Saturday, December 31, 2016

Most Anticipated F2P MMO Games in 2017

As usual, I've put some incredible amount of research into this before writing these 2 articles, and needless to say, I'm pretty proud of it, so well... I hope you'll enjoy reading it as well :)

Happy new year in advance!
Revelation Online

Lost Ark

Friday, December 23, 2016

Steam's Winter Sale - My Game Recommendations

Yesssss.... the Winter Steam Sale is here and boy, there are tons of treasures in it. Anyway, the whole point of writing this blog post is to list out the games that I want to buy... that I think is worth the cost to buy... and share the list with anyone of you who are interested. Enjoy! :)

Oh and before I start, these games are all below RM15 (that's approximately $4 considering how badly the RM has fluctuated and then dropped over the past year - it's almost like the currency's in its death throes).

One more thing - just in case I get dissed by anyone in the comments, please know that the links will redirect you to an advert which you can easily skip after 30 seconds and then bring you over to the game's Steam page. You can choose not to click it, but if you do, thanks! :)

Right, let's start:

Note: Steam is currently down, so if the links are not working... it's not my fault :P

1. Half Life 2

Being one of the most renowned game of its time, I personally think that this is a game to buy if you haven't played it before... and I am ashamed to say that I haven't despite being a self-proclaimed "pretty hardcore gamer". Anyway, there's actually no reason for you NOT to buy the game because it is simply dirt cheap - around $2.

Link to Half Life 2's Steam page

2. Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year Edition)

The keywords here are "batman" and "game of the year". This is simply a deal you mustn't miss if you love action RPGs and comics, especially batman... Guess you know who I rooted for in Batman vs Superman now... heh.

Even though I have not played any Batman game before (if there are any), I have heard loads about how Batman: Arkham Asylum is da bomb! The best of the best... well, I guess I'll know whether I liked it or not pretty soon :)

Link to Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year Edition)'s Steam page.

3. Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Okay... I have to admit something up front... I have already played the game from front to back and I can personally vouch for the excellence of this game. It's an incredible game, especially for players who

1. Have younger brother/s whom they adore
2. Love brilliantly crafted, heartwarming storylines
3. Love to solve somewhat challenging puzzles - they are not too tough, don't worry :)

The best part? You can grab this game for even less than $2!!

The only thing I dislike is that somehow the game now requires a controller to play. The last I booted the game up, I was using my keyboard to play.

Link to Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons's Steam page.

4. Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword

Like the number 1 and 2 games, I have not played Civ before. I only discovered it after the time I was obsessed over strategy games so I merely glanced at it... thought it was a great game to try one day and simply left it at that... mainly due to the ridiculous price it was stamped with.

But now, you can get an older version of Civ for just around $2! Do take note that Civ itself is something like Anno and hence, can offer up to more than hundreds of hours of gameplay... if you like it.

So, if you have always loved strategy games and you don't mind slightly poorer graphics - hey, not everyone can afford a "4k resolution" gaming rig you know, you should really grab this chance and buy Civ.

Link to Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword's Steam page.

5. Terraria

If you have yet to realize, I'm a huge sucker for Minecraft-like games. Hint: my walkthrough/guide/review for Dig or Die, StoneHearth (Alpha), Landmark (Beta), and my favorite so far... the semi-grindy Craft the World (Warning: it has a pretty linear crafting/tech tree. Some ppl might not like that).

Anyway, I simply love the crafting, the exploring, the material farming (or scavenging) and the building... and honestly, the game doesn't even have to be in 3D!

I've heard tons of good stuff about Terraria. Despite being an "indie game" and costing more than number 1, 2 and 3 combined, it may just be a great investment. Anyway, from my pretty extensive experience with these games, I've noticed that most of them start out being so-called "indie"... just take a look at the behemoth Minecraft has become :)

ah well... if only Stardew Valley is also on sale though! That would be just perfect! (was a Farmville/ Farmville 2 addict for a few years too... and yes, it's YEARS :P)

Link to Terraria's Steam page.

6. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition and Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge

For a hint of childhood nostalgia, you might want to check out the Monkey Island games. I've played the games (both of them) for a few times when I was young and I absolutely love them... though, even until now I can still remember how I hated the "spitting contest" and the "guess the next hand sign (... or was it a number?)" mini-games. I've gotten stuck there for DAYS while trying to crack those puzzles.

In fact, the part where the ghost of that "whatshisname" pirate bounced all around the map is much easier than these puzzles... sorry, I only remembered the name of the protagonist "Guybush Tripwood" and I'm just too lazy to google up the answer to the evil pirate's name :P.

Oh and by the way, it was from a time when you can't just easily google up the walkthrough or cheats for a game and that getting on the internet means going through the annoying dialing tones... yes, it's THAT long ago.

In the end, I got it though... through some really intense perseverance and a dab of inventiveness, that is :)

Anyway, I'm not sure how appealing the game will be for young adults who can now afford games, but it's pretty much a no brainer if you've played the game before and would like to relive the experience. It has a funny story too I recalled. Both games cost less than $2 each.

Link to The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition's Steam page.

Link to Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge's Steam page.

7. Mass Effect 2

Commander Shepard... enuf said!

Seriously though, I love sci-fi games - any Halo fans here? - and although I have more of a penchant for whimsical ones like Borderlands, I think I would like Mass Effect 2.

... you've caught me... yes, I have never played any Mass Effect before but I've heard enough about it to be interested. It's a pretty old game, but at a price of around $3, it's not too bad a purchase. If you're interested, I've added a link below.

Link to Mass Effect 2's Steam page

8. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

For just around $2, this game is a gd STEAL! In fact, I'll let you on a tiny secret - I've fallen in love with The Witcher series because of this game.

Of course, for those of you who have played The Witcher 3 before, well, you may feel like this game seems lacking, but for those who have yet to dive into the world of witches, monsters and witchers, I'd highly recommend you start with this game first.

Link to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition's Steam page

9. Magicka

This looks so much like Torchlight.... maybe because of the color palette or something... and I happen to like Torchlight! So yeah, this is now on my list of games that I might potentially buy.

I'm pretty certain this game is quite old, but for around $2, it's still pretty worth it if you enjoy dungeon crawlers.

Link to Magicka's Steam page

10. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

My old pal :) I could still remember getting told off by my parents for playing this when I was supposed to study for my PMR exams, which means I was around 15 y/o then. I would actually "put" on some of those educational discs that my parents got for me - yay for teacher-parents! - but I'm actually playing Fallout Tactics hehe... sneaky, right? But well, I got caught sooo yeah, not so sneaky any more.

Nostalgia aside, Fallout Tactics was incredibly entertaining to me that until today I still wished rather fervently that they might someday make a sequel. I was a huge strategy game nut (both turn-based and real time) back then - C&C, Starcraft, Warcraft, Shogun, Age of Empires (I probably can still remember the funny cheat codes), Age of Mythology, Stronghold, Cossacks... you name it!

Anyways, if you love turn-based strategy games and/or post-apocalyptic stuff, this is I think a timeless game to play :)

Link to Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel's Steam page

11. Expeditions: Conquistador

Last but not least... and yes, I simply have to add 1 more to this list and not just end with the nice even number of "10"... this amazing indie game, Expeditions: Conquistador.

I won't blab too much about this since you can read all about it on my game review page right here ... It's basically a turn-based strategy/adventure game with some really nice storylines and events, and you can even get married in the game!

Right, anyway, all I want to say is that although this game is much more expensive than many other renowned games, it is still worth every cent.

Link to Expeditions: Conquistador's Steam page


  • Telltale Games

I think some of the Telltale Games are on sale too. Those are usually pretty good - they are from Telltale after all :) - so you can get those games too if you enjoy narrative-oriented games.

  • Ryse: Son of Rome
Looks good... really good and from the description, it probably has some really nice storylines. And like I've said (I think), I'm a sucker for both :)

  • Orcs Must Die!
I've completed this game and I've got to say - if you're a huge fan of tower defense/ tower defense-like games, this is a MUST BUY. Seriously, it's really good and I happen to like whimsy games too. For around $2, this game is a bargain! Goooooo try iiiittt!

  • Torchlight 1 and 2 - for Dungeon Crawler lovers. I'm too lazy to link the steam page though :P

Free Assassin's Creed 3!!!

Lastly, if you haven't gotten your free copy of Assassin's Creed 3, you might still be able to grab it. You just need to sign up for a uPlay account, log into their Christmas advent calendar site, and check in every day until you reached the 14th day (or you can check in on the 14th day) to grab your free copy.

Since I haven't played any of the games in that franchise and was a bit skeptical when I tried it (despite all the great things I've heard about the game), I went into the game almost blind (emphasis on the "almost" part) and I have to say, I love it!

Whatever that I loved in The Witcher 3... well, it's even better in AC3 and that's a pretty huge deal for me coz I kinda idolize The Witcher 3 :P

Okay that's it for now. It's time to go and shoot at Feral Ghouls, Radscorpions and Super Mutants now :)

(For those who got the very obvious hint, here's an extra non-gender-specific fist bump! Hehe)

Monday, November 21, 2016

Chris Rupp - Best I Can

A very heartwarming song :)

Words are fallin'
Like glass they have broken over you
And I'm in between
The disappointments for many things I hoped for
It's painful now to watch it
As we bleed...

And all I had was your love and that was good enough, and
All I wanted was your arms to lift me high
All I need is you to hold my hand
While I'm doing the best I can

I have stumbled
Mistakes have left us crumbling
Falling from each other, piece by piece
You have shown me
Stand my ground when I believe
And I believe that you've got to see

And all I had was your love and that was good enough, and
All I wanted was your arms to lift me high
All I need is you to hold my hand
While I'm doing the best I can

I remember looking up and waiting for your smile
Tugging at your arms to ask you if you'd stay awhile
Time have changed and we have said
Things that we won't regret
And I don't want to let your talk hurt you yet

And all I had was your love and that was good enough, and
All I wanted was your arms to lift me high
All I need is you to hold my hand
While I'm doing the best I can
Ohh while I'm doing... the best I can

****I've italicized the part that I'm pretty sure is incorrect. Sorry, I did my best. Enjoy the song though!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Boyce Avenue - Family

Ant Farm Diaries

Okay, before you start to say anything, please note that I HAD a few small ant farms maybe around 2 years ago. Let's just say I hid them under my bed coz there's a strict "no pets" rule at home and more so if it involves insects, but my parents found out... lol *does neck cutting motion*. RIP... I don't even know how they died :(

Annnyyywaysssss... here's my experience from way back when (This post has been sitting in my Drafts folder for AGES!)

I've started my own ant farm using fertilized queen ants (the garden variety black ants, which I don't dislike as much as small and stinky red ants that bite. These black ants don't bite.) that I've collected from my lab back in Bertam - though only 3 queen ants and their off-springs survived. 

- Lesson learned: Queen ants do take in larvae from other queen ants of the same species.
Originally, there were 4 though... I'm still not sure why the fourth died, but I transferred the larvae and eggs to another queen ant with a hope that she will take them in as her own. Let's just say she did :)

- Tip learned: Cleaning the ant farm tube/ Transferring ants from tube to tube
Oh,. one advice for transferring ants from a tube home to another - I'd advise you to chill them in the fridge (NOT the freezer, mind you!!) for awhile, so that they'll get all drowsy. I've tried putting them in for 5 to 10 mins and I can then gently shake them out into a new tube, so I can clean out the old one. 

And well, I've tried feeding them several stuff and so far, these are the stuff they like and the stuff that they don't

- Tip learned: Food for black garden-variety ants
1. Fruits (the sweeter, the better) - can last at most 3 days (but vary depending on the type of fruit), then you'll have to throw what's left of it because, obviously, they get all rotten.
2. Very tiny flying insects
3. Very tiny worms
4. Strawberry jam, processed (but then they will leave behind "something", probably the "processed part" that you'll have to throw away)
5. Small strips of meat (moist, not dry) - chicken meat, pork, etc
6. Sugar (Fine, preferably) - They are crazy over these stuff... obviously

1. Small moths (even though it was chopped up and dewinged - after it was dead ofc... I'm no monster!)
2. Bread chunks soaked in water (bad advice given by an user at an ant farm forum)

- Tip learned: Designing your own ant farm container
They like the dark, so be sure to keep your transparent container wrapped in something non-transparent. Thin sheets of paper don't work as well, but aluminum foils work perfectly.

Remember to have breathing holes for air to circulate. It's best to use cotton or thick gauze to stuff the entrance. I've also tried using something like a thick and elastic "plastic cling wrap" and poked tiny holes in them -but that turned out to not be a very good idea since some ants do try to bite through these wraps. Naturally, I'd recommend against poking holes on paper or any other thin stuff since the ants will even more easily tear through the stuff and escape.

If your container is wide (in an ant's perspective), then you'll need to insert something to fill up the middle before you put soil in. This is to make the tunnels that the ants dig more visible against the sides of the container. I personally used a discarded poster (thick) to do this, but you can also use the a used toilet roll (the cardboard part).

So, if you're using a poster, I roll it up tight and compact - glossy side inwards due to the taping part, and seal it with strong tape. You'll need to seal the hollow part with strong tape as well. Poster paper can withstand semi-moist soil that your ants will need to dig in and the best thing is - there isn't any moss growing inside my ant farm. 

For soil, it's always best to get some "local soil" - meaning the soil that you think the ants came from. Those are usually foolproof, but if you can't or don't want to, well, you shouldn't get something that is too dry. Semi moist is best. And also, be sure to shake or tap your container against the ground as you pack in the soil so the soil will be more compact. Be sure to leave plenty of room at the top so that the ants can carry the soil they've dug to the surface and they have some room to walk around as well. 

~ ~ ~ ~

I couldn't continue this diary as my dad threw away my Ant Farms after I went for a trip to KL last year and I was devastated. I got over it though, but I'll always remember the feeling of having something to look after. Keeping a pet... no matter what type of pet it is... is HARD work! But I'm glad of the experience and I'm surprise to know ants do consume chicken meat and pork. 

Anyway, when I last saw them, 2 of the colonies became very huge, so much that it's actually hard for me to feed them without them trying to crawl up my tweezers (I use tweezers to place very small "bowls" of food and water in). I actually had to wait for an opportune time before I can feed them lol. 

And well, there were lots of escapees when I try feeding them (makeshift ant farm containers aren't the best way to keep these ants contained, but I did my best) - some of which I've managed to return to their homes (some of which I can find crawling up my leg after 3 days since it escaped lol - don't worry, they don't bite) while others, I can't find them so I suppose they deserve their freedom... but ants can't survive long without their colony. 

Pics soon! I'll just have to recover them from my old and now semi-broken smartphone. - Update: the phone's completely broken and I'm not sure if I could even recover the pics.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Discover Your Patronus on Pottermore

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, especially considering that I grew up with the series (and the actors), so naturally, when I spotted this quiz, I simply had to take it. Here's the link for you fellas who can't wait to take the quiz: (Being a content writer = not rich enough to buy a home to call my own. Please lend me around 15 seconds of your time to wait awhile and click Skip Ad :) )

However, I'm a bit disappointed with the result since what I got was.... wait for it.... Look below!

Yes... a bleeding hedgehog. Sigh. Had hoped for something more impressive :P

Anyway, I've went a bit further and googled up "Hedgehog, patronus" and I found this!

The first impression of an individual with a hedgehog patronus can be very deceiving. On the outside, they can first appear happy-go-lucky and kind, as well as slightly naive. They are optimistic individuals in the way they want to be happy and have the feeling rub off on others, but this is not who they are completely. Rather, they actually have a tough personality to them, and have the ability to fight and defend themselves. Do not take the for weaklings, because they certainly are not, and are much more perceptive than they appear. The most common house for a hedgehog patronus is Hufflepuff. The most common signs are Cancer and Sagittarius.

Well, I'm not sure about the "fighting and defending" part - I haz no self-defence training... pls don't assault me! - but the analysis is generally correct to some point. I do present a happy-go-lucky appearance because sometimes, I just feel like I don't want to care (but I can't - I would make a really bad superheroine since I'll proly be weighted down by doubts and guilt almost all the time).

I like to think that I'm tough - who doesn't? - and can handle anything and everything, but I'm pretty sure, deep down, that I can't. One thing's for sure though - I would not go down quietly.

Anyway, that's enough about me, what about you? Which patronus did you get? I would love to know... wait, if you got the unicorn, don't tell me... I would get super-salty... nah, just kidding!

Here's the link again for you interested people out there:  (you just need to wait a few seconds and click Skip Ad, thanks! :) )

Do tell me... I'm very curious to know.... aannnndddd if there are any other hedgehogs out there, let's get together some time (points at my Facebook link on the right)! :)

For more 'tests' such as this one, feel free to check out my other posts:

Test Your Vocabulary: What's the Size of Your Vocabulary?

I kinda.... cheated a bit here and there, hehe. That said, what's yours? :)

Find your Vocabulary Size here: (Please support this poor blogger - por favor. It'll only take around 15 seconds of your time to wait awhile and then press the Skip button :) )


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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Eric周興哲 - 你,好不好? How Have You Been?

This lyrics is easy enough to read (for a person with half-baked Mandarin like me) but well, I've decided to add in the pinyin for those who are struggling with some of the tougher words (like me) :P

Anyway, I'll see if I can get the time to actually translate the meaning of the song into English, but until then, enjoy! :)


是不是 还那么爱迟到
Shì bù shì hái nà me ài chí dào
Áo yè gōng zuò yòu shuì bù hǎo
等你 完成你的目标
Děng nǐ wán chéng nǐ de mù biāo
Yào jiè diào chěng qiáng de shì hào

都怪我 把自尊放太高
Dōu guài wǒ bǎ zì zūn fàng tài gāo
Méi yǒu bǎ nǐ zhào gù hǎo
骄傲 是脆弱的外表
Jiāo ào shì cuì ruò de wài biǎo
Zuì pà wǒ de xīn nǐ bù yào

能不能继续 对我哭 对我笑 对我好
Néng bù néng jì xù duì wǒ kū duì wǒ xiào duì wǒ hǎo
继续让我 为你想 为你疯 陪你老
Jì xù ràng wǒ wèi nǐ xiǎng wèi nǐ fēng péi nǐ lǎo
你好不好 好想知道
Nǐ hǎo bù hǎo hǎo xiǎng zhī dào
Bié jí zhe bǎ huí yì dōu diū diào

我只需要你 在身边 陪我吵 陪我闹
Wǒ zhǐ xū yào nǐ zài shēn biān péi wǒ chǎo péi wǒ nào
用好的我 把过去 坏的我 都换掉
Yòng hǎo de wǒ bǎ guò qù huài de wǒ dōu huàn diào
好想听到 你坚决说爱我
Hǎo xiǎng tīng dào nǐ jiān jué shuō ài wǒ
Kě xí huí bù qù nà yī miǎo
Nǐ hǎo bù hǎo

天知道 我快要受不了
Tiān zhī dào wǒ kuài yào shòu bù liǎo
Hòu huǐ zuān jìn xīn lǐ shāo
拥抱 再多一次就好
Yǒng bào zài duō yī cì jiù hǎo
Nǐ yào de wǒ dū zuò dé dào

能不能继续 对我哭 对我笑 对我好
Néng bù néng jì xù duì wǒ kū duì wǒ xiào duì wǒ hǎo
继续让我 为你想 为你疯 陪你老
Jì xù ràng wǒ wèi nǐ xiǎng wèi nǐ fēng péi nǐ lǎo
给你的好 还要不要
Gěi nǐ de hǎo hái yào bù yào
Dá àn wǒ què bù gǎn jiē xiǎo

我只需要你 在身边 陪我吵 陪我闹
Wǒ zhǐ xū yào nǐ zài shēn biān péi wǒ chǎo péi wǒ nào
别用离开教我 失去的人最重要
Bié yòng lí kāi jiào wǒ shī qù de rén zuì zhòng yào
别说 你曾经爱过我
Bié shuō nǐ céng jīng ài guò wǒ
Ràng wǒ men huí dào nà yī miǎo
Nǐ hǎo bù hǎo

能不能继续 对我哭 对我笑 对我好
Néng bù néng jì xù duì wǒ kū duì wǒ xiào duì wǒ hǎo
继续让我 为你想 为你疯 陪你老
Jì xù ràng wǒ wèi nǐ xiǎng wèi nǐ fēng péi nǐ lǎo
你好不好 我好想知道
Nǐ hǎo bù wǒ hǎo hǎo xiǎng zhī dào
Bié jí zhe bǎ wǒ de ài diū diào

我只需要你 在身边 陪我吵 陪我闹
Wǒ zhǐ xū yào nǐ zài shēn biān péi wǒ chǎo péi wǒ nào
别用离开教我 失去的人最重要
Bié yòng lí kāi jiào wǒ shī qù de rén zuì zhòng yào
别说 你曾经爱过我
Bié shuō nǐ céng jīng ài guò wǒ
Ràng wǒ men huí dào nà yī miǎo
Nǐ hǎo bù hǎo

Friday, July 22, 2016

A Long Overdue Update and Rant (Naturally)

Sorry for the verrryyyyy long absence! I really wanted to write some stuff here from time to time, but I often find myself too tired to actually do anything productive after work. Not to mention, I always find myself writing here whenever I have some major dilemma or some incident that I just can't stop worrying about. That said, let's just get the rant started!

It has been a whirlwind these few weeks. From an unexpected surprise to my sudden realization that I suck at planning an overseas trip (maybe because I'm still so green behind the ears when it comes to travelling overseas), I've been getting these incredible headaches (I'm still getting it at the mo'), fatigue and immense stress... to the point where my memory completely turned into Swiss cheese and I actually forgot to brew my daily cup of tea... something that I've been doing for more than a year since I started my job... for more than a week!

I'll just be waking up, getting ready, switch on the computer and go straight to work. My off times are often used to worry about all the stuff that I had to delay or ignore due to a fiasco of planning stuff. It's just crazy! It's THAT bad until the phrase "being overwhelmed" becomes an understatement. It's a wonder I haven't had a mental breakdown yet... hmm, wait a sec, I think I might have actually... I went into full-blown panic mode for 2 days when I was worrying about the Visa. LOL

Sigh, actually, if I really think about it, I hadn't had a "normal" (low stress) working month since April. So generally, these 4 months of stress would probably reduced my lifespan by a few years... lol. The stress is not going away anytime soon though either.

Sometimes, I honestly don't understand why people don't just do what they are supposed to do. It's not like I don't treat them well - at least that's what I think. I've helped them when they asked for it and even sometimes when they don't (but it's pretty obvious that they needed help)... to the point when one of them actually told me that I've helped her more than she deserved.

Why is it so difficult for some people to understand the concept of "I help you, you help me"? It's pretty much a win-win situation if they do. Everybody gets to go home happy. It's really simple, people!

It's not just people and work though - I'm also under pressure because my main tool for earning my monthly wages is causing some unnecessary problems for me. Admittedly, I haven't exactly been treating it well - just take a look at the tabs I have open within these 2 weeks where I'm doing a crazy ton of "Google Research". I dare say at peak times, I probably have like 40 tabs open spread across 3 or 4 different browser windows along with a running Photoshop, Skype, some "pending" word docs and notepads, and maybe around 3-4 windows explorer. I'm practically torturing my computer lol. Thank goodness I've upgraded its RAM last year.

Of course, I also have some personal plans that I can't seem to put into motion maybe due to the insane amount of hours I'm putting into my work at the moment. Even when I'm supposed to be "off" work, I'll be planning the things I have to do tmr - just to get all those plans shattered into brilliant tiny pieces - and I'll just be like "winging" it the best I can. Seriously, sometimes I feel like my life's out of control right now. There are just so many stuff to think of, to consider, and (let's not forget about this) to worry about. If you have yet to meet a worry wart... well, congrats, you've just met!~

Anyway, I'll need to head to the shops to collect my stuff tomorrow, conduct a short (second) training session, send emails, activate stuff, write stuff, and make sure my team has a well-stocked list of stuff to do.... all of these when I'm supposed to be off work tomorrow. What's the point of replacing my working Friday to a Sunday if I'm just going to work on Friday anyways? Haiz...well, till we meet again then!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Chester See - You're Not the One


I've never been
So sure of anything
You're next to me
I finally feel complete
I know for sure
You're all I'll ever need
And I'll never stop..

Loving you more with each breath that you take
This promise that I never will break
For you..... 

You're not the one
Coz you don't wanna be
I might have chosen you
But you chose differently
You might make me feel whole
I don't make you complete
I will grow old with you
But you've grown tired of me
You're not the one
Coz you don't wanna be

So I'll let you go
As hard as it is for me
I'll never know
This was supposed to be
If you're ever alone
I hope that you think of me
Coz I'll never stop...

Loving you more with each breath that I take
This feeling inside never changed
For you....

But you're not the one
Coz you don't wanna be
I might have chosen you
But you chose differently
You might make me feel whole
But I don't make you complete
I will grow old with you
But you've grown tired of me
You're not the one
Coz you don't wanna be

If you ever feel the way that I do
I hope that it feels the same way too
Coz I only want
What is best for you
And I hope he gets on one knee
Just wishing it could have been me

You're not the one
Coz you don't wanna be
I might have chosen you
But you chose differently
You might make me feel whole
But I don't make you complete
I will grow old with you
But you've grown tired of me
You're not the one
Coz you don't wanna be

"One of the easiest lyrics to transcribe so far :)" - S.Y.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit - What It Means for Me

I haven't been writing for quite some time, but this issue has really prompted me to start writing again.. hilarious, right?

Anyway, for a citizen of a developing nation who aspire to perhaps one day move to a better place, Brexit comes as a huge blow.

You see... I can't move to the US where people often get massacred because of the lack of gun control and the impending political mayhem.

I can't go to Europe now, especially when Brexit is causing a major political and economical turmoil over there... Some are calling now Brexit a "DIY recession"... lol...

I really don't want to go to Australia because of the prevalence of melanoma and the rip in the ozone layer.

Anywhere in the Middle East, Africa or South America is not sufficiently safe...

Sigh, what has the world turned into?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How Dark is Your Personality?

According to BBC, this quiz is inspired by real psychological research... so here goes! :)

If you want to take this test, here's the link:
(wait a few seconds after clicking the link and then click Skip Ad at the top right corner of the screen)

Machiavellianism "the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct".

Narcissism - excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance.

Psychopathy - is traditionally defined as a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior.


So, what's your result? :) Feel free to share them in the discussion comments below and we can all be "infrequently vile" to each other :P

For more 'tests' such as this one, feel free to check out my other posts:

Dig or Die review, tips and walkthrough

Right, a 3-in-1 combo - let's get right to it shall we?

This game reminds me a lot of Minecraft in many ways. After all, the game seems to be based on Minecraft. However, I like the twist the game provides and definitely the faster mining speed.

The crafting part seems a bit lacking though.


1. Where to find what?

  • Blue flower 
This flower can only be found on the continent on your leftmost. It is tricky to reach there though, as you'll need to construct a platform at the very edge of the the continent you are on and leap across... with the help of your shotgun acting as a propellant of course.
One of the types of bridges you can build to get to the other side. I used something quite different though. Either way, as long as it works - it works :)
But before you attempt anything, just remember to press F5 to quick save your progress before you took that "leap of faith".
  • Gaz
The third crafting machine will require the ore Gaz which can only be found on the continent your wrecked spaceship was on. Jump around while you're on the surface to spot any floating islands, then construct a tower that can bring you to the top. Use the best construction block you have - which would probably be reinforced concrete blocks.
You'll need lots of them (both blocks and Gaz) so be sure to collect or craft as many as you can.
  • White flower
This is perhaps the easiest "rare" object to collect. Head east (right) to a very tall mountain, climb to the very top, and collect all the white flowers.
  • Copper 
You can first get them by collecting scrap metals and converting them to copper. However, once you have your level 2 resource harvesting gun, you can mine for them underground. There are loads, so don't worry.
  • Coal 
You can mine for them using a level 2 resource harvesting gun. Found in the underground zone in between the copper and the aluminium. However, sometimes, especially when you get to the deeper areas, you can find all 3 resources together.
  • Aluminium
Found only in the deepest areas of the underground. Will require a level 3 resource harvesting gun.

Harvesting aluminium
  • Black Tiger Fish Skin
Another pretty tough-to-collect item and you'll need to take a "drop of faith" this time around. Dig your way to the very bottom where the bottom part of the map seems to drop off into an abyss or a very wide chasm. This is in fact the cavern at the very bottom where you can find the Black Tiger fish you need.
As usual, press F5 before taking that fall (just in case), but basically, you should find yourself dropped into an underground ocean. Kill as many fishes as you need to grab 10 skins, construct a sturdy tower to bring you up caves again. Be sure to bring along lots of reinforced concrete blocks or at least enough materials to craft these blocks.
Or... you could just set up a teleporter near to your base and bring along another teleporter for use when you drop down into the flooded caverns.
    • Gems - red and blue
    The yellow fireflies drop blue gems; the red fireflies drop either a red or a blue gem, while the blue fireflies drop blue gems. Not 100% drop rate.
    • Tooth
    You can get them by killing the wolves. Like Gems, it's not a 100% drop so you might need to farm a bit.
    • Spiked Skin
    You can get these by killing the porcupines in the game. Like Gems and Tooth, it's not a 100% drop so you might need to farm a bit.
    • Wood - they are everywhere on the surface
    2. Never leave your crafting machines behind. Bring them along with you at ALL times. After all you don't exactly have an inventory limit, so why bother trying to save space?

    3. Always gather more resources than what you expect you'll need. You'll never know, right?

    4. Reserved for future addition.....

    I've completed the game pretty quickly despite having an OCD that forces me to collect every ore vein that I see even though I already have hundreds of them.

    Also, I'll try to get screenshots and put them up later on - just so you know where you can find the stuff you need :)

    Sunday, May 15, 2016

    Panic! At the Disco's Music Video Trilogy

    Yes, I've "coined" a new term - "Music Story" :)

    Music Story (noun) refers to a series of related music or music videos that tell a complete story when combined. :)

    Part 1: Panic! At the Disco: Say Amen (Saturday Night)

    That high note though! Hahah...

    Story: He stole the Devil's key that apparently a lot of people were after. The whole video basically involved him beating a ton of bad guys up in the most gruesome ways, but at the end, he was blindsided by a pretty hook-up and was left barely alive by his "girlfriend".

    Part 2: Panic! At the Disco: This is Gospel


    Story: He ended up in the emergency ward of a hospital where he struggled with his doctors who were all trying to save him, but the thing is - he doesn't want to be saved. In the end, he won the battle and went into "the light".

    Part 3: Panic! At the Disco: Emperor's New Clothes

    Story: He went into the light, thinking he might get through the pearly gates of heaven, but the ground opened up beneath him and he fell to hell. Here, he completed the transformation into the devil... possibly because he stole the "Devil's key" (refer to the first video)

    Sunday, April 24, 2016

    Common European Framework (CEF) of Reference for Languages - English Test

    So on whim, I've decided to take an online English Test... and well, I've managed to obtain the "highest" (seems like a lot of people can get this rather easily... odd, ain't it?) rather quickly.

    Funny thing is that the website compares my score with IELTS' Band 9 (highest score). I nearly choked on my drink. I've known people - lots in fact - who I believe has a higher English level than me, but apparently they could only get a Band 7 for IELTS. So, I reckon the comparison is pretty much bogus. 

    Anyway, despite all of these problems, the test is pretty challenging, especially when you tried to complete the test as quickly as you can. Do give it a try and see how you rank :)

    Link to test:
    (Wait for a few seconds after clicking the link and then click Skip Ad)

    My CEF Score:


    The capacity to deal with material which is academic or cognitively demanding, and to use language to good effect at a level of performance which may in certain respects be more advanced than that of an average native speaker.

    Example: Can scan texts for relevant information, and grasp main topic of text, reading almost as quickly as a native speaker.
    (Wait for a few seconds after clicking the link and then click Skip Ad)

    Time Taken: 2 min 38 secs

    Like I've said, the time's important because it seems everyone with good enough English can get C2 rather easily, and also, some people might just google for the answers (but their Time Taken will suffer as a result).

    DISC Personality Test

    Fun stuff :P

    If you're interested to take the test yourself, here's the link to the site:
    (Simply click "Skip Ad" after waiting the required few seconds)

    General description

    - Describes the way you deal with problems, assert yourself and control situations.

    - Describes the way you deal with people, the way you communicate and relate to others.

    - Describes your temperament - patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness

    - Describes how you approach and organize your activity, procedures and responsibilities.

    My Score


    You act in an assertive, diplomatic way and strive for a stable, ordered life.
    You are goal orientated but tend to avoid risk taking.
    You handle pressure well - you push yourself and expect others to do the same.
    Apparently, the website doesn't tell you whether your score is considered "comparatively high" or "comparatively low" so I just guessed the results... lol. Though, in comparison to the other percentages, my Influence score is considered as quite low? :P

    Dominance - Comparatively High 

    • enjoy competition and challenge.
    • are goal orientated and want to be recognised for their efforts.
    • aim high, want authority and are generally resourceful and adaptable.
    • are usually self-sufficient and individualistic.
    • may lose interest in projects once the challenge has gone and they tend to be impatient and dissatisfied with minor detail.
    They are usually direct and positive with people, enjoying being the centre of attraction and may take it for granted that people will think highly of them. 

    They may have a tendency to be rather critical of others. Consequently, other people may tend to see them as being rather domineering and overpowering.

    Influence - Comparatively Low
    • are usually socially passive.
    • quite frequently have an affinity for things, machinery and equipment.
    • are generally comfortable working alone.
    • frequently have a tendency to be analytical and once they have sorted the facts out they communicate them in a straightforward direct way.
    • tend to take little at face value.
    They may well have learned and developed good social skills but they only bring these into play when logic dictates such tactics.

    Steadiness - Comparatively Low
    • tend to enjoy change and variety in their work and non-work life.
    • are expansive by nature and tend not to like routine and repetitive work/activities.
    They enjoy stretching themselves intellectually and physically.

    Compliance - Comparatively High

    • are usually peaceful and adaptable.
    • tend not to be aggressive.
    • tend to be cautious rather than impulsive.
    • avoid risk-taking.
    • act in a tactful, diplomatic way and strive for a stable, ordered life.
    • are comfortable following procedures in both their personal and business life.
    They prefer sticking to methods that have proved successful in the past. They have a high acceptance of rules and regulations.

    A General DISC Guideline for Content Writers - Since I'm one :)

    Content Writer: Content writers require more of a balanced DISC score than do webmasters or programmers. Content writers will be working very closely with you and interpreting your ideas into creative writing. A high "I " score accounts for creativity and a moderate "S" score should satisfy communication requirements. In order for your business to be viewed as credible, your content should be free of spelling and grammatical errors, making "C" an important score as well. It is important for a content writer to conform to your needs, as a result, the strong-willed "D" score may not be as requisite.

    Suggested Scoring for Content Writers:
    Highest Score: "I" - creative, emotional (ability to think like consumer).
    Second Highest Score: "C" - professional and clean in writing (free of basic spelling and grammatical errors) and be analytical in their ideas.
    Third Highest Score: "S" - open to communicating and willing to adjust to your needs and the needs of the consumers.
    Lowest Score: "D"- Some self-starting tendencies and confidence are necessary.


    Friday, April 15, 2016

    Claire Kuo - Don't Make Me Cry

    I've translated the "old Mandarin" most lyrics websites provide into simplified Mandarin and coupled it with pinyin (My Mandarin unfortunately sucks, hence the need for pinyin hehe). Enjoy! :)

    Claire Kuo - 惹哭我

    Nǐ de wēnróu huà pò wǒ de shāngkǒu
    xiānhóngle zhěng piàn yèkōng
    xuànlàn kāi bùliǎo kǒu de xīntòng
    wǒ de yíhuò dài wǒ wújìn de zhuìluò
    láibují jiě kāi de suǒyǒu chénmò
    zhōngyú chénmò

    céngjīng yǒngyǒuguò wù chuǎngguò bǐcǐ de mèng
    wèi bǐcǐ huīhuò
    mèng xǐngle wǒmen zhàn zài zìyóu de lùkǒu
    bùzhī suǒ cuò

    líkāi wǒ fàng kāi wǒ bié rě kū wǒ
    chāichuān wǒ ruǎnruò
    zhuāng shīluò zhuāng sǎtuō hǎohǎo fēnshǒu
    jiù dāng wǒ yǒu cuò
    shénme shuí àiguò shuí shāngguò zǒu dào zuìhòu
    dōu shì yīchǎngkōng
    huī yī huīshǒu huī bié chéngnuò bù qiú nǐ dǒng
    zhǐ qiú nǐ bié rě kū wǒ

    nǐ de nánguò xiànzài wèile shénme
    cánliú dì nà diǎn tǎntè
    shì bùshì zhèngmíng zhēn de àiguò
    wǒ de wúdòngyúzhōng
    lěngmò dé yǐnyǐn zuòtòng
    zuì hěn de dàobié zhōngyú shuō chūkǒu
    jiù bié zài liánluò

    céngjīng yǒngyǒuguò wù chuǎngguò bǐcǐ de mèng
    wèi bǐcǐ huīhuò
    mèng xǐngle wǒmen zhàn zài zìyóu de lùkǒu
    bùzhī suǒ cuò

    líkāi wǒ fàng kāi wǒ bié rě kū wǒ
    chāichuān wǒ ruǎnruò
    zhuāng shīluò zhuāng sǎtuō hǎohǎo fēnshǒu
    jiù dāng wǒ yǒu cuò
    shénme shuí àiguò shuí shāngguò zǒu dào zuìhòu
    dōu shì yīchǎngkōng
    huī yī huīshǒu huī bié chéngnuò bù qiú nǐ dǒng
    zhǐ qiú nǐ bié rě kū wǒ

    nà shíhòu xìngfú ràng rén chàndǒu
    zhuǎnyǎnguò zhǐ shèng jìmò hěn dé bù fàngshǒu

    bùrú líkāi wǒ fàng kāi wǒ bié rě kū wǒ
    chāichuān wǒ ruǎnruò
    zhuāng shīluò zhuāng sǎ tuō hǎohǎo fēnshǒu
    jiù dāng wǒ yǒu cuò
    shénme shuí àiguò shuí shāngguò zǒu dào zuìhòu
    dōu shì yīchǎngkōng
    huī yī huīshǒu huī bié chéngnuò bù qiú nǐ dǒng
    zhǐ qiú nǐ bié rě kū wǒ

    Wednesday, March 30, 2016

    Other Ways to Say...

    Found this on Facebook and well, being a writer, knowing more than 1 way to express something is very important, so I'm "keeping" it here for easy reference :P


    Friday, March 25, 2016

    FIX: Could not connect to Steam network error

    To cut a long story short, if your internet connection is not blocked in any way (such as by your ISP or your computer firewall), I've found 2 ways that work so far.

    The first way worked once and then it didn't, while the other... well, let's just say that's a work in progress. I'll need to check again tomorrow to see if this 2nd Fix is more permanent than the first method.

    Method 1

    1. Go to Program Files OR Program Files (x86) -------- Steam ---------- delete the "userdata" folder OR if you like, you could rename or shift it to the desktop or something as backup
    2. Restart Steam

    Method 2 (Update: It's a permanent fix... yay!)

    1. Go to Run (Start Menu --------- Run OR right click on "Start Menu" and then "Run")
    2. Type in steam://flushconfig and press Enter
    3. The flushing managed to boot up my Steam and I finally was able to log in.

    Hopefully, these methods help! I'll see if I can get more methods in short of reinstalling Steam, which you could try as well.

    Have fun gaming! :)

    Tuesday, March 22, 2016

    What are the signs that you are wasting your life?

    Take a screenshot from Quora since I find it meaningful in a way :)

    I just love prowling around on Quora, there are so many interesting people there sharing their experience.... some of which are experiences that I will probably not be able to get - such as being a forensic scientist with the police force heh :P 

    If you love reading about things.... any meaningful or helfpul stuff, Quora is definitely one of the places to go to. It's amazing what you can learn there!