oh I see! I understand now! Haha! .... wueh? She's there on the next page already ar? Aiya...'

The Properties of Matter lecturer's fine too. It's rather surprising that I can understand most of what she's teaching about - bah! Physical chemistry? More like Pure physics in disguise >.> - but honestly I don't like that subject -at all-!

English... hmm... well, for starters I think she can teach well enough, but I'm afraid that she might not be as lenient as some of the younger lecturers. we shall see... Oh yeah! Our English tutor is someone worth mentioning about :D She talks oh so softly. A real gentle-lady I say! Yesterday in class, she told us to take turns reading a text. When it was my turn, my voice boomed throughout the whole classroom! The rest of the students were like Oo and I was like =P. Hahaha! Even the teacher seems a bit surprised? hmm hard to interpret her expression but it was FUNNEH! xD

Meh, CNY's just around the corner and I was like.. so... not in mood! It's not like I missed my mum playing the same old CNY kiddie songs in the wee hours of the morning (Note that my 'wee hours of the morning' = 8am - 9am). I just missed being with people with the CNY mood, ya know. Sigh. I haven't even eaten any of the CNY cookies I helped baked yet.

... writer's block... aiks!

What lah, I dunno what I want to type anymore. I remember there were 2 things that I would like to discuss on my blog but I simple can't remember what! Ish, getting older now? Yes, I am. I'm approaching my twenties and my mum said, 'No more Christmas presents for you now. You're too old.' Haizz. (Oh FYI, I'm not a Christian or anything but I like to join in on the fun during Christmas)

Old already la. I had just watched Time Traveller's Wife and, boy, it was amazing! I mean, the story is kind of choppy and confusing at times (I can't separate the older character with the younger version, they both look so the same! But ofc they're the same person after all) but the movie got me thinking...

Meh, I think I'd better start on my 'discussion' for my report. I'm tired but I can't sleep yet as long as I haven't finish my 'discussion'. I need to read for tomorrow's experiments too and ofc finish all these food that I've bought from pasar malam (I always accidentally bought too much food one >.>).

Haiz. I'm going now. Hopefully next time when I type something, it is something worth typing xD

C U!