Monday, November 2, 2009

Life after death

or lack thereof lol. Some people may believe that our souls will join the 'god particle' after we die and thus in a way, we cease to exist; some may instead believe in heaven and hell. I, however, believe in a more(?) scientific concept - we simply move on to another dimension of earth.

To me, after we died, our souls, which are eternal (until the end of the world, that is), will be 'moved' to another dimension of earth. You see, I believe that earth exists in a few dimensions (to be general, the universe exists in different dimensions), meaning that there are different versions of earth (that obviously we cannot see). Each dimension of earth varies slightly from each other though there are still differences that set all those dimensions apart. After we died, our soul, released from its earthly 'cage(?)' will be able to travel in this time space whereby our souls could go to the other dimensions. This time space is sort of like the middle ground between dimensions. A King's Cross train station. It has a current though - it moves in one direction and thus our souls will be swept towards that direction.

At that time, we (our souls) had already lost all our earthly burdens as well as memory etc etc.. it's almost like being a new born since our brain is the main thing that helps us in thinking etc etc... our soul is just the essence of ourselves.. nothing more.. but it is VERY important.

Well, back to the time space or whatever you would like to call it, our souls will travel there and be pulled into the next dimension that we encounter as they move along. The souls go into that dimension and will be attracted to those fetuses in (any) mother's body. The fetuses must still be in their early stages of growth though. One of the soul will enter the fetus giving it the essence that makes us all unique.

The fetus will then continue to grow... to develop a brain but for those unlucky fetuses that cannot have a soul in time will probably die off and, thus, miscarriage can occur.

All in all, we cannot die! We are all immortals in a way. Our souls will carry our essence on to the next living body. The soul is eternal.

That's my opinion anyway. Well, guess I'll be better off doing something else so I'll take my leave.

*This entry is a tribute to those unfortunate 3 UTAR students who drowned on 1/11/09. Rest in peace.