Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Have you ever wondered what if you did that instead of this or other variations of the same 'what if'-kind of questions?

This is the kind of question that will keep bugging you for ages - what if I had helped her? What if I spent more time studying instead? What if I've went to her CNY party? What if... what if....

If you keep thinking about these kind of stuff, won't it make you hesitate every time you have to make a decision - no matter small or big? This can be an advantage if you use the time you hesitate to think thoroughly about all other options as well as the consequences, from all angles and perspectives (if possible :P), of doing that decision. However, if you take too long a time to make up your mind - you may be at a severe disadvantage especially at making split-second decisions or the indecision may perhaps paralyze, or so to speak, you from making any decisions at all.

Thinking back to the time when I graduated from high school with flying colours, I was forced to make a decision - either to continue my studies at Form 6, find other colleges and universities to study at or take up that government TESL (pardon any spelling mistakes :P) scholarship to become a teacher. I have always wondered how would I fair if I had continued Form 6 instead or will I be able to handle TESL.

It's the road not traveled that may cause us to look back at that time and wonder, but if we keep dwelling in the past, we will never be able to move on. You've got to tell yourself - you've made a major decision that day... that time... and you will not be able to get back to that particular crossroad ever again. Life is not a PC game where you can always load your saved games. Life and time do not wait for anybody. Whether or not your decision is a good one, you will find out sooner or later and it is useless to keep thinking about it, but bear in mind that from every decision that you make, there're, for certain, good and bad sides to it. As long as you can make the best out of the decision that you have made, you will be satisfied that you have not make the wrong choice.

Though, there are also fatal decisions - the kind of decisions that will somehow lead to your ultimate death or some other horrific repercussions. These kind of decisions must never appear as an option when you are thinking of what to do next. One of the main examples is suicide.

I really don't understand why do some people value so little of their lives. Your birth to this world itself is a miracle. Heck, every molecule of your body is special in its own way. An advice to those who are considering suicide - stop weeping or whatever stuff that you're doing, calm your mind down and think about the possibilities...the stuff that you can do if you are alive. If you've lost a person in your life, there are still others out there for you.. people who cares about you. To put it simply - think about this: What if I have not killed myself? What stuff will I be doing? What stuff that I want to do but have yet to do? You might want to travel around the world; explore the Amazon jungle; see the moon up close; buy your parents their well-deserved retirement double-story house; get yourself that BMW that you have your eye on for years etc etc. Then, you'll realised that if you end your life now, you'll never be able to do anything that you have always wanted to do. Your life will be a total waste!

Life is full of possibilities that's for certain. To be able to experience these possibilities is one of the joys/sorrows of living. Bad stuff can be turned in a good one if you try harder and look for a solution from different perspectives. Life problems are like maths - there are many ways to solve it and I'm certain, if you try, you can find at least one of them.

Sure, you can spent some time thinking about those roads not taken but don't dwell on it too long - you don't want to get caught in the past, do you?

In short, killing yourself will not only severe life's possibilities (it's delights and sufferings), it will, too, inflict unnecessary pain to those people close to you (Don't say you don't have anyone close to you... that's just bullshit. You have people who cares though you may not have noticed them). Never ever put suicide as an option/ a choice when you're deciding anything. Don't always think about the crossroads in life that you think you had made a wrong turn at - make do with what you have.. and improve it while bearing in mind the mistakes that you have made so you won't repeat them again. Problems can always be solved as long as you are open-minded enough to think from various angles and perspectives to find a suitable solution. Take your time in making any major decision in life - remember that once you go down that road, you, more often than not, cannot go back. For split-second decisions, you have to depend on your instincts and quick thinking - the kind of things that you can train but I have no idea how to train them (Google's your best friend :P).