Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My review paper is out!

My academic paper is OUT!!! :D

Uhm, on a more professional tone... yeah, my review paper's out... I'm officially a published author now... (roflmao)

...and since I'm one of the authors, I get a free link that I am allowed to share to you all, so you guys can download it for free (until 19/11/2014) if you want to.



P/S: And WTF, the editor addressed me as Dr! xD 

...but I didn't like it that I (or at least the university) had to pay them just so that they can take my copyright away zzz...

Epic motivation from the Superwoman

This girl's ohhhsome! :)

A summary of her motivational talk

- You ARE IN CONTROL of your own mind, emotion and actions
- Your own drive can drive you way further!
- No more excuses! Take ownership!
- You had overcome all your difficulties in the past and you're still here right now. You overcome your challenges because you've overcome all the obstacles in the past.
- None but ourselves can free our mind - Bob Marley
- Negatives aren't for ever!
- There's enough success out there for all of us!

One love, superwoman, and that's a wrap... zoooooooooop!

I'll add more when I have the time. Gotta go sleep now - tomorrow's a big and tiring day! Cya!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Rainbow loom bracelets

My lame-looking bracelet :P
So yeah, unfortunately, I was dragged into the craze by my mum who wanted me to make a couple of these for our relatives' little kids. I had to go to YouTube to learn how to make the most basic pattern of all - the fishtail lol.

Anyways, I thought... well, since I'm making a couple of these as a noob, I'm going to write a step-by-step instruction on how to make these bracelets...................... Hah! Did your eyebrows go way up? :P Nah, I'm not going to write anything like that... by just googling, you can get thousands and thousands of these instructional guides or videos. However, I'm going to list out something that I think might be more useful.

The relationship between how many rubber bands you need vs the length of your wrist!

This is just an approximation by the way (but a fairly accurate one so far) and I'm using the fishtail pattern as an example.

1. Use a piece of non-elastic string to measure your wrist. Then place it on a ruler to know your exact (approximate) wrist length in cm.
2. Then, refer to the conversion 'table' below.

3 bands per cm

3. So, for example, if you have a 14 cm wrist diameter, you'll need around 42 bands (including the first band that you use when you set up your loom) in order to make your rainbow loom bracelet. However, do add a couple extra bands just in case you like the bracelet to be a bit loose.

The bracelet will be a perfect fit (that is not too tight)! You may then adjust the bracelet depending on how you like it.  

Hope this helps!~ Have fun making your bracelets for yourself and your friends! :)

Hmm, thinking about it... I may just write a guide/ a video guide on how to add bands to your bracelet if it's somehow too small after you've taken it off the loom. So, stay tuned! :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

List of gamebook authoring tools

Since my gamebook-ball has started rolling, I thought 'why not go all the way to the end?'

So, I'm going to list online or offline softwares that will enable you to publish your own gamebook online :) Interested? Well, let's go!

P/S: I'll separate the paid-ones from the free-to-use ones some time in the future.

List of gamebook authoring tools

1. Inkle


2. Twine


3. Quest


4. Gamebook Authoring Tool

Free version and paid (pro) version


5. *I'll add more when I find more :)

As a bonus, I have also added in a link to a blog site by a famous gamebook author (unfortunately he's not Ian Livingstone or Steve Jackson but he's awesome enough :P), Jonathan Green, that teaches you how to write a gamebook.

If you'd like to get someone else to publish your gamebook, you can try contacting Black Library (Link: They are the ones behind the most popular titles in the gamebook universe. :)


Lastly, I might be writing, when I have the free time, a couple of mini-gamebooks that I might put up for free :P


I used to (and, perhaps, still) love gamebooks! I like that it combines gaming with reading, both of which are my favourite stuff to do when I'm free.

I like them so much to the point that I started writing gamebooks of my own, with the help of my brother (illustrations and co-author). We even set up a website using Dreamweaver (after many grueling hours of playing around with the buttons and stuff) to 'sell' our so-called gamebooks which were printed via a printer (For the first book anyways. Our dad found out and we were banned from using the printer for these sorts of follies).

Anyway, I'm not surprised to see our gamebook site missing from google search results... mainly because I've forgotten the name of our series lol. Meh, I'll search for it later perhaps.

Anyways, I was browsing around and I stumbled upon this recently published article.

Livingstone recalls sitting on a bus during the 1980s watching people read Fighting Fantasy. He was amused to see them bookmarking pages with their fingers in order to undo decisions which concluded with failure or death.
The funny thing is when I read gamebooks, I bookmark the whole book lol just so I can go back to a previous page (after I die or after I finished the book), doesn't matter how 'previous' the page was. I aimed to read every paragraph in the book and, of course, like most gamebook readers, I cheat from time to time :P  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My own website... for realz!

Yes, I'm not sure what's gotten over me, but I find myself typing 'z' when the word doesn't even require that letter...lolz

Gah, anywayz, I'm setting up my own website on a free-hosting site (This wasn't my first one - it will be my 3rd one) :) and that website is the place where I'm gonna put up my online working experience and stuff, and hopefully, someone will go ahead and hire me. If not, it's okay though (okay.jpg) ... I'm also thinking of setting up my own food business IRL... well, let's just wait and see.

I might create another website just for my blog so I can post some more stupid stuff up - like... hmm, I'm not very sure what I'll put up yet, but I'm thinking about it. But mainly, I wanted to create that website coz I'm having fun with the very user-friendly interface. :)

Seriously, I'm not even sure why I wrote this blog post. Just to give you guys a teaser on what I'm up to next I suppose (as 'advertised' on the header of my blog) :)

So, yeah, I've done my big announcement and you guys know about it... I guess it's high time I actually go to sleep. Ciaoz!~   *Gah, godammit! Enough with the Zs already!*

Soldier front 2 review

Just a summary mind you. Actually, the game is so-so (not VERY fun), but then I haz lots of screenshots of my crappy score, so I wanted to brag. Please take in account that I do not like playing online FPS (coz all of those kiddies playing) and I do not play online FPS.... and I've been playing that game for like 2-3 hours lol. :P

Review summary 
(It's not even a summary! I'm just too lazy to actually write a summary so I just wrote whatever I thought of and felt [the enjoyment of being killed and getting a kill lol] during the game)

Not much of a fan of online FPS games (but I like stuff like Left 4 Dead, Halo, Battlefield etc), but I like many varieties of maps they have. You simply have to try out their horror mode - hella fun! It's something like L4D's co-op play (where humans vs zombies), except that it's not that well balanced, but it's still fun :P

They're pushing for a Steam release so I suppose this game is pretty popular too :) Plenty of players online and lots of matches that you can join in. Expect to die a lot if you're a newb though. 

The game is pretty much pay to win... heh, with most of the best gear requiring real money. But then, this is also a game of luck, so you might just get lucky and creep up on that uber-geared real-money spender and get your kill :) ... but don't count on it often :P

Oh and as you can see, instead of using Aveyn on every game that I play (it's getting predictable), so I bounced around a couple of ambiguous (for male or female characters) new names. 'Steelheart9' is just one of them ;) Though, if you see any 'Aveyn' game tags/names at your game server, chances are (about 70%) that is me lol :) ...and well, I don't like to talk much, so don't get your hopes up too high :P

Monday, September 22, 2014

Unification Wars - New systems guide and other tips

I've tried googling and I ended up with a list of links that are useless and very messy. So, I've decided to compile a list of the types of new systems that you can create along with its perks (% bonus for housing, agriculture, mining, commerce, etc). I know for some of them, you can pretty much guess out their bonus perk, but having a list wouldn't hurt lol :P

Hope this helps!

And, oh yeah, if you like strategy, empire-building-sort of games (like The Settlers Online) with a space theme, then you should simply check this game out :) It's pretty awesome! However, if you hate playing text-based games, then you might want to skip this one. :P

Note that those without a mining facility cannot mine the ores that are available in that particular system.

New systems list
1. Eden
For massive population increases (and huge man power) and tax incomes.

Housing 0%
Commercial -80% 

2. Heavy
For heavy industries and for mining.

Housing -80%
Industry 40%
Mining -30%

3. Sol
The most basic and well-rounded system (can support a pop, farms, commercial, industry and can mine for ores).

Housing -80%
Commercial -30%
Industry -30%
Agriculture -30%
Mining -60%

4. Capital
For your money-generating needs. You will still need to increase your population in order to get the man power you need to power your commercial industry.

Housing -80%
Commercial 40%
Agriculture -30%

5. Farm
Huge agricultural production system.

Pending stats

6. Rich
Mineral/ore-rich system.

Housing -80% 
Commercial -60% 
Agriculture -60% 
Mining 40% 

7. Dark
Not very sure what the purpose of this system is but for this system, I've gotten Terran metal (finally!) lol :P

Housing -99%
Commercial -50%
Industry -20%
Agriculture -50%
Mining -50%

Also, by creating more new systems from your home system, you will get

1. 1.6x defence for your home system and previously-created systems per new system
2. New mineral that you can mine for

Other tips
1. Set your turns regeneration to moderate or large if you plan to be away for some time (like sleeping).
2. You can set your empire to vacation mode if you plan to take a few days/weeks/months off the game so that you can get a free protection bubble for the entire duration.
3. Don't leave scouts hanging around in your fleet. Once you've used them, disband them (I sound cruel lol but it's the most efficient way of using your empire's funds)
4. Ensure that you ALWAYS have a surplus of resources for each of your systems, unless it is unavoidable. Any surplus can be sold for money when/if needed.
5. Don't forget to Reward your population from time to time to keep them happy and, most importantly, loyal!

P/S: I'll also probably stop playing this after I get the review done despite that it's a pretty wicked game... due to lack of free time. Woe is me!

Link to play the game (free-to-play):

Shaiya - Run time error, Full screen option (and a very brief game review)

I had the time of my life a few days ago, downloading, installing, getting this Run time error,  posting on the game's forum, reading the replies, updating and fixing my Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables, uninstalling the game, reinstalling, then getting the same error again.... that's when I gave up. I have a limit as to when a game is not worth the time and effort to do multiple system checks, updates, computer restarts and game reinstalling lol. Took me the whole day to do those stuff...

Anyway, somehow it worked.... today lol. So, yeah, I'm going to post what I've done in order to make it work and hopefully, it will help you too. The game is pretty much so-so, but I still like Rift, WoW, Dragon Nest and Ragnarok Online 2 better. :P 

- DN and RO2 for the cute, anime graphics and awesome gameplay (albeit a bit repetitive)
- Rift for its dimension building, dungeons, artifacts collection, expertly-soloing 2-player chronicles, rift chasing, invasions and community-driven events 
- WoW for the very adrenaline-filled BG PvP/ world PvP, ganking, lore, camping, dungeon soloing, brilliant gameplay and raids, and of course, the good memories :) 

Before we start, I'm running Win 7 32- AND 64-bit with fully updated drivers and DirectX 11

1. Update your Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables 
(If your OS is running both, like me, you just need to update the superior one. Microsoft will tell you which one, when you're updating)

2. Then, uninstall and reinstall your Shaiya client. (Not Aerie Ignite! Just Shaiya)
Do note that your installation exe file is the one with this name: shaiya_us_installer_20130618
If you install it via the other exe file named 'game', you will encounter an error (and will get you even more worked up lol).

3. Lastly, after everything's done, restart your computer.

4. Viola! (It worked for me)

Oh and if you get an error that your DirectX is lower than 9 (which is the min requirement of the game) when in fact, your DirectX is like 11, then you should just restart Shaiya. It will work right again (It did for me).

Okay, well have fun in-game. It's very laggy with multiple lag spikes (my FPS can fluctuate from 260+ to a mere 15 lol), but I think that's mostly my side of the problem since I was running multiple softwares while testing out the game... lol. My internet is fine though! :P The controls can be a bit awkward and needs some getting used to (like keep pressing on 'B' for my inventory lol, or trying to strafe) 

I'm kinda surprise to find that games like this, requires even more processing capability (but less memory space) than Rift or WoW lol. My laptop can run 3 WoW clients simultaneously while I triple -box my way through a dungeon (I've also tried with 4 clients once, very low fps, but still I can finish a dungeon before I gave up :P) or double-box to power level another toon.

Oh and for you people who like stuff to be full-screened, there is no easy option for you to switch from its default windowed mode to full-screen. So you will need to do these:

1. Go to your Shiaya folder in the Aerie games folder in your (most probably) C drive or whichever drive you installed your game on. 

2. Search for a configuration settings file called CONFIG (or CONFIG.ini)

3. Back up a copy of this file (on your desktop, for example) before proceeding, just in case.

4. Double click it and, then, change the Fullscreen=FALSE (under the [Video] section) to TRUE.

See you in-game! (Am currently level 7... lol) 

Might drop this game soon though - I just don't have the time, unlike during my undergrad years when I played WoW (very) intensively.

P/S: So, I think I should start doing some SEO stuff (not that google is going to support my blog by granting me the use of Adsense any time soon lol) so yup, you will be seeing a list of random keywords at the bottom of my posts from now on. I'll update the older posts with keywords as well. ...It's the new hashtag phenomenon! ...hah!

Keywords: Shaiya, updater, Run time error, full screen, game review, C++ error, DirectX error

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ode to the King (of Fruits)

I was eating alone at McD when I was writing this. And while I was writing, I was giggling away. I suppose I must have earned a couple of weird stares from the other customers.

By the way, 'Ode' means that this 'prose' is supposed to be sung. However, I do notice that this can also be adapted for choral speaking lol :P

Another warning, if you didn't get the hint from my first paragraph, this is my lame attempt at writing a funny ode about something totally lame (but I do love durians very much and I do crave them from time to time :) ). You have been warned!


Ode to the king

Here's an ode to the king!
The king?
Yes, the king... of fruits that is.
All hail the king, King Durian!

With a body that is built like a tank
Resplendent in his crown of thorns
Presiding at his wooden throne
So much did he like thorns
He had a robe made from them
And wore them to court every day

His castle at the top of the durian tree
Is a testament to his strength and glory!
For he fought with the greatest villain, Worm
And emerged victorious time and time again!
His bravery strike terror in the hearts of his enemies
And give hope to his ever loyal servants
The epic battle is sung in ballads
In his kingdom, far and wide

Green is his colour,
The colour of his royalty
Thorns are his symbol,
The symbol of his bravery
He is king, he is king, none can compare!

Rebels say his body odour is enough of a reason
For anyone to rebel his rule
But for us, his ever faithful subjects
The smell's as heavenly as it can be

Despite his grim exterior,
I know that he has a heart of gold
Well, golden yellow at least
For he brought joy to those who adore him
And being a firm and vengeful ruler
He brought down his wrath on those who don't

Praise the king, the king of fruits!
For I am your most loyal subject
In your court filled with adoration and fans
That other minor fruit barons can't even compare
I who crave your utmost attention
Will do anything and everything for you
You are my liege, the one and only!

We, his faithful servants, will spread his legacy
To the four corners of the Earth
To the blessed in heaven and to the damned in hell,
Even to extraterrestrials on other planets and universes
For he is the greatest king to have ever lived!
So here's an ode to the king!
The king?
Yes, the king... of fruits that is.
All hail King Durian!

P/S: If you get it, then good; but if you didn't, well, the word 'grim' actually has two meanings in this ode - one refers to the true meaning of 'grim', while the other is a similar sounding word 'green'

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

"Growing up, I slowly have this process of realising that all the things around me, people had told me that it's just the natural way things were. The way things always would be. They weren't natural at all. They were things that could be change and more importantly, we're wrong - it should change." - Aaron Swartz (2010)

A very interesting biography of Aaron Swartz. What a loss of a great mind and a talented young man!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 Unique Smells that are Detectable by Your Nose

A very interesting article on the 10 general categories of smells that your nose can easily detect and differentiate... Enjoy! :)

1. Fragrant

The research team lumped fragrant smells in with perfumery, floral, cologne, and rosy smells. Fragrant scents are the ones that seem light and natural, what is typically described by perfume and cologne manufacturers as “grassy” or “herbal.”

2. Woody/Resinous

Your nose easily picks up deep, earthy smells that remind you of the outdoors, the researchers claim. The smells are distinct to nature, which makes them easily recognizable. The team included with woody/resinous scents of musty, moldy, heavy, burnt, and smoky.

3. Non-Citrus Fruity

Opposite the hearty musk of the outdoors are the light, fresh scents associated with strawberries, banana, and certain perfumes that draw upon these natural aromas. Unlike the sharp, bitter freshness of lemon, non-citrus fruit smells may feel more “smooth” or “silky” to the nose.

4. Sharp/Pungent

You know it the moment you smell it. These smells include sour milk, fecal matter (e.g. manure), sweat, and the natural smell of things that have turned putrid or foul. These scents make you reel the instant you detect them. Oniony and garlicky smells also fall into this category.

5. Chemical

Your nose is particularly adroit at detecting synthetic smells. Even the most realistic perfume has its limits. It’s for this reason you’re able to quickly sniff out bleach and gasoline, or paint and felt tip markers. Researchers also included alcohol and disinfectants in the category.

6. Minty/Peppermint

Described as cool, fresh, exhilarating, the minty/peppermint smell has perhaps no rivals in the scent world. It’s become synonymous with cleanliness and is ubiquitous among oral hygiene products for this very reason. The researchers also include spicy in this category.

7. Sweet

Diverging from sweetness detected in fruit, the researchers classified as "sweet" the aromas of things like chocolate, vanilla, almond, and malty scents. They’re warm, and often light. Oftentimes they’ll be sold as “creamy” or “rich.”

8. Popcorn

Popcorn as the figurehead for the group may be jarring, as its neighboring groups are so unmistakable (not to say popcorn isn’t). But popcorn was grouped with other distinct smells, such as peanut butter, burnt, nutty, heavy, and warm. It’s that earthy smell that isn’t quite grass or wood.

9. Sickening

Sickening and decaying smells are a step beyond sharp/pungent smells. It’s sewage, burnt rubber, sulfuric acid, and household gas. Sickening smells are those that cause you to dry heave when the nose detects them in heavy enough concentrations. They aren’t merely “unpleasant;” they’re usually insufferable.

10. Lemon

Who could forget the trusty scent of lemon? Used in cleaning products for decades, the scent of lemon and citrus connotes freshness — like mint — with a hint of sweetness and sharpness that makes it unique from the others. It’s light and acidic, and the nose knows it instantly.
When you’re young, your brain only discerns between pleasant or unpleasant smells. It’s through gaining experience — eating a banana, being told a perfume smells like banana — that you gain a fuller understanding of its true scent.
Like kids when they are young, they don't really care whether if you're yellow-skinned or dark-skinned or whatever-skinned, they will play with you... unless of course, you reacted like a jerk or something and they will stop playing with you or avoid you. So in order words, when you're young, things may look extremely black and white to you. It is through experience that you'll gradually make out the hues in between.


This article is written (not by me!) based on the journal:

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons meme

I've posted it on certain Facebook fan page but it seems no one gets it... sigh. The life of a lame joker...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game. If you haven't played it before, you can check out my review of the game here.

You can also buy the amazing game at Amazon here:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Book Challenge

The Book Challenge

I was tagged by a friend to do the book challenge. Basically what you do is list up to 10 books which have changed your life and affected you most and which you will keep/remember for life.

There are plenty of books that I like and I would recommend, especially if you are looking for books from the sci-fi or fantasy genre and do not mind that the book's target readers are young adults or children (lol). To me, a good book is still a good book no matter the age-range of its intended readers. :)

1. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
The only series that got me hooked so bad that when my dad bought me the 4th book (I had to borrow from the library the previous 3 books), I recalled that I've read it at least 47 times over the year/s.... at least until book 5 came out lol. (Note that my recollection may be vastly inaccurate since it was like ages ago lol)

2. Homeward Bounders by Dianne Wynne Jones (being the first of her books that I read) and all other books (including the Chrestomanci series, Dalemark quartet and Howl's Moving Castle and sequels etc)
One of the masters... or queen of fantasy. I love how she present her story and how her characters have depth and are quirky and amusing. If you like fantasy and have never read any of her books, you should! Even though it's considered young adult/children fiction, it's still worth the read.

3. Abhorsen, Lirael and Sariel by Garth Nix
No words to describe these books.... coz well, I've forgotten most of the story lol. I just recall that it was a great fantasy book and it made me want to become an Abhorsen for a couple of years lol.

4. Elantris and other books (Warbreaker, Steelheart) by Brandon Sanderson
His stories are usually very dreary at first and put the ugly parts of humanity into the limelight. But gradually, as the story progresses, you'll see unlikely heroes emerging from unlikely places to save the day. Plus, his plot twists are just so brilliantly executed! Thank you to Alex for recommending it to me.

5. Battlestar Galactica by Glen A. Larson and Robert Thurston
I've learned a lot of 'space slang' and had written a couple chapters of 'fanfic' because of it lol... Reread it plenty of times as well. My first proper sci-fi storybook (Dune is the second).

6. Fighting Fantasy gamebook series by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone
When I discovered this, I was overjoyed... why? Coz it's practically book+game lol. Due to my love for gamebooks, it has spawned my short-lived enterprise of producing gamebooks with my bro as my partner and illustrator (and sometimes, co-author).

7. Cell by Stephen King
Although Stephen King made his name by writing mainly horror stories, this is one book that haunted me for years. It's a excellent mix of post-apocalyptic and horror. I'm not a fan of his other books though (I read them but I didn't like them as much).

8. The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton
Actually, it should be Lima Sekawan series because I read the translated version. Due to these books, I had managed to improved my bahasa (which is currently in shambles due to lack of use).

9. My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult
The only book that is not a series that had managed to, almost, bring me to tears. (well, honestly, I cried a little at the ending) The movie is as powerful and as tear-jerking as the book. This book is only of its kind that I read... so far.

9. Goosebumps by R.L.Stine
The only books that I read when I was very little. I like to think that these books paved way for my interest in reading as well as writing.  In fact, I think my very first 'book' that I've written is a horror story... that was lost somehow. Probably thrown away during one of my dad's little end-of-the-year cleaning.

10. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
This is probably the only non-fiction book in this list *check the list* Yup, it is, lol. I've read plenty of non-fiction stuff, mind you - it's just that I prefer reading short articles about them rather than a whole book. That is the one time I've finished an entire non-fiction book and had tried to implement its 'habits' into my life... which worked for a couple of months and then I gave up (or rather, I've forgotten to follow the 'habits').

I choose you!!!

So, if you're not tagged by any of your friends for the ice bucket challenge, are feeling a bit left out and you're reading this, well, consider yourself challenged! You don't even need to write a description for your book list. Just a list of 10 of your all-time favourite books should be perfect and I promise I won't judge :P

How to establish a strong economy (for yourself) for any online game with an AH

This blog post will attempt to describe some general tips on how to establish a strong economic base for yourself for any MMORPGs or virtual worlds that has an auction house. These are really just general tips, but these tips are based on the games that I have extensively played (WoW, Rift, Ragnarok Online 2, The Settlers Online, Diablo III), so the tips may be more suited for those games. 

On second thought, the prices on Diablo III are so over-inflated and I've stopped playing after my first playthrough so I guess that doesn't really count... lol



Sell all event items

If there is any event ongoing when you first join the game, any event items that you can sell... just sell them. You won't gather enough in time to complete the event quests after all. 

Sell all aesthetic items

Next, any aesthetic items that you find while adventuring, you should sell them at the highest possible price (do some research before you sell in order to maximise your profit). For any newbie, it's my advice to better have laden pockets to start your journey, than loads of stuff that you don't really need clogging up your precious bag slots.

Sell all items that are not for your class

If you get items that are not of your class, just sell them at the maximum price possible. Don't bother keeping them for 'your future other character/s' unless, of course, you already have the alt up and ready and that the item is of epic or better quality. For items that are of rare or better quality, you can try selling them in the trade channel, if there is one, for a quick sale. If you don't mind the wait or getting undercut, then the AH is for you.

Know the true value of the items that you're going to vendor

Know which item/s that dropped from mobs is extremely sell-able during your adventuring. You won't want vendoring an item when you could have gotten at least 500% more than what the vendor is offering you if you sell it to a fellow player even at a 'loss'. So, ask around or google to see if that item is of any particular value for any particular profession before vendoring.

Get the best paying crafting and/or gathering profession 

Google for the best paying crafting and gathering profession and get them! If you're too lazy to google but have plenty of time on your hands for farming for materials, then you can just go ahead and pick from among the gathering professions. Crafting profession will take some time, but some professions are ridiculously profitable. Of course, google is not always accurate as it will also depend on your server population, supply and demand etc. 

The harder way to find out which profession to take is through checking out the AH (to see what stuff sells fast and at a very high price, is easily obtainable and is highly in demand by various other crafting professions) coupled together with extensive googling. You'll need to know whether it is worth it to level up a crafting profession. If that profession has only an item that can consistently sell at a good price, then it's NOT a good crafting profession. However, if the supply is low and the demand is high, and you are confident that you can mass produce that stuff... then, do go ahead and rake in your profits!

Oh and of course I hope this goes without saying that you should sell any materials that you have left from leveling your profession, unless you will need them in the mass production of your commodities.

In Rift, I've noticed that collectables (like artifacts and dimension items) tend to rake in a lot of profit (but usually a little at a time, unless you get some rare items) besides the REX and some materials from dungeons. For WoW, toys, mounts, food buffs, potions and trinkets (and at times, lvl 85 blue, ready-for-dungeon/ PvP gear) usually sells well. On my server, inscription requires the least amount of farming to produce glyphs that sell like hotcakes :P So, yeah, like I've said, a good eye for the market trend is important. In Ragnarok online 2, I've previously created a niche in the market by selling rarer food-crafting materials for people who are leveling their cooking skills or wanted someone to cook some buff food for them.

Buying items on AH

Do not buy anything unless you are certain that it is dirt cheap. This may require a manual analysis of the price range of the items listed on the AH. This means hours of refreshing the AH and checking how fast certain things get undercut, how fast something is sold, which commodity is the highly priced and relatively easy to obtain (if you have the means to do so) before you even start to buy anything. But of course, you can take a risk from time to time and believe in your gut - they do sometimes pay out :) 

You should also keep in mind the maximum and minimum listed price (doesn't matter what item it is) to get a general idea of how much money the average player have in that server. So, if you somehow got your hands on some super rare stuff, you'll know not to list ridiculous prices that will just set yourself up as a laughing stock.

Creating a niche economy on the AH

This will definitely take a lot of time and perhaps more than 1 character with different professions before you can carve a new niche to sell your items on the AH. An example of this that I've successfully pulled off in Ragnarok Online 2 (that I'm extremely proud of talking about) is creating a niche for mostly lower-level cooking materials (that are required for leveling). I've discovered that when I was levelling my own cooking profession and realised that despite having more than 100 and more of certain cooking materials, which I had thought should be enough for leveling, ended up not being enough and there aren't any/ very little of this are sold on the AH. 

So, I had to take quite an amount of digging in order to find which mob drop the stuff that I want and at what percentage and to travel from the town back to the lower-level location to farm. I sold the stuff in 100 items per stack at ridiculous prices (even more expensive than the end-game materials), forcing desperate (and lazy-to-farm people) to buy the whole lot from me. Then, once they had enough, they will put up the leftovers of the materials on AH at, usually, a lower price. I will then buy them up again and resell them at 100 items per stack. Yes, I'm ruthless... but this is just business and it took me some time to find this niche and I'm wasn't going to let it pass me by lol. Soon though, some business-minded saw what I was doing and I was losing my niche... but then I had switched to another game so it doesn't really matter anymore lol :P

Do your math!

And, you musn't be lazy to do some math. Bring your calculator over and calculate how EACH item is priced. Some may look cheap on the surface, but when you calculate the price of each individual item in a stack, you'll realise that the same item sold by one person can be more expensive than the other (Common sense!). Some games will provide the price per unit along with the price per stack, but if there aren't any, you can try to find if there are any add-ons that will help you out that way - or tough luck, you will just need to use the old fashion calculator method.

Get add-ons - especially if you plan on expanding your business

Add-ons that are a must for big businesses and can be helpful for small ones too (if there are any add-ons for that game), especially add-ons for the auction house interface (Auctioneer for WoW, BananAH for Rift... etc) that will allow you to post items by bulk or 'remember' the last sold price for every item that you have posted on AH. 

Second most important add-on is for your mail box (Postal for WoW and Easy Mail for Rift) because it won't be too long before your mailbox will overflow with excessive sold and unsold mails from the AH. 

Lastly, if you have storage alts/ guild banks, you will need an add-on that will scan your alts and what they all have in their bags. It will be easier for you to find the item that you want to sell (when you see a golden opportunity to inflate the price lol, for example).

Other add-ons that simplifies bag interface and some other stuff can be pretty useful too. For those other add-ons, I'll leave it to your discretion. :)

Keep track of your stock

If you create alts of bank guilds, you will need to keep track of your items. You will need to use an add-on as aforementioned. If there aren't any add-ons for your game, then well, you will just have to keep stock the manual way. Take a piece of A4 notebook paper and list out the items on each of your alts. The best way, of course, is keeping stock (of the most important stuff) by memory. 

Buying items off vendors and reselling on the AH

I don't usually recommend this because you will only be catering to those desperate or lazy people (which can be pretty rare sometimes). However, if that vendor item is limited in stock or is only available in one particularly inaccessible location, then by all means, do carry on!

More storage space

The question is not 'if' but 'when'. When you need more storage space, you have to find the least money-wasting route. For example, in Rift, is it ridiculously expensive to waste your REX on bank slots and slightly less ridiculously expensive on more bag slots. It's best to just use your REX on a new character slot and your new character will have access to his/her own bank and bag slots as well as being able to start a guild just so you can use the guild bank for even more storage space. The money wasted on bags to equip your character and bank slots pale in comparison to the storage space that all these trouble provide. In this case, the more important item to save on is your REX since, although its price fluctuates most of the time, it is still considered as a high-value commodity that people will bid on it up to the very last second. 

If you somehow gotten several REX cheap off the AH, buy a new character slot instead of expanding your bag slot.


Alright, I guess that's it - that's all that I can think of at the moment. By following these steps to your best of ability, you will be able to at least establish a strong enough money (in-game)-earning economy for yourself that you can create alts that you can lavish all your money on. :P

But of course, I cannot guarantee any of these methods if you are not very good at AH-ing. However, what I can confidently say is that these methods worked for me and I had successfully established strong income for my many characters on the more popular MMORPGs mentioned in my introduction.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment below and I'll get right back to you (to my best of ability). However, if you're just trying to beg money off me... well, sorry dude/gal, my guide should be able to help you more instead.... :P

Have fun AH-ing!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tips for new drivers on the highway

I've had almost 2 years experience driving (everyday) on the highway for 1 hour plus (to and fro journey) and at all hours (morning, afternoon, evening and nights), so I thought I can compile a short list of some tips for new drivers taking on the highway for the first time. 

*Note that this post may be true for Malaysian highways only. I'm not sure what the situations on the highway are like for other countries.

1. Speeding 

A big N.O. unless you have too much money to spend on samans (speeding tickets). However, there may be a small loophole... that was tested by someone (anonymous). For police with camera or patrol cars, an addition of + 5 - 9 km/hr won't get you a saman (speeding ticket). 10 km/hr is the absolute max and it's best not to test your luck by driving at 10 km/hr above the speed limit since speed of the car fluctuates (unless you have a robot driving your car, then I have no comment on that). Who knows? Maybe that instant the police officer took a snapshot, your speed is at 11 km/hr. 

However, for AES or any other speed cams, these sort are accurate down to decimal places so don't bother trying to find a loophole... just slow down. 

Speeding while trying to overtake other vehicles also counts as speeding. So seriously, don't overtake anybody if you see an AES coming up or that a police officer with camera is just around the bend.

Also, if you somehow still gotten yourself a speeding ticket after reading this... like seriously.... pay it as soon as you can in order to get a discount. It's just a couple hundred of ringgits after the discount... no biggie! *Then, drown yourself in a pool of tears*

Random lame joke: In Penang, we don't have AES (thank goodness!), but we have PWC.... Policeman with camera!

2. Weird Noises 

Sometimes, you might hear pinging noises while driving. Don't get too distracted! It may just be gravel that were kicked up by the care tyres, hitting the side of your car. Only be worried when the noise is pretty much consistent... it may mean something is wrong with your car (and you should slow down or stop to check) or something is caught in some moving part of your car (and you should stop and check).

3. Encountering Aggressive Drivers

If you pretty much insist on driving on the fast lane, you will be encountering plenty of aggressive drivers - drivers who will honk the car horn at you, flash their cars' headlights, tailgate your car or coming up fast behind you. Do realise that not everyone follows the speed limit. but that's their problem, not yours. You don't have to be some sort of a 'road vigilante' and drive at the speed limit on the fast lane, forcing all other cars to follow your speed (especially in cases when the slow lanes are clogged with slow-moving lorries, buses or trucks). 

In this case, my advice is be reasonable and protect yourself. Flip on your indicator light (signal) and find a suitable spot in the slow lane. Don't rush yourself. The indicator light should let the drivers behind you to lay off a bit since you're practically telling them that you'll let them pass... once you get the chance to move your car into the slow lane. Once you get your chance, slowly move into the slow lane. Especially in the case of tailgating, do not brake suddenly just so you can fit into a space in the slow lane (this is a major cause of accidents). Slowly ease off the oil pedal instead.

Sometimes, the cars behind you will find ways to overtake you via the slow lane. In these cases, stay in your lane and let them pass. After that, you might want move your car into the slow lane yourself. 

4. Encountering and overtaking lorries or trucks 

Nobody is expecting any car to follow a slow-moving lorry or truck. However, there will be obnoxious truck/ lorry drivers who will purposely speed up whenever you try to overtake them. If so, then don't bother trying to overtake them and enjoy the ride.

Sometimes, you will be forced to overtake trucks or lorries. This happens when you see (and hear) that the truck or lorry in front of you is dropping small rocks at its wake. These rocks will damage your windscreen and may even crack them. In this case, don't speed up to much (high speed = larger impact the stones have on your windscreen = higher risk of windscreen breaking and crashing on you) but try to overtake it. If you really cannot, slow down or switch lanes so that your car won't bear the damage.

5. Be Reasonable

The usual advice for driving will still apply although they are not covered in this blog post, for example, don't drink and drive or if you're feeling sleepy, stop and get yourself a cup of coffee or tea. Use your indicator lights whenever you're switching lanes or turning.. etc etc. I'll add more common sense stuff here when I thought of any (since these habits are supposed to be second nature for all drivers, we usually do these without really thinking about it...).

6. Driving at night

If you're an absolute newbie, I would advice against driving at night. The moon seem to have a weird effect on drivers and you will definitely encounter drivers who are driving at crazy speeds... even bus or lorry drivers. As usual, my advice is to protect yourself. Those drivers may have a death wish but you don't... or at least I think you don't. Anyway, you don't have to be pressured to have a death wish as well. Move your car into the slow lane and ensure that your headlights are on (for some brightly lit highways, you may not notice that your headlights are not on lol).

7. Driving in heavy rain

Know when to use your headlights! If you're caught in a heavy rain, the first few things that you should do, especially if the road is hardly visible is to slow down (30 - 40 km/ hr or even slower) and turn on your headlights.

Some people may even switch on their emergency lights but I advice against that. Emergency lights should only be used in an emergency... so unless you have someone very ill in your back seat and it is between a matter of life or death, don't use the emergency lights.

Friday, September 5, 2014

What to do when your desktop icons, start menu and task bars are missing?

So usually in this case, I restarted the computer LOL... now I know better.

Anyway, if you answer yes to all of the below questions, you proceed to the easy fix that I'll post at the bottom of this blog post.

1. Your windows explorer hung up/ got stucked and you used 'end task' on windows task manager to shut it.
2. All your desktop icons, start menu and task bars are missing. You will only see the desktop background (if you have any). You will also have access to windows task manager and any of your previously minimised files (by right clicking the file on the task manager and clicking 'bring to front'), except windows explorer (of course).

Okay, now for the quick fix:

1. Bring up your windows task manager
2. Go to 'File' then 'New task (Run)'
3. Type 'explorer.exe' into the box provided.
4. And wait for your desktop to magically reappear!

Hope this helped you! :P

My thoughts on the names Putera and Puteri

Which actually means Prince and Princess in Bahasa Melayu respectively.

From my experience with teaching/ tutoring kids, kids with those names have somewhat elevated egos and thought that the whole world revolve around them. Often, they would refuse to do whatever you told them to (like do your homework and stop making noise in class).

On the flipside, it's funny to see kids laughing when I accidentally switched the names - for example, for a boy named Putera, I accidentally called him 'Puteri' instead, and vice versa. :P The whole class will burst out in laughter lol :P

This can also considered as a part of my tuition anecdotes, albeit a bit short.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Against the Current - Infinity


Rooftop tonight we are the skyline
Collecting shooting stars wishes in jar
All the hearts wide-awake and lonely
Dream of where we are

Run so fast
The wind can’t catch us
It’s at our back
The sun is falling
Things don’t last
When you’re young cause
All you get is
Just one chance to

Break away to beat the odds
All along it’s been a race against the clock
Time won’t wait were gonna leave
Somewhere we’ll find infinity
We’ll find infinity

Breaking hearts just for the hell of it
Anything so we can feel dangerous
Everywhere we go we leave shadows from the past
We won’t die young but we’ll live fast

Run so fast
The wind can’t catch us
It’s at our back
The sun is falling
Things don’t last
When you’re young cause
All you get is
Just one chance to

Break away to beat the odds
All along it’s been a race against the clock
Time won’t wait were gonna leave
Somewhere we’ll find infinity
Find infinity

Break away to beat the odds
All along it’s been a race against the clock
Time won’t wait were gonna leave
Somewhere we’ll find infinity
Break away to beat the odds
All along it’s been a race against the clock
Time won’t wait were gonna leave
Somewhere we’ll find infinity
Somewhere we’ll find infinity
We’ll find infinity

Against the Current - Another You (Another Way)


I wish there was another you, another way
And I just can't find the words I should say
If I wanna tell you how I feel, how I feel
Without breaking all that we've made

But they say life goes on anyway
If things should change, oh yeah
Stuck in the same old melody, of misery
And don't you remember

All of the times we spent late at night
We wasted our breath
We're over and done with
I couldn't see what you did to me
It's not for the best
We're over and done with

And I just can't stay another night
The last thing that I ever wanted to do
Was to say goodbye to you

Tell me if it's right or wrong, right or wrong
Staring at your pictures till the shadows fade
Acting like there's nothing wrong, nothing wrong
What we had is slipping away

But they say life goes on anyway
If things should change, oh yeah
Stuck in the same old melody, of misery
And don't you forget that

All of the times we spent late at night
We wasted our breath
We're over and done with
I couldn't see what you did to me
It's not for the best
We're over and done with

And I just can't stay another night
The last thing that I ever wanted to do
Was to say goodbye to you

You say that I
I'm the one who's changed
But I can't keep on
Living life this way
You say that I
I'm the one who's changed

You say that I
I'm the one who's changed
But I can't keep on
Living life this way
You say that I
I'm the one who's changed
I'll find another you another way

All of the times we spent late at night
We wasted our breath
We're over and done with
I couldn't see what you did to me
It's not for the best
We're over and done with

And I just can't stay another night
The last thing that I ever wanted to do
Was to say goodbye to you

You say that I
I'm the one who's changed
But I can't keep on
Living life this way
You say that I
I'm the one who's changed
I'll find another you another way

A Dark Room game review

Despite being 'just a text-based' game, A Dark Room has whole black-hole worth of depth to it.... It's so deep that Adele cannot roll in it. (Pardon the meme, I can't help it :D ... and pardon me while I chuckle myself to death behind this screen)

You start off with just a simple room with a small wood pile that is freezing. From lighting that fire and stoking it, you gradually recruit a builder who practically built a whole village for you. Wandering people in the post-apocalyptic world will join you because you offer warmth from the bitter cold and being their supreme leader, you get to assign tasks to them - if you need more meat and fur, assign more hunters; if you need more wood, assign more gatherers. It's a simple-to-understand village system which you control. 

Once you get your first water flask, bag and weapon, you are ready to start embarking on an adventure to explore your surroundings. My advice for you is to hit the maximum hut limit and villager's limit before exploring, because you will need plenty of resources to support your adventuring, especially if you keep dying lol (The resources that you bring with you will be lost). However, if you managed to find a good way to manage your limited water and food, the wilderness offers treasures in form of iron, coal and sulphur mines in which you can bring your village to a whole new level. With iron, you can craft iron swords which is leagues better than your pitiful spear and with coal, you can smelt steel that will led to steel swords. Swords are still no match for guns though, so once you get sulphur, you will be able to craft your own rifles and bullets.

You will also notice that you can gather alien alloys from boreholes that you can use to repair the crashed spaceship that you will discover later or has already discovered. After exploring every inch of the map, you might want to end the game. However, before you do that, upgrade your spaceship's engine and hull (for me, I think hull is more important than engine) with all the alien alloys you have. Then ready yourself for take-off!

So, after take off, you'll be brought to a new dodge-the-symbols (which represents asteroids I think) game with your ship. The amount of upgrade that you've spent on your hull will determine how much damage your ship can take before your game over. The asteroids will get ridiculously fast as you progress... like it's trying to purposefully cause you to lose lol. Anyway, my ship was destroyed at the end so I'm not sure if you get to crash land on a new planet and start another round of survival game - I just get a score after spending the entire afternoon on it.

The best part is that it's free to play! :) So do check it out... I've included a link for it at the bottom with screenshots of the game. Since it's a text-based game, please don't expect any scenic screenshots lol :P

Against the Current - Guessing

Video link:

(Sorry, I think the group disallowed embedding)


I get lost in you
You're the sky I'm falling through
The clouds, to the ground
Won't you catch me now?
Two roads converge
And neither moves forwards
We're stuck at an impasse
Can this last now?

You stay up I'm crashing down
You stay up I'm crashing down

Now it feels like we're guessing
And I don't know
I could stay, or I could let you go
Don't wanna say that I've been wasting my time
But it feels like we're guessing
And I can't wait all my life

So hard moving on
But this'll be the last one
How many times, can I say
That you broke me in every way
There's nothing left to prove
You rose up and I fell through
Lost in space, I can't face
What's in my way

You stay up I'm crashing down
You stay up I'm crashing down

Now it feels like we're guessing
And I don't know
I could stay, or I could let you go
Don't wanna say that I've been wasting my time
But it feels like we're guessing
And I can't wait all my life

Every thing that you've ever said
Is burned into the back of my head
I can't forget, I can't forget
Don't give up on me now, I think I've got you all figured out
You stay up, I'm crashing down

I get lost in you
You're the sky I'm falling through
The clouds, to the ground

Alex Goot - Right Where I Belong

Extremely catchy song.. you have been warned!

Credits: Lyrics are taken from Alex Got's video.


I was lost, but now I see
just let it rain on me
I’m right where I belong

and the truth will set you free
it’s too bad I don’t believe
I’m right where I belong

I think I’ve fallen and I can’t get up
no I can’t get up this time

so I’m
headed back to the city of angels
where my life is plain and simple
and my flag is up, I surrender
we’re here, the plane has landed
I’m right where I belong

I wanna go where nobody knows me
and burn up in a blaze of glory
and my flag is up, I surrender
we’re here, the plane has landed
and I’m right where I belong

I’m right where I belong

too many days
I kinda tripped here. But now I’m getting up
I’m right where I belong

and I’m letting go
(yeah I gotta surrender)
I’m doing my best, but it’s not good enough
I’m right where I belong

‘cause I have finally fallen and I can’t get up
no I can’t get up this time

so I’m
headed back to the city of angels
where my life is plain and simple
and my flag is up, I surrender
we’re here, the plane has landed
I’m right where I belong

I surrender, I surrender
I surrender
I’m right where I belong

I surrender, I surrender
I surrender
and I’m right where I belong

Monday, September 1, 2014

Purchased game reviews and Happy (belated) National Day!


It seems like someone's interested to purchase my 'crappy' and incomplete game reviews that I've posted on my blog lol.... after I've completed it and made it not so crappy, of course.

In that case, I suppose some of the game reviews that you used to be able to read it for free will soon be taken down (Not sure how soon though) or perhaps I'll just rewrite it... hmm...

Anyways, this is just a heads up... nothing is finalised yet. The person is actually requesting me to do some 'creative rewriting', so yeah, maybe my reviews won't be taken down after all :P Who knows?

Also, I'm back on Borderlands 2 lol despite my super tight schedule. Today's Msia's national day (or independence day... which ever you like to call it) after all and I spent half the day playing that game. As you can see, it's still one of my favourites. In order to enjoy this little treat, I'll have to rush to finish at least 200 questions by Thurs, revision questions for tuition, edit my review paper and finish at least the introduction of my very deary-looking thesis.... lol....... still worth it though! No more sleep for me :P

But seriously, the more I look at the results that I get (which used to look so perfect), the more depressed I get. Will I ever graduate? Sigh... 

Okay, I should get back to doing what I was doing before I start talking about other stuff again, and oh I also want to say:

Happy 57th birthday, Msia! I'm sorry MAS didn't work out or that the gov is still as 'corrupt' or 'misguided' as ever, but I just wanna wish you the best and hope you'd have a good year (Until your next birthday that is).

Till then!