Friday, April 19, 2019

Roblox Egg Hunt 2019 - A Complete Egg-Hunting Guide

I haven't actually found them all yet - it is a work in progress, but here are a few:

(Ranked in terms of their easiness - I gave up ranking them because there are just too many eggs this year. Sorry! )

P/S: You can use Ctrl+F and type in the name of the game or egg to find the guide you want

1. Spell Battle - Merlin the Meggical

This is probably one of the easiest eggs I've found. Not sure if going into the correct map is necessary but once you're in a game, run around to find an "egg" spell. Run over it to grab it, then select the spell and use it (left click). Several of the eggs will spawn and you just need to find the correct one - it's pretty random but chances are high that you'll get it right the first time around.

If not, rinse and repeat until you find the correct egg!

2. Zombie Rush - Tallaheggsee, Zombie Slayer

3. Natural Disaster Survival - Rocket Eggscape

This is also fairly easy since the map Launch Land map is chosen pretty frequently for some reason :)

To launch the rocket, just make sure that these three buttons are clicked - 1. Red button inside the space rocket; 2. Brown button at the very top of the platform where the bridge to the rocket is located; and 3. Blue button on the other platform (you can see someone jumping on the button in the video).

If the rocket launches, everyone on the map will get the egg.

4. Speed Run 4  - Egg of Slow 'n' Steady

5. Bee Swarm Simulator - Flight of the Bumble Egg

The easiest Egg Hunt quests to get
1. Egg Hunt: Mother Bear - Collect 3 Sunflower Seed Tokens (collect from leaves in Sunflower field); 3 blueberry tokens and 3 strawberry tokens
2. Egg Hunt: Black Bear - 50 pollen from Clover Field; 100 pollen from Dandelion Field; 150 Pollen from Mushroom Field; 200 Pollen from Blue Flower Field (to know which field it is, just check the props around it)
3. Egg Hunt: Panda Bear (once you get to 5 bees in your hive, you'll be able to talk to him) - 25 Beetle tokens

6. Super Hero Life III - Caped Eggsader

The Valor City Museum is just beside the Syndicate building (the black building with neon green stripes).

Go into the museum, wait for the first laser wall to appear - take note of the stripes of red on the walls of the museum. Don't rush it - take it one laser wall at a time. Reach the egg, walk over it to grab it, and once it's in your inventory, just repeat the same steps to "escape" with your stolen egg! Super easy!

Note that the event only works for the normal server. It doesn't work on the role-playing (RP) server.

7. Wolves' Life Beta - Cuddles, The Egg

This is egg is fairly simple to get. After spawning, talk to Emma (the wolf with a hat on and no name) and she'll start the egg hunt quest. Then, just follow the path I show you and you should be able to find and talk to the pup.

However, note that the quest can sometimes bug out. If you don't see the grey quest box at the middle-top part of your screen then restart the game.

8. Design It! - Fashionista Egg, The Fierce

During the design round, run around and find all three eggs (red, blue and green). They are fairly easy to find BUT if someone else picked the eggs up, then you won't be able to see the eggs and will have to wait for them to respawn (next design round).

Once you've got all the eggs, make sure your character is wearing the specified clothes, pants and shoulder prop - the first item in each of their respective categories so there's no need to scroll around. You can add on anything else if you like.

Complete a design contest wearing the specified outfit (you don't need to be in the top 3) and you'll get the egg!

9. Roblox Titanic - Eggtanic 

In the game lobby, wait until the event is live (the timer will be in green). There will also be a portal that you can use to talk to the quest giver, Socialite. She will ask you to find her suitcase.

Run down the staircase until you reach the correct floor - the game will tell you which - then run along the right corridor (I went the wrong way the first time) until you reach a smaller staircase. The suitcase is behind the staircase.

10. Dragon Rage - Emerging DrEGGon

It doesn't matter which map you're playing on - the most important thing is to get knocked off by the light blue-colored dragon that's carrying the Emerging DrEGGon (it's a yellowish egg in the dragon's front paw). If you play long enough, you should get it pretty easily.

11. Roblox High School 2 - Scaled Eggducator

Solutions to all puzzles and 4 out of the 5 Quiz questions provided!

12. The Neighborhood of Robloxia - Neighboregg

1. Find the egg statue - randomly spawns and if it was destroyed just a while ago, you'll need to wait at least a few minutes. Keep an ear out for a rumbling sound - it'll let you know that the egg statue has spawned (or that someone's already trying to smash it into pieces)

2. Crash your car into it - you can increase your damage by circling the egg before smashing it.

3. Be among the TOP 3 damage-dealers to grab an egg. Note that the eggs are NAMED so you can't steal other people's eggs.

13. Super Bomb Survival!! - Demolition Eggspert

This isn't too tough either but you'll need to remember to switch out your skill first so that you can throw bombs. During a match, around 2 purple gems containing the eggs will be dropped. Just throw your bombs at them and sooner or later, they will break. However, the egg can only be picked up once so make sure you're the first to grab it!

14. Disaster Island - Chaotic Egg of Catastrophes

The egg only drops on Easter Island map. Can take a while for the map to appear though! In addition to competing with other players, the egg will disappear after a few seconds of spawning, so you'll need to be quick to grab it!

15. Innovation Arctic Base - Eggsplosion

Fairly easy if you can get someone to shrink you. I've noticed that most people will return the favor if you help them out first. Oh, and don't forget to suit up before entering the room with the core!

16. Arsenal - Caged Clucker

Not sure if winning the match is a requirement but what you need to do is to shoot at the little white chickens running around (you can find them by listening to their clucking). One of them will turn into a Chicken Boss which everyone can then shoot at. Note that your opponents will still be shooting at you while this boss fight is going on. The boss will drop a bunch of eggs when killed. Run over them to pick one of them up.

Unfortunately, the game doesn't let you know whether you're successful or not so you'll need to head back to your Roblox profile and check.

Can be difficult depending on your preference for shooters. I personally like playing them but I'm completely useless at using sniper rifles :P The quick scope thing... well, I can't master it no matter what. Also, depends on whether you encountered a hacker or not... I did and the guy's flying in the air and headshotting everyone lol....

17. Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales - The Egg of Origin

This is fairly easy to get if you've played the 2018 egg hunt and know the sort of crazy difficult stuff they can come up with :P

Follow Young Brooker's instructions and go through 2 arches and 1 gorge to find him at his tent. He will mention about the egg and its shield. Talk to the other guy nearby and he'll mention about the lights.

So now you'll need to adjust the mirrors (there are only 3; the rest are false mirrors) TOWARDS the force shield to break it. Simple!

1. Underground

The entrance to the cave is just below the egg with the force shield. Get to it adjust the mirror until the light shines through the other hole in the ceiling of the cave. You'll know when the angle is correct because you'll see the ray of light hitting the force shield.

2. Cactus

Jumping puzzle basically. Hop your way up to the top and adjust the mirror until the light hits the force shield.

3. Cliffs on the right (nearest to Brooker's tent)

Requires some jumping as well but you'll get there eventually. Same thing, adjust the mirror until the light hits the force shield.

4. Cliffs (near to the starting area)

The entrance to the cliff is actually a hole in the ground. You should see an NPC with a turban standing near to the spawning area. He's looking at a huge hole in the ground. Well, jump right in and follow the path until the very top. Adjust the mirror towards the general spot where you should see the force shield (The shield's really far away so it can be hard to see).

Lastly, head to the egg of origin area and pick the egg up!

18. Fantastic Frontier - Questing Eggventurer

Grab the quest from the bunny, buy a broadsword, go to Greenhorn Grove (just follow path the bunny is facing, down into the valley below) and examine the spawning spots in hopes of having the Egg Snatcher spawn. Kill it and turn in the quest to get the egg!

19. Robot 64 - Eggscream

Solve 4 different jumping+wall-running puzzles to collect an egg at the very top of the puzzle. Once you have all 4, a short clip will play showing you the Eggscream has been spawned. Just run over to the prize and grab it!

20. Roblox Deathrun - GladiEGGor

You''ll need to wait until the Festive Fallen Factory map pops up on one of the three selection screens. Once it does, make sure everyone votes for it.

Complete the objective to win (Charge up the Shrine with energy cores), but I think as long as you play the game, you should get the egg. Doesn't seem like my team managed to complete the objective though but I still got the egg!

21. Drone Heist - U.Egg.V.

Solved the first puzzle and ran through the second one. Next, find the entrance to the egg puzzle, send your drone into the vents and follow the objective icon to the egg location. You'll then need to pull a lever using the drone (grapple the lever and fly upwards a little bit) and then grapple the energy core and put it in its place. Lastly grapple the egg and fly all the way back.

The only thing difficult about this game is how clumsy the drone controls are. I'd prefer if WASD is used to move your character while the arrow keys are used to control the drone :\

22. Epic Minigames - Eggcient Woolly Mammoth

This requires some cooperation from the other players. They need to help keep the egg-containing ice block in the highlighted (green) sector of the circle so that when it thaws, you all can grab it. Probably only 1 person will actually get it though!

Takes a while for the Easter Egg Thaw map to appear in the selection though, so unless there's someone who's willing to spend Robux, you'll need to wait quite a bit.

23. Gravity Shift - Egg of Gravitation

For this to work, you'll need to go through its tutorial - at least after level 10 or so. Once you're well trained, press the Teleport button and go to the Egg Hunt event. Make your way around the obby and grab as many save points as you can.

Keep an eye on chat to see if any player spots the egg - the egg will only appear for at most 20 seconds before disappearing so you'll need to be quick. If someone says "near 16" and you have the 16 save point, then teleport to that location asap.

Also, keep an ear out for the very obvious teleportation sound of the egg. If you can hear it, it's probably nearby.

That being said, I've noticed that the egg has two spawn points for 16 so if possible, grab this save point as fast as you can - it's somewhere in between the purple and the red platforms.

24. Tales from the Valley - Newborn Spotted Egg

Fairly easy if you're good at obbys. Make your way into the Lair from the town, go through the obby to the egg, snatch the egg, and run the hell out through the same obby.

25. SharkBite - Shark-eggtack egg

Ask the shark (politely) to destroy the egg behind your ship (P/S: your ship will be destroyed as well). Make sure to jump into the water when the shark does that and avoid dying. Then, jump over to the egg that's floating among the pieces of your ship. Easy!

26. Hackr - Eggtrix

Collect all the letters of the MATRIX and then go through the final run to get the Eggtrix!

Guide for all letters:
M -
A -
T -
R -
I -
X -
The actual egg run -

Full video guide

27. Kick Off - Huevobol Egg

This one's quite tricky if you're not exactly a fan of football games. I happened to be lagging too... which didn't help at all. All you need to do to get the egg is to wait until the egg spawns as the football/soccer ball, and then score a goal with it.

The best way to score a goal is to play as mid, steal the ball from the start, make sure your Trick Shot ability is charged and make a beeline (press spacebar for a speed boost) for the goal post. Or, you can also try walking the ball into the net... that works too. Normal kicking the ball usually doesn't work since 90% the goalie will catch the ball.

28. The Labyrinth - Daedelegg

You'll need to get all three shards before heading to the Temple and getting your egg.

1. Glade Shard

Position yourself in between the waterfall and the wooden pier then press shift to dive into the biggest hole you see in the lake. Look to the right and you should see a moss-covered stone arch. Go into it and then navigate the underground tunnels until you reach a place with moving platforms and purple moat.

Solve the jumping puzzle - note that you'll need to move with the platform or you'll fall - and you'll get the Glade Shard. Don't worry about dying after getting the shard - you'll still get to keep it. So just jump into the purple lava and teleport back to base to turn in the quest.

2. Angelic Shard

You'll need to go to the Forest inside the maze. How? Head to the Gate that's right beside the lake. If it's night, wait until it's morning before the Gates will open. Once open, go into the maze, straight forward until you see ore nodes then stick to the left path. Keep turning left until you reach a corridor where there are two open paths on your right. Once you reach that junction, stick to the right and you should reach a place with trees.

Look to the sky and shoot at the yellow birds. They will drop the Angelic shard when they die but be sure to grab it first because other players can steal your shard if they see it. Reset your character and turn in the quest.

3. Darkzone Shard

This is possibly the easiest one to get if you have a friend. Go to the Darkzone and kill your friend... with permission of course. Return the favor if you need to :)

Suicide works too apparently, so if you do plan to reset back to base, be a good buddy and let someone who's looking for a Darkzone Shard know!

4. Lastly, the Temple (Same video as above)

Reset your character to talk to the Event NPC, he will tell you to go to the Temple. Go through the exact same path as you did to get to the Forest. Right in the middle of it, you'll see a Temple with a hole on the ground. Drop down and you'll see the chambers for you to put your shards in. Once done, the egg will spawn!

29. Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time

There are several "floors" in this event hub and in each floor, there are several brown portals which will send you to a random egg hunt-related event, as well as egg-locked doors containing special egg hunt puzzles which will only open to you if you have the required number of eggs.

The HUB 

1. Eggverse Dock - Teleggkinetic (10 eggs required)

Turn the targets into the correct color as indicated by the colored buttons above the entrance into the puzzle. Dodge the lasers and make sure you have enough magnetic power to walk on walls - don't rush it! Give your boots some time to recharge!


2. Lava puzzle - Scrambling Egg of Time (20 eggs required)

This is super tough! Be prepared to die... a lot!

You'll not only need to walk on walls and move objects properly (by clicking on items that has a teal/ blue colored arrow on it. Use the movable "spare parts" to build platforms you can avoid the lava with, and walk on walls (the pillars) to the small room at the top.

Then, use your power to drag the falling rock and smash the weak part of the floor of said room and fall through it (probably onto a platform but since the lava already reached that high, it is impossible to tell what was previously underneath the room). Thankfully, when you do fall into the hole here, you'll respawn at the save point at the top rather having to restart the entire puzzle.

Then, just follow the puzzle until the very end!


3. Ruins - Cracking Technoleggy Turret (30 eggs required)
- There's another door nearer to the Power Egg-required door in the library

Turn on all the switches (6 in total) to open the metal gate. The easiest and most accessible 3 switches I'm sure you can handle them just fine. The 4th switch is simple - just use the crate to smash the glass containing a badge trophy. The 5th requires you to press Q to stop the flower blades from moving. Note that you can stand in the center (the yellow part) and turn the blades on again to adjust it's blade direction just so you can get to the 5th switch.

The last switch can be a bit tricky since I'm having some trouble with the "power egg". Anyway, you can use a trick that I use to get the trophy up the ladder and place it on the correct spot - by using one of the crates as leverage and by jumping.

Once done, the metal gate will open and you can proceed. Note that you'll need to jump a bit to avoid falling after you go through the gate.

You can now see the egg, but you still need 2 switches. Go into the right room where there's a greener potted plant at the very end. Press Q to grow it like a beanstalk and climb. Turn on the switch there. Use your power egg to move the other pot from the roof into the left room. Position the pot properly (check the ceiling, you'll want to place the pot near to the edge of the gap just so it's easier for you to jump later. Same thing here, grow the plant, jump onto the roof and turn on the switch.

Lastly, get back to the main room and grab your egg!

4. Puzzle 4 - Missing Egg of ARG (Egg shooter required - obtained in puzzle 3)

This is actually quite easy since the zombies don't really do any damage, and if you want, you can  probably just ignore all of them... except the boss of course! I've got a nice trick for taking on the boss... makes the boss fight soooo much easier :)

5. Boss fight - Dragonborn Fabergégg or Leggendary Egg of Time

You'll need to learn the different stages of the boss fight and know enough to anticipate which is coming next, especially when the boss transitions from the first stage to the second stage - you may end up in the lava if you chase after the boss here.

But basically, here are the stages:
Stage 1. Wall-climb and bomb dodge (easy)
- Dodge the bombs (directly hits will hurt but nothing else will) and when you see a yellow chalk mark on the ground, don't stand inside the chalk mark.

After jumping on the boss' head for 3 times, the fight will transition to the second stage. You don't want to stand in front of the boss here. Plus, you don't want to chase after the boss as he moves to the other side of the map either. Stick to the opposite side.

Stage 2. Platform jump (easy)
- You can choose to jump on the boss' head/ at his face to score a hit but I've noticed that most of the time, you'll land in the lava once he pushes you back after your jump. It might be better if you pick up one of the stones nearby and use it to "hit" the boss.
- If you land in the lava for too many times, you WILL die, and resetting your character sometimes doesn't reset the fight so you'll have to exit the game and start over.
- Oh and if you're super unlucky, you might get crushed by a stone platform when it descends from the sky but that rarely happens - only happened once to me :P

Stage 3. Dodge stones and build your own platform (tough)
- Don't get crushed by falling stone platforms - note the red warning circles and avoid them.
- You'll need to build your platform fast and pick up one of those platforms to "hit" the boss. How? Position the stone correctly (in front of his face) and then use your mouse scroller to "elevate" the stone to his face.

Stage 4. Final stage
- The boss will rotate between the first three stages in order so you'll need to be careful and ready

After the boss is defeated, you'll have to choose between two eggs - Choose "Seal the Egg" to get the Dragonborn Fabergégg or choose "Take the egg" to get the Leggendary Egg of Time. Note that you can repeat the boss fight to get both eggs.

6. Mc Egger

This is super easy and I'm surprised that it's not a "freebie" lol. Anyway, just walk up the walls and head over to the "tower" on one of the corners of the room. The egg should be there.

7. Retro Egg, The Geometric

You'll need to find it in places that are "off the beaten path" so to speak. I'd highly recommend grabbing a spaceship and just fly around looking for it at one of those Avengers Obby floating islands. There's bound to be one - I found mine at the Black Widow obby island after all :)

8. [Avengers-Endgame Event+Egg Hunt] Captain America Egg

Find the correct portal to the puzzle - the dome shape and the color scheme gave it away though heh. There's really nothing to it - Just complete the obby using captain's shield as a rope-cutter :P

9. [Avengers-Endgame Event+Egg Hunt] Black Widow Egg

The obby isn't too difficult but I did make some mistakes hence the need to edit this vid :P

10. [Avengers-Endgame Event+Egg Hunt] Captain Marvel Egg

Got it without dying. Super easy!

11. [Avengers-Endgame Event+Egg Hunt] Iron Man Egg

Find the correct location for the puzzle - again the color scheme kind of gave it away :) Then, complete the obby!

12. [Avengers-Endgame Event+Egg Hunt] Thor Egg

First, you'll need to find the Stormbreaker. Thankfully, it's really close - take a look at one of those pink stone pillars near to the entrance to the windmill. Once done, just follow the game's instructions and go through a super easy jumping game.

13. [Avengers-Endgame Event+Egg Hunt] Infinity Gauntlet Egg

Right after you've collected the last Avengers egg, you'll automatically get the Infinity Gauntlet Egg!

31. Robloxian Highschool - Bookbegg Egg

Get an A for all 4 mini-games to get the Bookbegg Egg. The only mini-game that I'm having a lot of trouble with - highest score so far is 5 out of the required 7 in order to get an A - is the SwordFight mini-game.

Edit: Finally, got it! 11 kills out of the 7 needed! :D

32. Dance Your Blox Off - Prima Balleggrina

Perhaps one of the toughest eggs to get unless you can convince the players you're playing with to take turns max voting each other. You actually need to get 1st prize to get the egg... sigh. Oh and don't forget to equip your prima balleggrina in your hand before going up on the stage to dance!

Edit: So I've finally found someone to team up with and we all got the egg! :)

33. Counter Blox - Bonnie BloxKO, The Egg

Finally got it! The trick here is to not play whichever map you get - it has to be "de_dust 2". It's definitely best to play the default mode, which is TDM (Team Deathmatch). It doesn't matter if your team wins the first two rounds or not, but in the final round, at least one of your teammates need to rush towards the egg at the end and grab it for the team. Even if you died, the entire team will get the egg.

34. Project Lazer - My Eggy Vice

This is easy enough if you have a good team who knows to capture the objective :) Nothing much to say except to defend the capture point, make sure to grab heals and stuff as you need to, and be the winning team!

35. Fairy World - Whimsical Egg, the Wonderful

This is an easy egg to get too. This is an easy egg to get too. You'll need to first find Twinkle. Where is Twinkle? She's near a cage which is, in turn, near to a tower of blocks that has the word "Toys" on it.

Dialogue will automatically pop up once you're close enough and all you need to do now is to follow the ray of light into the rainbow cloud, don't touch any of the lightning clouds, and just fly through the egg to collect it. There's no need to return to Twinkle!

36. Pick a Side - Eggcellent Choices

This is fairly straightforward as well. Just play the game as normal until the special egg hunt round is activated - you'll know when it does because eggs will be raining down on the stage - and you'll want to pick up as many as you can without getting killed. The side with the most eggs at the end of the special round will win the egg, Eggcellent Choices!

37. Freeze Tag - Eggs on Ice

This can be tough because you'll lose all fragments if you get frozen but thankfully, the fragments do spawn quite a bit so you might be able to make it.

To increase your chances, I'd suggest playing a couple of rounds normally just to earn cash. Then when you're ready to hunt for fragments, grab the invisibility boost. It'll drain your cash as you use it but if you have enough cash, you should be able to stay invisible for quite some time. Also, you can pick up fragments while being invisible so that's good.

38. Temple Thieves - Egg of Idols

If you can get a good group of people, preferably a full team of them (8 people) rather than the suggested minimum number of 4, go to the Medium puzzle room and wait until the timer runs out. Then choose the map - Temple in Time. It has to be this map, any other map won't do!

In the temple itself, at least one player must be successful in each puzzle room in order to grab the gem at the end. Once all 5 gems are collected, the final treasure chamber will open and the Egg of Idols is inside. Oh, and try not to use up all 5 your lives. If you do, you won't get the egg.

39. SpeedLands - 2 Fast 2 Egg

Fairly easy as well, but don't be fooled by the "speed" in SpeedLands - it's actually equally important not to crash your hovercraft too many times since every time your craft explode, there's a bit of down time before you respawn. Slow down when you need to... it's not like you need to get first place to get the egg anyway :)

40. Grudge - Face Off Egg

After spawning at the safehouse, spawn a vehicle and drive towards the event tunnel as shown whenever you click on the banner at the middle of the screen. Once you do that, the colors of the game will change into a sepia-like tone and you'll need to have a showdown with the Face Off Egg itself.

The best place to shoot is not behind the covers but at the parking lot nearby. Go there and find the best spots to shoot at the glowing tooth (Press 2 on your keyboard to bring up your free pistol) without getting killed. But don't worry if you die - you'll respawn nearby.

Once the fight is done, run to the egg and pick it up!

41. Backpacking - Eggle-Scout Egg!

You'll need to find 4 fuses of different colors - Red, blue, green and yellow. Unfortunately, the spawn locations for these fuses are pretty much random, so you'll actually need to drive around the place and keep an ear out for the sound of static. If you hear that sound, it means a fuse is nearby. Just follow the sound until it gets stronger and eventually, you should see the fuse.

Once you have all 4 fuses, reset back to the lodge (don't worry - your fuses will still be in your inventory) and then follow the wooden egg signs until you reach the waterfall. DON'T JUMP into the lake at the waterfall. Instead, follow the path into the cave inside the waterfall.

Then, equip the fuses and place them into the slots provided. A pink eggnado will spawn - you may need to wait a bit after being blown out from the cave - and you just need to chase after it. Make sure the eggnado picks you up in order to get the Eggle-Scout Egg!

42. Escape Room - Eggdini Egg

Lots of puzzles here and plenty of time for you to figure things out, but if you want a shortcut, here's the cheat sheet :)

1. First puzzle
(From left to right)

2. The solved puzzle will open a room with an altar. Step on the altar.

3. Third room opened with a clue for the exit. Password: MAKEYOURE (probably an anagram)

4. Three more puzzles here at the main clock pedestal - Tower, Waterfall and Maze

4a. Tower 
Follow the path until you see "turrets". Don't walk up the path. Go around the sides so the "laser eyes" can't "see" you and turn red. Wait for the gate to open and go right into the tower and press that button. You'll then need to find the hammer to break open the glass case holding the orb. Keep clicking on the orb until a green teleport appears. Step on it and you'll be brought to the clock pedestal room. Step on the center of the pedestal to stop the clock, jot down the number (announce it to everyone just in case), and step on the teleport to go back to the main clock pedestal.

4b. Waterfall 
This is a pretty easy puzzle. You just need to find the metal walkway, which is really close to the start of the path to the waterfall. Then, go right and find the magnifying glass. Head to the waterfall and run to the top  where there should be a gap (note the two rusted metal poles on each side of the gap). Use the metal walkway on the gap - open your inventory and click on the metal walkway, then click on the concrete block. Once you have a bridge, walk across to the other concrete block and place the magnifying glass. Jump down to the waterfall and the stone door should open. Go right in, step on the center of the pedestal to stop the time, note the number, and teleport back to the main clock pedestal.

4c. Maze 
I didn't do this part, but I think you basically just need to solve the maze.

5. Once everything's done, meet up with your team at the main clock pedestal. Input the number in order - Maze; Waterfall; then Tower.

6. Run into the tunnel to the final puzzle - a music puzzle.

7. Press the center button to start the puzzle. Listen to the tune, and touch the stones accordingly. If the tune is the same in every server, then it should be (from left to right while facing the pedestal; 1 to 8) .... (follow this order exactly) 8 - 6 - 7 - 5 - 3 - then run back to the center to lock your answer in. Make sure nobody else is touching any stone while the person is solving this.

8. Grab the egg!

43. ROBLOX Point Theme Park - Roller-Eggster (SHORTCUT!)

This egg is super time-consuming to get and if you're looking to get this egg, you'll want to get it right the first time around!

Okay, so by pressing 1, you'll be able to read the riddle. It basically tells you the order in which you should take your rides and you must get this right or it'll reset. Make sure to double or triple check before getting on a ride... you know, just in case you missed one.

Rides order and location

1. Time Traveler
- Area 52 (from the entrance, turn right and run to the very end

2. Shockwave 
- Exit Area 52 the same way you came in, and turn right when you see a ride called Slingshot on your right. Run to the end

3. Pterodactyl 
- Jurassic Blox (from Shockwave, run straight towards the huge gate at the end). Once you're in the Jurassic Blox, run across the bridge and you'll see the Pterodactyl ride

4. iSpeed - Just outside the Pterodactyl ride.

5. Poler Coaster - It's next to the iSpeed ride

6. X-treme - return to the entrance of the theme park. It's near the entrance.

7. Wooden Fury
- After exiting X-treme, run down the same path you'd take to go to Shockwave but along the route on your left, you should see an arch with the words The Jungle. Go into that instead. Once you're in follow the path until you see a fork, by now, you should see the Wooden Fury sign and can follow the path to the ride. Note that the path you should take is the one that runs UNDER the rails of the Wooden Fury coaster itself!

8. Manta 
- Beach zone. Return to the entrance and keep on running forward (when you see the X-treme ride on your right). Once you're in the Beach zone, you can't miss the ride - it's just in front!

Once done, you just need to run all the way back to the Shockwave ride but instead of getting on the ride, take the path on the left (you'll see a stone path). Follow it to the end where you'll see an entrance which will lead you to an "old coasters" dumpsite.

There's a vending machine in the middle - this is where the egg is, but to open the machine, you'll need 3 keys. Look for a rusty coaster with blue seats for the blue key; coaster with yellow carriages for the yellow key, and near the large bluish-rusted coaster rail for the red key. Return to the machine and you can grab the egg :) 

44. Roblox Battle (2018 Edition) - Noob Attack: Egglander 

During the map voting period, make sure to vote for Concave Calamity. This is the only map you can get the egg in.

Getting the Egglander can be easy if, and only if, everyone agree to a truce and not kill anybody while they are gathering fuel. There are multiple ways you can gather fuel as well - there are the orbs which can be tough to track, smaller wells on sides, or you can jump down to the ground and gather your fuel straight from the source. Once your tank is full, run back to your rocket (check the color) and the fuel will automatically be added to your rocket.

You'll still respawn after your rocket is launched though, but you can choose not to continue the game and exit it.

Here are my video guides:

Saturday, March 30, 2019

How to Fix "Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch" Game on Steam?

For a game that was actually SOLD to people, this is just unacceptable! I had to actually go to some third party site, download a copy of the game, and use it to replace the faulty version just to make it work?

That being said, if you need help fixing the game - and yes, it is fixable, then just follow these instructions. Note that the solution works for both Windows 8.1 and 10.

1. Download a working copy of the executable file (the .exe) for the game

There are several links that you can use here: (I used the first one)

(P/S: I don't own any of the links listed here, and although I'm pretty sure there aren't any viruses or malware, use at your own risk! Just don't click on the pop-ups or ads and you'll be fine I think.)

2. Go to your Steam folder (should be in your C drive by default)

3. Find "steamapps", then "common", and then double-click into the "Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch" folder

4. Copy and paste the downloaded .exe file into the folder above, replacing the existing .exe file

5. If you can't replace the file because the game is still "running", then press Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously to bring up the Task Manager.

6. Click into the "Details" tab 

7. There should be TWO processes that the game is running - one is called "Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch" while the other is probably called "game.dmg" (if my memory serves me right)

8. Once you've found them, RIGHT click on each of them and choose "End Process". Once done, wait for a bit before trying to replace the .exe file again.

9. After replacing the .exe file, all you need to do now is to go to your Steam client/interface and click the Play button to play.
** Make sure to NOT verify data file integrity because if you do so, Steam will just replace your third-party .exe file with the faulty one again.

10. After launching the game, there'll be a white screen and your mouse cursor will turn into the loading icon - well, don't panic just yet. Give your PC some time to load the game - the fix should work and the game will automatically start with a cinematic.... after all, it did for me :)

 Hope this helps!

Last but not least

If you're interested in tops, guides, walkthroughs and most importantly, reviews, please feel free to follow my curator's page or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Pokemon Go: How to Get Gorebyss and Huntail?

Well, first of all, you'll definitely want to get a Clamperl and have 50 Clamperl candy - that's the no-brainer part. However, I'm pretty sure I've figured out how you can "force" Clamperl's evolution to go the way you want.

Note that although I'm pretty confident of my findings, I've only have so many chances to test it, so here goes!

As you may know, Clamperl evolution is supposedly "random" but I suspect it's not as random as it appears. Unlike eevolutions that have a name trick to help you get the evolved eevee you want, there isn't a name trick for Clamperl either.

So here's the big reveal - I'm pretty sure that your Clamperl will evolve into Huntail or Gorebyss depending on the GENDER of your PLAYER and NOT the gender of the Clamperl.

Pokemon Go trainers using the female avatar will mostly get Gorebyss - as evident in my case since I'm playing a female character, while male avatars will mostly get Huntail - as evident in my boyfriend's case.

Note that there's still a chance for the respective gender to get the other gender's evolution but the chance of that happening is very, very low.... hence, the word "mostly". This also probably explain why scores of players keep getting the same evolution over and over again - you can't change your avatar's gender!

So, in order to get the other gender's evolution, you will need to either...
1. Have a ton of Clamperl and the corresponding candy to evolve them all (low chance)
2. OR just trade for one from a player playing the opposing gender or from anyone with the evolution you want (very high chance)

Hope this helps!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Pokemon Go: How to get Smeargle? A Step-by-Step Picture Guide

I'm a bit late to the party but I got my first Smeargle on my first try ^^

That said, here are the steps you'll want to take to get Smeargle. P/S: Click on the images to expand them

1. Find a pokemon you want Smeargle to copy skills from.

It can be any pokemon you want, but if you want it to have the best skill - not that Smeargle has any meta use though , you'll want to use Blissey.

2. View the Pokemon (get into the stats page) and enter AR mode by tapping on the small camera icon on the top right corner.

3. Take a photo of your pokemon and keep an eye out for the number of flashes at the bottom right corner of the screen.

If it flashes 3 times, then Smeargle has photobombed your picture and you can catch it once you exit from your Pokemon Inventory (into the map screen). If you're not sure, tap into the photo preview located at the bottom right corner of the screen and take a look.

Photobombed by Smeargle

4. Smeargle will spawn nearby on your map. Simply tap into it and catch it.
P/S: Since it's a spawn, I think it's still possible for Smeargle to flee. Just in case though, it's best to use a razz berry if you can't spare an ultra ball.

Smeargle will spawn nearby

Voila! Caught it!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Christine Welch - A Million Possibilities (一百万个可能) Lyrics

Fantastic voice, fantastic lyrics (she wrote the song herself) and the fact that she's an ang mo who can sing in Chinese much better than I could... well, that's just an extra bonus :P Enjoy!


幽静 窗外 满地片片寒花
You jing chuang wai man di pian pian han hua
一瞬间 永恒的时差 窝在棉被里
Yi shun jian yong heng de shi cha wo zai mian bei li
倾听 踏雪听沉默的声音
Qing ting ta xue ting chen mo de sheng yin
飘雪藏永恒的身影 雪树下等你
Piao xue cang yong heng de shen ying xue shu xia deng ni

在一瞬间 有一百万个可能
Zai yi shun jian you yi bai wan ge ke neng
该向前走 或者继续等
Gai xiang qian zou huo zhe ji xu deng
这冬夜里 有百万个不确定
Zhe dong ye li you bai wan ge bu que ding
渐入深夜 或期盼天明
Jian ru shen ye huo qi pan tian ming

云空的泪 一如冰凌结晶了 成雪花垂
Yun kong de lei yi ru bing ling jie jing le cheng xue hua chui
这一瞬间 有一百万个可能
Zhe yi shun jian you yi bai wan ge ke neng
窝进棉被 或面对寒冷
Wo jin mian bei huo mian dui han leng

幽静 寒风吹来一缕声音
You jing han feng chui lai yi lue sheng yin
一瞬间 看着你走近
Yi shun jian kan zhe ni zou jin
Nuan le wo dong xin

倾听 踏雪听沉默的声音
Qing ting ta xue ting chen mo de sheng yin
Piao xue cang yong heng de shen ying
Xue shu xia deng ni

在一瞬间 有一百万个可能
Zai yi shun jian you yi bai wan ge ke neng
该向前走 或者继续等
Gai xiang qian zou huo zhe ji xu deng
这冬夜里 有百万个不确定
Zhe dong ye li you bai wan ge bu que ding
渐入深夜 或期盼天明
Jian ru shen ye huo qi pan tian ming

云空的泪 一如冰凌结晶了 成雪花垂
Yun kong de lei yi ru bing ling jie jing le cheng xue hua chui
这一瞬间 有一百万个可能
Zhe yi shun jian you yi bai wan ge ke neng
窝进棉被 或面对寒冷
Wo jin mian bei huo mian dui han leng

Na wan shang hui shi na ge shun jian
Shuo hao de ai hui bu hui gai bian
而你让我徘徊 在千里之外 Yeah 你让我等
Er ni rang wo pai huai zai qian li zhi wai Yeah ni rang wo deng
了好久 Baby
Liao hao jiu Baby

Tu ran jian na shi na ge shun jian
你终于出现 就是那个瞬间
Ni zhong yu chu xian jiu shi na ge shun jian
等了好久 忍不住伸手 那个瞬间
Deng le hao jiu ren bu zhu shen shou na ge shun jian

在一瞬间 有一百万个可能
Zai yi shun jian you yi bai wan ge ke neng
该向前走 或者继续等
Gai xiang qian zou huo zhe ji xu deng
这深夜里 有百万个不确定
Zhe shen ye li you bai wan ge bu que ding
渐入冬林 或走向街灯
Jian ru dong lin huo zou xiang jie deng

云空的泪 一如冰凌结晶了 成雪花垂
Yun kong de lei yi ru bing ling jie jing le cheng xue hua chui
这一瞬间 有一百万个可能
Zhe yi shun jian you yi bai wan ge ke neng
暖这冬心 或面对寒冷
Nuan zhe dong xin huo mian dui han leng

该向前走 或者继续等
Gai xiang qian zou huo zhe ji xu deng
渐入冬林 或走向街灯
Jian ru dong lin huo zou xiang jie deng
窝进棉被 或面对寒冷
Wo jin mian bei huo mian dui han leng
暖这冬心 或面对寒冷
Nuan zhe dong xin huo mian dui han leng

"When I first heard this, my mind was blown - She has an incredible voice and that voice wobble is done so perfectly! Finding out she's ang mo (a foreigner) and the backstory behind this song only make this song so much better!" S.Y.

The song is set in winter hence the starting of the song describes, so eloquently I might add, the scenery. Then the chorus hits and she sings about the indecision of sticking around and waiting "under the snow-covered tree" or moving on with her life; whether to "hide under the warm blanket" or "head out and face the bitter cold".

One day, in the cold quiet winter, she heard the sounds of footsteps (as you would when walking in snow) and a voice calling out in the distance. And there he was. As he walks closer, his presence warms her chilly heart.

She then (kind of) chatize the guy, singing that he said his love for her will never change, but you made me wait... wait for so long. And suddenly you appear, but it's just for a brief moment.

"Probably not my best work but I'm rather drowsy now - it's late here. I'll work to improve this tmr"

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Westlife - Hello My Love Music Video and Lyrics

EIIIIIII!!! I can't believe it! THEY ARE BACK!

And their comeback single is soooooooo catchy :D Enjoy!


No one knows 'bout the things that I've been through with you
There were times I drive you nearly mental
But when you're mad, you're still beautiful
And I know that I'm punching way above
So lucky that we fell in love
Sometimes I wonder am I enough?

'Cause you could have someone without a belly or a temper
Perfect teeth, hair growing where it's meant to
You know my lips are all I can hold against ya
This is all that I'll ever need, you and I

Hello, my love
I've been searching for someone like you
For most my life
Happiness ain't a thing I'm used to
You could have fallen hard for anyone
Plenty of fish in the sea, hey now
For all of time, now I know
It's just my angel and me

No one knows 'bout all the good things you do
When people take advantage of you
Your heart is pure and so beautiful
And I know that it's just the way you are
Father's eyes, but mother's daughter
And you tell me that you don't give enough

And now I found someone with all the boxes that I want ticked
'Cause your love is all I ever wanted
Set my heart on fire, I needed something
This is all I wanted to be, you and I

Hello, my love
I've been searching for someone like you
For most my life
Happiness ain't a thing I'm used to
You could have fallen hard for anyone
Plenty of fish in the sea, hey now
For all of time, now I know
It's just my angel and me

'Cause you could have someone without a belly or a temper
Perfect teeth, hair growing where it's meant to
You know my lips are all I can hold against you
This is all that I'll ever need, you and I... you and I.......

Hello, my love
I've been searching for someone like you
For most my life
Happiness ain't a thing I'm used to
You could have fallen hard for anyone (Anyone)
Plenty of fish in the sea, hey now
For all of time, now I know
It's just my angel and me

"Incredibly catchy song... this is a solid comeback! Btw, why this song isn't called "My Angel and Me"? :P" - S.Y.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A List of All the Free Premium Google Play Games for December 2018

There has been tons of giveaways on GooglePlay every month and I thought I should help you all "cheapskate" gamers (wink wink) list out all of these games so it's a lot easier for you to search for them and claim them for your Google account.

Note that you can claim a premium game without needing to install it on your phone. Here's the guide:

Alright, it's giveaway time... here goes! :)

P/S: Use Ctrl+F to search for the game/dates. Giveaways that are expired will be archived at the end of the post.

All dates listed are approximation (don't wait until the very last minute to claim these free games!) and is based on the time zone, GMT+8.


1. Live or Die: Survival Pro

Claim your free game before: Dec 12

2. My Little Princess: Wizard

Claim your free game before: Dec 13

3. Demong Hunter VIP - Action RPG

Claim your free game before: Dec 18

4. Hills Legend HD

Claim your free game before: Dec 16

5. Gold Miner Vegas: Nostalgic Arcade Game

Claim your free game before: Dec 12

6. Monkey GO Happy

Claim your free game before: Dec 12

7. Galaxy Warrior Classic

Claim your free game before: Dec


Claim your free game before: Dec