Sunday, May 15, 2016

Panic! At the Disco's Music Video Trilogy

Yes, I've "coined" a new term - "Music Story" :)

Music Story (noun) refers to a series of related music or music videos that tell a complete story when combined. :)

Part 1: Panic! At the Disco: Say Amen (Saturday Night)

That high note though! Hahah...

Story: He stole the Devil's key that apparently a lot of people were after. The whole video basically involved him beating a ton of bad guys up in the most gruesome ways, but at the end, he was blindsided by a pretty hook-up and was left barely alive by his "girlfriend".

Part 2: Panic! At the Disco: This is Gospel


Story: He ended up in the emergency ward of a hospital where he struggled with his doctors who were all trying to save him, but the thing is - he doesn't want to be saved. In the end, he won the battle and went into "the light".

Part 3: Panic! At the Disco: Emperor's New Clothes

Story: He went into the light, thinking he might get through the pearly gates of heaven, but the ground opened up beneath him and he fell to hell. Here, he completed the transformation into the devil... possibly because he stole the "Devil's key" (refer to the first video)