Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This is my passion.. my hobby.. it used to be anyway.

I love writing stories - fantasies mainly and had wanted (actually I still hope I could be) an author.

But then another more .. addictive hobby came along - computer games (and then, later, online games). I've abandoned most of my writing projects... all I have left.. are those I've written during my high school years (I've only started writing, officially, when I am in form 1).

I want to restart this hobby of mine.. but now I doubt I could write anything worthwhile any longer. I do not have the confidence.. perhaps I should continue from the stories that I've abandoned? Would it help?

Just some musings of mine. Guess I'll find out soon enough after my finals - have to focus (*Sarcastic* now, that's what I call a joke) on these first.

Okay, back to dragonage (LOL!) and perhaps one more chapter tonight. :P