Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A List of All the Free Premium Google Play Games for December 2018

There has been tons of giveaways on GooglePlay every month and I thought I should help you all "cheapskate" gamers (wink wink) list out all of these games so it's a lot easier for you to search for them and claim them for your Google account.

Note that you can claim a premium game without needing to install it on your phone. Here's the guide:

Alright, it's giveaway time... here goes! :)

P/S: Use Ctrl+F to search for the game/dates. Giveaways that are expired will be archived at the end of the post.

All dates listed are approximation (don't wait until the very last minute to claim these free games!) and is based on the time zone, GMT+8.


1. Live or Die: Survival Pro

Claim your free game before: Dec 12

2. My Little Princess: Wizard

Claim your free game before: Dec 13

3. Demong Hunter VIP - Action RPG

Claim your free game before: Dec 18

4. Hills Legend HD

Claim your free game before: Dec 16

5. Gold Miner Vegas: Nostalgic Arcade Game

Claim your free game before: Dec 12

6. Monkey GO Happy

Claim your free game before: Dec 12

7. Galaxy Warrior Classic

Claim your free game before: Dec


Claim your free game before: Dec



How to Get Free Steam Keys (Legit Methods Only)

I'll just come right out and admit - I'm a huge sucker for free games and I'm a cheapskate when it comes to games. I'm willing to wait years just so I can get the games at a massive discount - one example is when I waited for 2 years to get Tom Clancy's The Division... at a 75% discount :)

Anyway, we're not talking about getting games for cheap, right? It's the free ones that we want to grab. Now, I've done some scouring around and I've found some other ways you can get free Steam Keys.

Granted that many of the games aren't exactly tripleA stuff, there are still tons of excellent indie titles among the offering. Do take a look!

1. AccidentallyReviewed Group

I stumbled on the AccidentallyReviewed group while searching for an unknown mobile phone number... weird, right?

Anyway, this group gives away free game keys for Steam and also some other sites from time to time.

According to the group page, they have over 3000 keys to give though if you're a "taker" and not so much of a "giver", then you can only grab up to 4 keys per week... still a pretty good deal since you literally have to give nothing away.

For more popular games, the admins of the group will organize a raffle that you can participate in and, if you're lucky, win yourself a key.

The only condition when claiming these free game keys is that you have to claim them for your own Steam account and NOT give them to a friend or sell them for some cash. You'll be risking a ban if you are caught doing so.

Also, your Steam account must be level 5 and above, AND it must be a public account.

How can you start claiming your free keys? Well, it's easy - just follow the instructions on the group page (add one of the admins/mods as a friend and send them a PM) and you're good to go.

2. SteamGifts

SteamGifts is more of raffle site for Steam keys and naturally, the chances of getting a key can be quite low... it all depends on how many participants per raffle, really.

It has a really nice system set up and everything's clearly explained in its FAQ, but what you really need to know is 1. Contributor level (which may bar you from certain giveaways) 2. Points (currency that you use to enter raffles) and 3. The T&C

1. Contributor level
To put it simply, you need a high Contributor level to qualify for better raffles. You can increase your contributor level by giving away games, and you can give away games by organizing your own raffle. Once the winner of your raffle marked your gift as "Received", then you'll earn your level points.

Contributor value is a number that estimates the value of your giveaways within our community. When you give away a game, and the winner marks your gift as "Received", the value of the game is added to your contributor value.

2. Points
They are like currency on SteamGifts. You will need them if you want to enter a raffle. The better the raffle reward, the more points you'll need.

You'll earn 6 points passively every 15 minutes up to a maximum of 400 points, so be sure to spend them!

3. T&C
Games that you've won must be redeemed in the same Steam account you used to sign up on SteamGifts. If not, you will definitely risk getting banned.

Also, to sign up for an account in SteamGifts, your Steam account needs to be worth around $100 from buying non-bundled games. Free-to-play games don't count either. You can check the entire list of bundled games here:

3. Giveaways from Steam or sites like Humble Bundle

This is pretty much self-explanatory. There are many sites out there on the internet that can help you keep track of freebies from these places. You can also sign up for the newsletter from Humble Bundle.

Do note that these giveaways usually last for a very limited time only so you actually need to be quick!

Notable mentions

Free trial sites:
- Gamesessions
- Big Fish Games

That's all for now, but don't worry! I'll be on the lookout for legit sites and places where you can get some free games. Enjoy!