Wednesday, August 29, 2012


This just made me extremely mad... now that I've decided to further study, my dad said I'm stupid to not have chosen the topic whereby the proposal was already written, funding already acquired and that the methology was already planned.... WTF, what about choosing a topic which interests me HUH? Typical mentality - once I've decided to study they just want me to get my doctorate ASAP regardless of anything else. Just... typical sigh~ I think they just want me to get a job ASAP (after phd) - yeah right, they say they support me... but all their actions said otherwise. These are the times where I've thought of staying AWAY from home - they can be so frustrating and naggy.

Yes, I might be 'stupid' enough to start from the bottom but I'll learn more that way, but ofc, it's perhaps easy for me to say this coz they have to fund my studies until I obtained a scholarship or if I don't (worse case), they will have to fund me for another 4 years.

and not to mention, my supervisor seemed to think I'm still undecided and uncommitted to my studies - extremely bad first impression. This sucks. I guess this will be a long and very hard journey for me and I'm gonna have to do it without any real support.

Edit on 18/9/12: It seems that the easy title isn't really easy at all - with the main supervisor and the co-supervisor at odds with each other - seriously though, I don't like the co-supervisor at all, he said, "Students are just tools to be used. You give them an experiment and they should follow it down to the very letter."... - and my poor, new friend is caught right in the middle. Sigh... I'll bet it's challenges like this that builds character - she's holding it up pretty well (I"ll probably explode and yell at both of them and get yelled back by both lol). My project's kinda stuck at the moment... with so many things to do and plan and learn, I hardly have enough personal time for myself, but I love what I do so that kinda balance it out :P Wish me luck! Bye!

Friday, August 24, 2012

My arena experience and misc

I guess since I've started doing arenas with a fellow warrior - well geared and skilled ^^ I could put up some of the more triumph moments here - just saying, we have never lost a match to date yet! =) btw I was on my mage.

Most of the time, we're up against hunters (since they do like super OP damage here - 36k chimera shot, can you imagine? and I had 4 set bloodthirsty gear) and warriors (super OP victory rush which can heal the warrior for almost his full health which is like 100k health) or prot/holy pallies (super OP since forbearance is not working lol... but then in arena, they might be very slightly less OP :P).

I was lucky to have such a great partner - being a warrior, he managed to hold all the 2 attackers attention while I'm dpsing away without interruptions (ofc, I had to kite a bit now and then to avoid the hunter but my partner will usually charge the hunter if he is suddenly interested in killing me).

We had a nice winning streak so far, but well, due to recent events and my interest in learning how to play the very buggy (lots of the talents are not working, not to mention glyphs...) resto druid spec, I've stopped logging in my mage. In wotlk, my druid has a very high survivability, almost unlimited mana and I know how to avoid getting killed but in Cata, my mana ran out too quickly - maybe my teammates are just taking too much damage... I dunno - I had adapted to the new style of healing in Cata though - most of the time, I'm doing Healing Touch now instead of Nourish spamming. Regrowth's duration ran out too quickly and that stupid glyph is not working. lawl~

Anyway, I've tried doing arenas with my warrior but I got mowed down by a freaking prot pally with wings and bubble AT THE SAME TIME and he was like hitting me for 50k per sec (a variety of spells adding up to). Not to mention, that stupid shammy casting his spells (he's abusing haste) like within 0.5s... cannot even interrupt any of his spells coz too fast zzzz. Though, I'd say I'm not really familiar with playing warrior yet - stance changing is not really my strongest part LOL. I get mowed down by frost mages, mutilate rogues (you know with full bloodthirsty, a lvl 82 rogue's deadly poison can hit me for almost 2k per sec WTF!! But I won every duel with him though - retaliate is a life saver xD. What will his dmg be when he hit 85? lawl), OP hunters who can hit 35k-36k with chimera, shammies who somehow can cast WHILE MOVING and even devouring plague-spamming priests!! WTF!! Though, I thought I had put up a good fight in some of the cases.

The LEGO® Story - a must watch! =)

If you haven't seen this, you should. This is a very nicely done video depicting how Lego was created. Lego was one of my fav toys during my childhood years and it'll always be :) I can use it to build so many different stuff using only my imagination and ofc the necessary pieces. I've never played with Lego system though - I had the spare pieces set (sort of, it comes in a 'drum') - I created my own system of play. =)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My own motion typography lyrics video!

Yes, I've finally done it ^.^v after a whole week's effort (I took a few days off though lol).

There might still be problems here and there but, well, this is it! My masterpiece!

Enjoy! =)

[btw I've posted the vid 'ages' ago lol, but I've forgotten to put it up here :P]

P/S: I've always been impressed by people who are able to do this kind of stuff and now that I too can do it - I can say that it is indeed very satisfying! =)

PhD vs Work

Reposted from my Google+

Okay since, I'm hardly getting any advice from my parents - they were like 'okay, you do whatever you want and we'll support you' yesterday and today, after I've gotten that job offer - they were like 'take that job!!' and 'We'd better buy you new formal working clothes tmr' or 'after PhD, harder to find work'. ZzzzZzZZzzzzz What about that 'okay, you do whatever you want and we'll support you'? I don't get a say in this anymore? Tough luck being the eldest... they'll want you to start work asap somehow :\

Anyway, weighing my options: 
That job offer... firstly, I don't really like doing sales - I just can't imagine myself persistently trying to ask someone to buy something that I don't think  will be useful to them (only remotely useful but those potential customers proly wont know that unless they learn science [bio mainly] and searched it up). Secondly, it's a 24hr-on call kind of job, besides the usual working hours.... which, goes without saying, sucks. Thirdly, the pay is really good for a fresh grad like me RM2650 without counting commission but including allowances. Fourth, I'll get to travel around Penang (might or might not be fun), but the downside of this is my driving skills are like okay nia and I get lost easily. Fifth, the work includes setting up a booth at a hospital and sitting there for hours - I've seen those salespeople in the hospital b4 and I pity them... they looked awfully bored. Sixth, I'll have to put up with potentially annoying doctors or customers just because I want to try to sell something - I can be patient but, when I lose it, you won't want to be around lol. Seventh, I can get to meet various people and it may help my extreme shyness issue with strangers and build up my self-confidence and courage to speak. Eighth, well, I have always viewed sales as a rather lowly job - I mean like people who would do almost anything to make you buy something from them? No thank you.

PhD offer..... I've visited the lab an I find it very welcoming and complete - the people there are very friendly (atm anyway :P). The potential supervisor is a very nice person as well and I like his work ethics (I've asked his students how he is like) - he puts his students first and is the involved kind of person, who pops into the lab frequently. He also said it may be possible to sent his students to Germany for a exchange of knowledge. I am confident I could finish my studies within 3-4 yrs (imagine! a PhD at 25 yrs old lol) but ofc there might be unforeseen problems within those years - it's a risk that I'll have to take if I choose this path. And to top it all off, I'll have a 'prestigious' title at the end of my studies =P. But, despite all that, my future after PhD may look very bleak - even harder to get jobs (no work exp, rarely company would be willing to give that extra pay to employ a PhD grad) - even to get a lecturer position won't be easier at all; my mom said no guy will want a gf who is academically 'better' than him (lol! well, it's true I guess). I am a bit reluctant to be stuck in the lab for the rest of my life either. Plus, I only get very little 'pay' and I'll (my parents will) have to pay tuition fees of RM4300 unless I can secure that PhD scholarship. I also thought of my parents - my dad who is going to retire in 5 yrs' time, my mom will follow after - and not to mention, I'm not sure whether my bro will want to work or go for masters/PhD after he graduate.

Sigh... any advice? you know, deep down, if I can have it my way, I'll take that PhD opportunity over any other job - unless you give me like an editor/computer-based kind of work with 3k plus pay. But obviously, I dont think I can have it my way lol - my parents are pressuring me to take the job - lol, in fact, they are not even pressuring - they are already making plans for me to take the job offer. wtf. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Skills always win in the end =)

Had just had a very victorious moment in WSG ^^

Well, to cut it short, an ally hunter had the flag and was heading towards their base. We entered the tunnel entrance at the same time and there were no one else. I blinked and gained a headstart but he had his aspect of the cheetah on and was gaining on me. I reached their flag and grabbed it while he was inches away from capping. Frost nova to prevent him from chasing after me and blinked to freedom.

But, a warrior chased after me. I had to twist around so he couldn't get a clear charge at me, but as the path straighten out. I got charged - luckily my blink's off its CD and I blinked, careful enough to apply slow on him. This repeated several times - he charging and trying to hamstring me; I'm slowing him down with whatever arsenal of spells that I have - cone of cold, slow, presence of mind+polymorph and frost nova - and saving my blink and trinket for his charges and hamstring stuns. I made it into the horde tunnel entrance when my teammates spotted me and helped me by charging that warrior - I'm off and FREE! haha! With the flag, I considered heading upwards to the top but then it's the first place that I'd look if I'm ally, so I changed direction and headed towards the secret hideout that only I (and perhaps a few allies) know of - behind the giant round saw right behind the horde graveyard.

The perfect hideout and I was lucky that I reached it in time. As a horde priest who had just entered the flag room was attacked by an enemy hunter. He made it into the graveyard whereby the other respawned hordies helped him took care of the hunter. Then, I waited as the rest of my teammates search for the flag bearer to return our flag.

After like 5 mins, they finally killed the flag carrier and I quickly head towards the flag room. Capped the flag mere seconds away from the worgen druid who had entered the flag room to kill me and prevent me from capping. Frost nova (again) + slow, then start my arcane blast spam. He tried to run but by then, my teammates had entered the flag room and make quick work of the druid and his hunter friend who is shooting at us from the ledge in the flag room.

They all went to get the last flag and I stayed behind to protect our flag.

In the end, we won!!!! =)

P/S: oh yeah, prior to this, I had quite a good streak killing allies (a very persistent mage, a pally and a warrior) with a frost mage in AB. He invited me to his arena team - saying that I have skills :D I guess I'm pretty good afterall!! haha, but now I'll have to respec my arcane talents for full pvp - I'm using partial pvp talents as of current - and get full pvp gear :P