Monday, April 9, 2018

How to fix Error Code bX-kz3dl6 on Blogger/ Blogspot

Error code bX-kz3dl6

It's a really easy fix and Blogger should have just let you know about this but they didn't zzz....

Anyway, if you encounter this error, all you need to do is to go to your blog's website (not the Blogger console) and then simply Sign In (top right corner of the website).

You're done! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Roblox Egg Hunt 2018: How to Find All the Eggs in The Grand Library/ Ruined Library and Any World

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Ruined Library

1. Inkwell Egg

Inkwell Egg

Location: At the end of a series of jumping puzzles

How to get: Complete the series of jumping puzzles to get to the Inkwell Egg and the wooden ladder which will help you continue the storyline.

Note that you can do wall jumps and double jumps, and that you can use the zipline this time around.

P/S: Click on the pictures to enlarge

The Grand Library

1. Feathered Fabergegg

Feathered Faberegg
Location: The Grand Library, right after you get teleported to Booker once Aymor is defeated

How to get: Go to the place where you got the Inkwell Egg, head down the stairs and you'll get the Feathered Fabergegg! *P/S: I think you have to first get all the other eggs first, except for DIY, Eggmin, Eggfection and Fifteam Egg.

Here's how:

Any World

1. Eggfection

Location: Any world

How to get: Somehow, I got this simply by logging in to Undernest. Maybe it's a "log in for two days in a row" thing?

2. D.I.Y. Egg

Location: Any world

How to get: Collect all crayons across all worlds and the paper bag at the Grand Library. You'll need to have defeated Aymor too.

Where is the paper bag?
The Grand Library
From Booker's position (facing him), go up the spiral staircase on the right. There should be a girl called Sally at the very end. Talk to her to start the quest. The paper bag is nearby as well.

Where are all the crayons?
Wonderland Grove
- Found 1 in the maze. Go on the other path (don't retrace your steps) after coming out of the place with the King of Hearts. It's in a little niche in the maze.
- Found 1 on one of the branches of the tree where the Queen's tea party is held
- Found 1 more near the blue fountain (I think)

Easterbury Canals
- Found 1 behind the ice cream shop
- 1 in the underwater tunnel near to the chocolate factory
- 1 near the top of the building you spawned right next to. You can use the nearby lamp post as a boost to jump to the top.

Hardboiled City
- Found 1 when collecting Golden Eggs at Sunnyside Heights, just opposite the police station
- Found 1 by climbing the construction frame at Capon Yards
- Found 1 by climbing to the top of the theater at Fritatta Square 

Ruins of Wookong
- Found 1 underneath the temple. There's an entrance under the stairs just opposite the blue pool. Go in and turn right
- Found 1 at the ledge near to the three-waterfalls. The ledge is on the left if you're facing the waterfalls
- Found 1 more inside a house on the right of the three-waterfalls. The house should have a ring of golden eggs on top of it

- Found 1 inside a cage right in the middle. Go to the place where there are miners and cross the wooden bridge near to a smaller spiderweb into the cage. There should be a metal frame that you can climb up to the very top.
- Found 1 by jumping off the very cage you found the first crayon in. You should see a railway track right under you. Follow it to the end and you should see a cluster of homes. The crayon is in the cage right above these homes.
- Found the last 1 on the little isle where you put the 4 treasured eggs on the pedestal. Look for a skeleton bird that's just standing there. There is a cave right above it. Inside you will find the crayon

How to find all 3 crayons in Undernest for the D.I.Y. Egg

3. Eggmin 2018

The Eggmin... finally!

Location: Any world, but you'll have the most luck in the Grand Library. Just keep switching servers until you find one where someone who has an Eggmin launcher is doing some "giveaways"

How to get: Beg an admin for the egg? :P

Okay, in honesty, I didn't need to beg... simply follow someone who has an Eggmin launcher discreetly at a distance, but begging works sometimes as well :P

4. Fifteam Egg

After a couple of frustrating hours... the Fifteam egg! =D
Location: Any world

How to get: First, you'll need to talk to Mr Roblox in the Egg Society Arcade in Capon Yards, Hardboiled City. There, he will tell you to collect 11 puzzle pieces.

- Found 1 right under the docks at Capon Yards. You will have to jump into the water near to the ramp leading down towards the docks. This ramp is located near to the construction frame in Capon Yards.

- Head to Festival of Eggs, get a plane and fly really high up (you do that from the little airstrip with 2 planes on it - a red one and a green one). You should see a little isle with a cactus on it floating in the sky. The puzzle piece is right on top of the cactus.

- You will find another puzzle piece near the spawning point at The Grand Library. It's near to the chandeliers (where the April's Fool egg appeared) so you'll need to do some jumping. 

- In Wonderland Grove, there's a blue house with a checkered wall behind it. Just go through the wall (through the black square at the bottom) and you will get another puzzle piece.

- In Merlin's Swamp, find the mountain with the ragged grey mountain (it should be near to the place where you find the gloves for your armor) and follow the path until the very end. Among one of the pillars, you should find your next puzzle piece.

- For the puzzle piece in Easterbury Canals, you just need to head to the chocolate factory and jump to the ledge under a big pipe.
You have to redo the Treasured Cuisine Egg quest until the part where you have to deliver the subzero ice cream to the overheating machine. Once you enter the factory floor, look top-left and you should see a room. Jump to that room and go to the very end. The puzzle piece might be there.

- In Stein's Basement, the puzzle piece is right behind the small room (containing 4 vats) in the middle-end of the lab.

- In Ruins of Wookong, you'll need to head over to the Stonehenge and through the lady explorer's camp (the place where you'll jump up to the Return to the Rabbit portal). Go across the wooden bridge to the monkey forest. The second hole/trap in the ground (right after the bridge) houses the next puzzle piece. It can be tricky to jump into the little tunnel as you fall through though - use your umbrella!

- In Return of the Rabbit, once you get into the arena, jump up to the top. You can find the puzzle piece on one of the corners of the platform where the green-shirt hero is caged. You need to actually go to the corner to spot it.

- In Undernest, head left right after the wooden bridge and you should reach a place where there's a tunnel. Don't go into the tunnel! Instead, look to your right (while facing the tunnel) and look up. You should see a whitish-colored ledge. This is where you'll need to hop into to get your puzzle piece.

- Then, go to Blizzard Valley, find and jump into the box of toy turtles. The puzzle piece is hidden inside.

- Lastly, turn in all the pieces to Mr Roblox at the Egg Society, Capon Yards in Hardboiled City. Go into the portal and run through an obstacle course in a place called Fractured Space. The obby can be pretty insane though but at the end, you can find the egg in the castle.

How to get all the puzzle pieces for the teleport to Fractured Space which will lead you to the Fifteam Egg:

Here's a tutorial/walkthrough with shortcuts to help you go through the obby and get the Fifteam Egg:

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Roblox Egg Hunt 2018: How to Find the Presegg in Blizzard Valley

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Blizzard Valley

Where: The Undernest, keep going right (take the right-side path) after spawn and when you see a huge skeleton bird hovering quite near to the top of a small hill with steps, you should see the portal right at the top.

1. Presegg

Location: Inside Scrooge's workshop. Talk to Scrooge himself.

How to get: Help Scrooge deliver presents by shooting the presents from his sleigh into chimneys.

The trick here is not to aim too much since there are houses on both sides of the sleigh you'll need to do. Instead, like paintball, shoot a series of wide shots and hope one of the presents will get into the chimney. Don't worry about running out of ammo (presents). You can press R to reload once all the presents you shot disappeared.

Here's a video walkthrough/ tutorial for the Presegg:

All guides/ walkthrough for Roblox's 2018 Egg Hunt: The Great Yolktales

Monday, April 2, 2018

Roblox Egg Hunt 2018: How to Find the Super Egg in the Return of the Rabbit

P/S: Click on the picture to enlarge

Return of the Rabbit

1. Super Egg

Super Egg
Location: Return of the Rabbit. The portal is above the lady explorer who has a camp near to the monkey forest.

How to get: This requires some serious wall jumps, but the rest is pretty easy. When you first get there, keep trying to roll/run through the door. After a while, you'll in.

Now, a laser will start shooting at you and mini rabid rabbits will swarm you. Use your left mouse button to shoot lasers back at the mini rabbits to fill up your energy meter. Once done, take a look above and find the turret you are supposed to be charging.

You should see two blue-lit paths up to the turret. Either one will work just fine, but you may need to alternate between them just to avoid taking too much damage by the rabbit swarm.

The trick to jumping is to NOT only use double jumps - use a single jump when necessary. Always start the jump on the wall without the ledge for easier jumping.

Also, I personally find that zooming out (to the maximum) helps a lot.

Once you're at the top, simply run over to the square on the ground and fill it up. Go back down and shot some more rabbits to completely fill up the turret. When the turret's ready, you should see an option to activate it (left click).

Repeat this for all 3 turrets and you'll get the Super Egg!

Here's a video walkthrough/ tutorial on how to get the Super Egg:

All guides/ walkthrough for Roblox's 2018 Egg Hunt: The Great Yolktales

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Roblox Egg Hunt 2018: How to Find the Egg Hunt 2013 Sugar Egg in the Festival of Eggs

P/S: Click on the picture to enlarge

Festival of Eggs

1. Egg Hunt 2013 Sugar Egg

Egg Hunt 2013 Sugar Egg
Location: Festival of Eggs, the book portal is at the rooftops of Hardboiled City

How to get: In summary? Talk to Bobby at the stage to get the quest, then talk to Karen. She will tell you to collect 22 tickets to get the guitar for Bobby. Once done, give the guitar to Bobby and then he will ask you to light 8 confetti cannons which are all marked in red. After you're done, go back to Bobby to get your egg!

Here's a video walkthrough/ tutorial:

All guides/ walkthrough for Roblox's 2018 Egg Hunt: The Great Yolktales

Roblox Egg Hunt 2018: How to Find All the Eggs in Stein's Basement

P/S: Click on the pictures to enlarge

Stein's Basement

1. Mad Scientist Egg

Mad Scientist Egg
Location: Stein's Basement

How to get: Trap the experimental rat in a cage. To do this, you'll need to run to any square tile on the floor and wait there for the rat to come to you. Do this for all the square tiles in the room and you'll get the egg!

Here's a video walkthrough/tutorial:

All guides/ walkthrough for Roblox's 2018 Egg Hunt: The Great Yolktales