Friday, April 29, 2011

Lots of new interests and disappointments

Well, let's start off with the bright cheery side shall we?

New interests:

Lost of new interesting stuff happened lately, ranging from new songs to listen to and to the recently flash flood that had happened right in front of my eyes! But the main thing I will talk about here is my trip back home during the study leave and the hours of gaming with and giving gaming counsellings to my bro. Yes, gaming is now that important in my life - it's actually one of the links between my own brother and I... darn, this is getting bad isn't it?

But, wow, where should I start? I helped him out with some BoE gear, got him his long-hungered for motorbike (in-game) and gave him tips on how not to suck xD I get to show off my stuff and gear too!

Also, on the IRL side, I get my wisdom tooth number 2 pulled out (Finally! lol) and although I had to get like 3 anesthetic shots to numb it just enough to not hurt that much - it still hurt but not much. In the end, I had a dizzy head and a weak body when I get home lol.

Ahh, and dad's special fish stuffed with asam chilli... mouth-smacking delicious! And having my mum fussing over me.. the joys of being home! :P

Well, to start off, I have noticed that I have spent way too much time on WoW... yes I know I'm addicted and I need to get help but I'm still not actively finding help... The worst thing is that after gaming so long and neglecting my studies, I still don't feel very bad about it (well, I do but I just tell myself that 'you have that coming' and just move on, which is actually a bad thing).

I had just, I think, flunked a final exam paper. Yes, you have not heard wrongly... I have never flunked one and this is my first and I am not feeling very bad about it and am still thinking of gaming after I get back home... ughhhh. WTH?!

Secondly, although I have long knew this, but I have just confirmed it with NatGeo's sleep deprivation test - I am rather seriously sleep deprived (Quiz here: I have been sleeping between 5 hrs or less everyday and seeing how my studying is going on for finals, I may need to cut that down even more. But I do take naps - 2 hr naps! - that resulted in me having a very tired feeling and am even more unwilling to study.

The cause of this sleep deprivation? The main one is gaming! Again, WoW is ruining my life but I dunno... I don't feel like giving it up yet - though I do doubt, at times, my ability to give it up. There are some other causes such as watching movies/ series, insomnia (sometimes), late supper, song listening, facebooking, reading online articles etc.

I really need to get my life back in shape by getting back all the sleep that I need and I have to cut down on the naps. This is weeks of sleep deprivation I'm talking about, it may take months to get them back. >.< Also, if I can't game at night anymore, I can't game during the day (lousy net line during the day) - I can effectively reduce or stop my gaming sessions... am I ready to take that step? ... um, well....when I'm too sleep deprived maybe. Haiz, I still want to play but I want to sleep as well. I can't get the best of both worlds so I'll have to choose and although to most people it may be an easy question, to me it is hard as hell. I'll have to think about it (<- avoiding the subject again... haiz)

Gah, I'm feeling awfully tired right now. I'll need to get some sleep. Nite guys!