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List of the best tower defense (TD) games and their reviews

Recently, I've gotten myself addicted to tower defense games... again haha. Anyways, just thought I'd compile the tower defense games (in no particular order at the moment) that I've played (completed or uncompleted) and liked. 

1. Incursion + Incursion 2: The Artifact
Version 1 is pretty challenging and has cute animations. 
Version 2 has nice Warcraft III-like dialogues and has a story line (in comic form). A few new monsters and maps. A new hero (with other hero sidekicks) which has up to 4 super powers replaced the super powers in version 1 and IMHO, this is definitely better. And more twists in the game play (like the one where you fight against a traitor = your own troops). You can collect gold coins to buy power ups for your hero too. It's pretty cool.
- medieval age/fantasy+demons-themed - which includes swordsman, archers, mages, dragons etc etc 
- movable units - 3 units max per outposts. Outpost number are fixed.
- nice graphics and maps
- Unique monsters
- Talents for hero (per hero level. Max 10) and upgrades for units (using diamond won via battles. Max 5 per map for a total of 14 maps)
- Cool dialogues (Version 2)
- 3 difficulty modes to choose from. 
- there's an option to have the attack earlier - reducing wait time
- browser-based game but internet is not required after you've completed loading the game

'Definitely a nice, relaxing (easy mode) game to play. Though I would prefer having some new units and that I thought the story is a bit redundant hehe, I still look forward to its sequels.' :)

Link here: (via 

2. Demonrift TD
This is really tough near the end IMHO and the swordsman becomes redundant in the later battles. The system here is that upgrades cost a lot more than building a new outpost. There are 4 varieties of outposts that each has 1 unit in it. You can get an extra unit per outpost by upgrading it (up to 3 upgrades only). The strategy (at the later stages) mainly involves having golems (and on the rare case, knights. In the earlier stages you'll have to use the weaker swordsman) holding choke points while you keep placing archers all over the place to rain havoc on the enemy. Basically, it's up to how fast you can place your outposts once the game starts.

The scroller is a major problem especially when you plan to build an outpost near the edge of the map. You'll keep clicking it accidentally and cannot build your outpost in time. :\ oh well...

- medieval age/fantasy+demons-themed - which includes swordsman, archers, knights, golems etc etc 
- Resource gathering required for upgrades and buildings (1 building per city captured. Each type of building has their own limit as well and the cost to build them increases exponentially as you build more similar buildings. You can collect more resources by replaying a map). 
- Buildings have perks - like extra cash to start a game with and faster cash generation in-game
- Money is gained over time and not by kills - this is pretty cool. And you can get buildings that add on to that (refer to above).
- And maybe because of this (refer to above), you cannot have the next wave earlier. oh well, you can get more cash in the mean time though. :)
- browser-based game but internet is not required after you've completed loading the game

'I like how my archers rain their arrows down on enemies :P but well, it's tough at the end... too tough (even with full upgrades) and I can't lower the difficulty. Bummer.' S.Y. Edit: Well, I've just finished it last night. I guess a break from the game does help with designing a new strategy for the map that I was stuck at hehe.

Link here: (via 

3. Warcraft III
With its elemental towers and hero units, this is one of its kind :) and not to mention, the warcraft sentimentality :P And you can LAN/multiplayer with your friends! 

No link - you need to download the game (warcraft III) then download the TD maps. It's worth the trouble though :)

4. Toy Defense 1 and 2
A unique new outlook to the tower defense genre (toys! ftw xD) Anyways, it's challenging and fun. Though, in order to get full stars for all maps, you might need cheat codes (hehe).

Mowing the enemy down :)
No link - Download and install the game to play. You can buy the game at Amazon.

Cheat codes (compiled by me :) )

5. Gemcraft and its sequels
A very unique approach to TD - and it's pretty challenging too if you don't know what you're doing. :P Anyways, if you're a hardcore TD fan - this game is a must-play. Seriously.... it's that good :) Though the sequels are a bit of more of a grind that I would have liked - chapter 0 is the worst grind, labyrinth is better but still a grind lol (coz well, I cannot get pass the second epic boss at lvl 31 lol)

Strategy: (in order)
- Complete all maps with glowing frames (you can go back and redo the maps once you're higher level to get the glowing frames; reset skills when necessary) - except the final epic boss battle
- Complete all hidden maps for extra skill pt (very vital if you want to complete the final epic boss battle easily) - for hidden maps, you must put all skill pts (until max) into pure gem mastery. There are a total of 8 hidden levels - in order to unlock them, you must have glowing frams of all the maps near to it. So in other words, just get glowing frames for all the other maps once you reached the final epic boss battle map.
- Use this strategy for final boss battle for easy win - Video for final epic boss battle

Click this pic to enlarge it
- P/S: here's my skill tree :) Bombs are useless for me (coz my strategy doesn't require it)

A more complete guide/walkthrough here: (provided by armor games)
Gemcraft walkthrough
- Keep spamming the mana pool boost (around 23k to 33k is okay; it gives extra mana regen as well as more score pts) and traps (all in a row where your towers overlaps the most) when you start, you can call in around 5-10 waves if you have maxed 'high grade starter gems' skill.
- keep combining gems up to lvl 7 (lvl 8 is not that useful - wasteful of gems) - pure and/or dual lvl 7 gems are the best (depending on the skill you've maxed)
- use the fast forward button for faster game play :P
- you can combine lvl 7 gems with lower lvl gems to boost the damage slightly (useful if you have loads of low lvl gems that are pretty useless in high lvl maps)

Gemcraft Labyrinth guide

Gemcraft - Chapter 0
Gemcraft Labyrinth

6. Bloon TD and its sequels
Although it's a bit childish at first view, but it's an amazingly relaxing TD game - the way a casual game should be (okay, also besides being a time sink haha). Anyways, I recommend this especially you've gotten fed up with Gemcraft Chapter 0 or Labyrinth :P But well, the sequels aren't that easy :P oh well, it's still better than gemcraft's sequels lol.

I doubt you'll need any strategy guide to help you here especially if you're a hard core TD gamer and knows how to place your towers :) Anyways, despite the constant talk from the creator of Bloon that you cannot win the game using only Tack towers - he's right... up to a point :P As you can see, freeze towers and bombs aren't really that useful and they are damn expensive as well. Just save up to get the superhero monkey and you're set :)

For Bloon TD 3, there are lead balloons, so you might want to get that boomerang monkey built and ofc the 'Thermite' upgrade (you'll have to upgrade the 'can attack frozen balloons' skill first before you can upgrade 'Thermite') as soon as you can. And well, it's tough, so you might want to go with easy first (still can't get pass the 4th map... argh).

One of the easier maps - Map 3. As you can see, Tack towers are kinda my calling card lol :P

Link: (Full Bloon collection)

7. Tower wars
Amazing 3D graphics, very unique concept (you can send attackers and build and upgrade resource gathering mines to get more money, castles that have their own upgradable defense systems), and cool, special towers (each upgraded towers will ahve their own unique look and each tower can be upgraded 3 times), what more can you want? Oh, I'd want a campaign which does not rely on multiplayer. Sigh, as you can see, this epic game is, unfortunately, multiplayer only (except that brief moment you can enjoy a 'vs computer'-campaign in the last part of the tutorial, which is not exactly hard but it allows you to explore the possibilities :)). The endless mode is just downright boring, especially if you have good tower placements, the game can last over an hour with no signs of ever ending.

Enemies have real cool items too - the trojan horse thingy (when you destroy it, it'll release some troops), 'robot bosses' with shields, troops with healing abilities which can only be triggered once they are killed, etc :) Pretty cool.

This is one steampunk-themed, epic game gone to waste - for people, who doesn't like to play multiplayer. A huge pity.

Clicking on the hexagonal boxes and this menu will pop out whereby you can choose which tower you want - 8 varieties to choose from; each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
Did you see my catapult kill zone? (Hint: look to the right side of the screenshot) Hehe :)

You can buy the game at Amazon.

8. Pokemon Tower Defense 1 and 2
Being both a tower defense and pokemon fan, I simply love playing this. It's a bit of a grind but it's, at the same time, rather casual. You start with 1 main pokemon and you'll go around catching more by playing tower defense. You can swap the type of skills for the pokemon you use (I like to use String Shot to slow em down and the rest of the pokemons set on high dps :)) and you can swap the pokemon's positions in the map. The boss fights (a.k.a. arena battles with gym leaders) are pretty challenging - you'll need both strategy and high-enough leveled pokemon to beat them.

The graphics are similar to those of the original pokemon games and the in-game locations are similar as well.

Another plus point is that the games are completely free to play! :) So, enjoy! Oh and gotta catch em all! :D

Pokemon Tower Defense 1
Pokemon Tower Defense 2

9. Steam Punk Towers
Pretty cool game. I'm still playing it at the moment but I'm having a great experience - though most people might prefer to switch off its music and play their own music :P

I usually don't reload my weapons' bullets until they have totally ran out = faster reload time yay!

Steam punk towers

10. CastleStorm
Check out my review for CastleStorm here. It's not actually a tower defense but it has TD elements in it + some RPG and stuff. :P Worth a play.

11. Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers
I can't believe I missed out mentioning this very fun tower defense game.

Link to my kingdom rush frontiers review:

Link (Armor games):
Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush Frontiers 

12. Orcs Must Die 1 and 2
An extremely fun somewhat-tower defense game - more like trap-defense + RPG elements in it :)

Check out my review of this game here.

13. Pockie Defense
In short, it is extremely entertaining and a huge time sink. 

Although it can be considered a pay-to-win game, it is still very interesting. Instead of towers, you position your characters along the pathway that the mobs will be taking. 

There are 4 classes of fairy-tale-related characters (like Sinbad, Snow White, etc), each having their own advantages (high single target damage or AoE) and disadvantages (only single target, low damage etc). 

They also have their own spells and grades that will boost their damage, range or attack speed both for PvP or PvE. Oh and yes, this game is not only a TD game - it incorporates PvP into the game too! 

There are gears to equip your characters, puzzle shards to form new characters (after you've had 10 of them), artifacts to boost your PvP damage as well as character training, equipment enhancing, evolving a character from 1 grade to another higher grade and etc.

Link (Facebook): Pockie Defense

1. New player guide 
2. PvP guide


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