Saturday, December 31, 2016

Most Anticipated F2P MMO Games in 2017

As usual, I've put some incredible amount of research into this before writing these 2 articles, and needless to say, I'm pretty proud of it, so well... I hope you'll enjoy reading it as well :)

Happy new year in advance!
Revelation Online

Lost Ark

Friday, December 23, 2016

Steam's Winter Sale - My Game Recommendations

Yesssss.... the Winter Steam Sale is here and boy, there are tons of treasures in it. Anyway, the whole point of writing this blog post is to list out the games that I want to buy... that I think is worth the cost to buy... and share the list with anyone of you who are interested. Enjoy! :)

Oh and before I start, these games are all below RM15 (that's approximately $4 considering how badly the RM has fluctuated and then dropped over the past year - it's almost like the currency's in its death throes).

One more thing - just in case I get dissed by anyone in the comments, please know that the links will redirect you to an advert which you can easily skip after 30 seconds and then bring you over to the game's Steam page. You can choose not to click it, but if you do, thanks! :)

Right, let's start:

Note: Steam is currently down, so if the links are not working... it's not my fault :P

1. Half Life 2

Being one of the most renowned game of its time, I personally think that this is a game to buy if you haven't played it before... and I am ashamed to say that I haven't despite being a self-proclaimed "pretty hardcore gamer". Anyway, there's actually no reason for you NOT to buy the game because it is simply dirt cheap - around $2.

Link to Half Life 2's Steam page

2. Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year Edition)

The keywords here are "batman" and "game of the year". This is simply a deal you mustn't miss if you love action RPGs and comics, especially batman... Guess you know who I rooted for in Batman vs Superman now... heh.

Even though I have not played any Batman game before (if there are any), I have heard loads about how Batman: Arkham Asylum is da bomb! The best of the best... well, I guess I'll know whether I liked it or not pretty soon :)

Link to Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year Edition)'s Steam page.

3. Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Okay... I have to admit something up front... I have already played the game from front to back and I can personally vouch for the excellence of this game. It's an incredible game, especially for players who

1. Have younger brother/s whom they adore
2. Love brilliantly crafted, heartwarming storylines
3. Love to solve somewhat challenging puzzles - they are not too tough, don't worry :)

The best part? You can grab this game for even less than $2!!

The only thing I dislike is that somehow the game now requires a controller to play. The last I booted the game up, I was using my keyboard to play.

Link to Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons's Steam page.

4. Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword

Like the number 1 and 2 games, I have not played Civ before. I only discovered it after the time I was obsessed over strategy games so I merely glanced at it... thought it was a great game to try one day and simply left it at that... mainly due to the ridiculous price it was stamped with.

But now, you can get an older version of Civ for just around $2! Do take note that Civ itself is something like Anno and hence, can offer up to more than hundreds of hours of gameplay... if you like it.

So, if you have always loved strategy games and you don't mind slightly poorer graphics - hey, not everyone can afford a "4k resolution" gaming rig you know, you should really grab this chance and buy Civ.

Link to Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword's Steam page.

5. Terraria

If you have yet to realize, I'm a huge sucker for Minecraft-like games. Hint: my walkthrough/guide/review for Dig or Die, StoneHearth (Alpha), Landmark (Beta), and my favorite so far... the semi-grindy Craft the World (Warning: it has a pretty linear crafting/tech tree. Some ppl might not like that).

Anyway, I simply love the crafting, the exploring, the material farming (or scavenging) and the building... and honestly, the game doesn't even have to be in 3D!

I've heard tons of good stuff about Terraria. Despite being an "indie game" and costing more than number 1, 2 and 3 combined, it may just be a great investment. Anyway, from my pretty extensive experience with these games, I've noticed that most of them start out being so-called "indie"... just take a look at the behemoth Minecraft has become :)

ah well... if only Stardew Valley is also on sale though! That would be just perfect! (was a Farmville/ Farmville 2 addict for a few years too... and yes, it's YEARS :P)

Link to Terraria's Steam page.

6. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition and Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge

For a hint of childhood nostalgia, you might want to check out the Monkey Island games. I've played the games (both of them) for a few times when I was young and I absolutely love them... though, even until now I can still remember how I hated the "spitting contest" and the "guess the next hand sign (... or was it a number?)" mini-games. I've gotten stuck there for DAYS while trying to crack those puzzles.

In fact, the part where the ghost of that "whatshisname" pirate bounced all around the map is much easier than these puzzles... sorry, I only remembered the name of the protagonist "Guybush Tripwood" and I'm just too lazy to google up the answer to the evil pirate's name :P.

Oh and by the way, it was from a time when you can't just easily google up the walkthrough or cheats for a game and that getting on the internet means going through the annoying dialing tones... yes, it's THAT long ago.

In the end, I got it though... through some really intense perseverance and a dab of inventiveness, that is :)

Anyway, I'm not sure how appealing the game will be for young adults who can now afford games, but it's pretty much a no brainer if you've played the game before and would like to relive the experience. It has a funny story too I recalled. Both games cost less than $2 each.

Link to The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition's Steam page.

Link to Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge's Steam page.

7. Mass Effect 2

Commander Shepard... enuf said!

Seriously though, I love sci-fi games - any Halo fans here? - and although I have more of a penchant for whimsical ones like Borderlands, I think I would like Mass Effect 2.

... you've caught me... yes, I have never played any Mass Effect before but I've heard enough about it to be interested. It's a pretty old game, but at a price of around $3, it's not too bad a purchase. If you're interested, I've added a link below.

Link to Mass Effect 2's Steam page

8. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

For just around $2, this game is a gd STEAL! In fact, I'll let you on a tiny secret - I've fallen in love with The Witcher series because of this game.

Of course, for those of you who have played The Witcher 3 before, well, you may feel like this game seems lacking, but for those who have yet to dive into the world of witches, monsters and witchers, I'd highly recommend you start with this game first.

Link to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition's Steam page

9. Magicka

This looks so much like Torchlight.... maybe because of the color palette or something... and I happen to like Torchlight! So yeah, this is now on my list of games that I might potentially buy.

I'm pretty certain this game is quite old, but for around $2, it's still pretty worth it if you enjoy dungeon crawlers.

Link to Magicka's Steam page

10. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

My old pal :) I could still remember getting told off by my parents for playing this when I was supposed to study for my PMR exams, which means I was around 15 y/o then. I would actually "put" on some of those educational discs that my parents got for me - yay for teacher-parents! - but I'm actually playing Fallout Tactics hehe... sneaky, right? But well, I got caught sooo yeah, not so sneaky any more.

Nostalgia aside, Fallout Tactics was incredibly entertaining to me that until today I still wished rather fervently that they might someday make a sequel. I was a huge strategy game nut (both turn-based and real time) back then - C&C, Starcraft, Warcraft, Shogun, Age of Empires (I probably can still remember the funny cheat codes), Age of Mythology, Stronghold, Cossacks... you name it!

Anyways, if you love turn-based strategy games and/or post-apocalyptic stuff, this is I think a timeless game to play :)

Link to Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel's Steam page

11. Expeditions: Conquistador

Last but not least... and yes, I simply have to add 1 more to this list and not just end with the nice even number of "10"... this amazing indie game, Expeditions: Conquistador.

I won't blab too much about this since you can read all about it on my game review page right here ... It's basically a turn-based strategy/adventure game with some really nice storylines and events, and you can even get married in the game!

Right, anyway, all I want to say is that although this game is much more expensive than many other renowned games, it is still worth every cent.

Link to Expeditions: Conquistador's Steam page


  • Telltale Games

I think some of the Telltale Games are on sale too. Those are usually pretty good - they are from Telltale after all :) - so you can get those games too if you enjoy narrative-oriented games.

  • Ryse: Son of Rome
Looks good... really good and from the description, it probably has some really nice storylines. And like I've said (I think), I'm a sucker for both :)

  • Orcs Must Die!
I've completed this game and I've got to say - if you're a huge fan of tower defense/ tower defense-like games, this is a MUST BUY. Seriously, it's really good and I happen to like whimsy games too. For around $2, this game is a bargain! Goooooo try iiiittt!

  • Torchlight 1 and 2 - for Dungeon Crawler lovers. I'm too lazy to link the steam page though :P

Free Assassin's Creed 3!!!

Lastly, if you haven't gotten your free copy of Assassin's Creed 3, you might still be able to grab it. You just need to sign up for a uPlay account, log into their Christmas advent calendar site, and check in every day until you reached the 14th day (or you can check in on the 14th day) to grab your free copy.

Since I haven't played any of the games in that franchise and was a bit skeptical when I tried it (despite all the great things I've heard about the game), I went into the game almost blind (emphasis on the "almost" part) and I have to say, I love it!

Whatever that I loved in The Witcher 3... well, it's even better in AC3 and that's a pretty huge deal for me coz I kinda idolize The Witcher 3 :P

Okay that's it for now. It's time to go and shoot at Feral Ghouls, Radscorpions and Super Mutants now :)

(For those who got the very obvious hint, here's an extra non-gender-specific fist bump! Hehe)