Saturday, May 23, 2015

Foolproof spam/ scam email identification method

For those of you out there who have received a shady-looking email from a "legit" company

First: Check the sender's email.

A sample of a spam email that I've recently received
Important emails from companies will be sent from the company email, not through the usual Hotmail, Gmail or whatever free email services that you may never had heard of. 

Second: Check the links

If you're still not convinced of the legitimacy of the email, well, the second easiest way is by HOVERing (DO NOT CLICK!) your cursor over the link provided in the email... if there is one.

- An email from a bank and the link is directing me to a plumbing website... well, no thanks.

Third: If it requests any personal information from you, it's a spam/ scam

No doubt about it. No company in their right mind would request such vital and sensitive information from you over an email.

Hope this helps :)

P/S: I know that I haven't been active for months now, but I'm back with a "vengeance" lol :P Anyway, I'm thinking of putting up another guide to play apps on your phone via GooglePlus without letting your friends know. You, for example, may not like your friends to know that you're a Candy Crush Saga or a Clash of Clans addict. So, that guide may be useful :)