Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shocking... really shocking

It's rather shocking to suddenly found out, yesterday, that, during my 10+ reread of the Harry Potter series, my nose was watery.... with blood - MY BLOOD!! I, who thought I was somehow immune to nose bleeds, almost fell from the bed in surprise! (alright, alright, I admit, I was reading while lying on the bed :P)
Luckily , it's just a small amount of blood, nothing too horrifying or anything. And according to the 'family doctors' a.k.a. my parents, it's maybe because of lack of water + high body temperature, and, at that moment, I did feel a little feverish and my mouth felt like saw dust. Well, needless to say, I mmediately took the necessary actions to stop myself from falling ill.
However, I'm still wondering - why at that particular moment i have the nose bleed? I'd been in plenty occasions where I felt those symptoms before but I never had any nose bleed then. What actually caused this thing? I guess, the internet is my friend then xD I'll look it up and post it here later.

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Mixed feelings

I've been criticized lots of time and i tried to ignore most of them, since most of them are not exactly very constructive. However, sometimes, I couldn't help but wondering what is actually wrong. I always did everything (well, almost everything anyway :P) to the best of my current capability - is it not enough? I know i can improve, do it better, but still improvement doesn't come in a blink of the eye. It'll need time and effort - it'll need sacrifices.

For example, my Writing for Science assignment on Nuclear power, it's advantages and disadvantages. I did my research, tried to put the facts in a reader-friendly way, checked through the possible grammatical errors and typed it out (It's a group work, so I didn't do that all on my own though) but why, oh why, did I get such unsatisfying marks from my tutor? Perhaps my style of writing is not that acceptable to my tutor. Still, I definitely need more time to improve on writing factual essays (usually i wrote stories for the essay part in my english exam). But mainly, i don't like the rather accusing stares of my group members.

This is something that I'll have to work out on my own I suppose. Hopefully one day, I'll understand better and will be able to cope with the disappointment that comes after giving your very best and you still failed at your given task.

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How does it feels like being a nocturnal animal when you're not

How does it feels like being a nocturnal animal when you're not? I'll tell you my firsthand experience...
False sense of alertness/ no alertness at all
Awesome headache
Weak limbs
Slow reflexes
Unable to focus
Seems a lil crazy
Like to make 'cold jokes'
Find all thing humorous/ totally lose the homour bone
Staring off into space
Lose train of thoughts easily
Easily felt bored
Feels sleepy/drowsy (what else lol?)
Super headache (did I mentioned this before?)
Can hardly walk (more like dragging the body along)
Have hard of hearing
Eyeballs ache


Original date of publish: November 25, 2008 at 8:11 am

Exams; holidays

Who on earth invented exams I often wonder? It is supposed to help test your level of understanding but now it is just merely generating unnecessary and high-level of stress and frustration.
Well, exams are nearly over anyway and holidays are just around the corner. It is this transition period between exams and holiday that are the most nerve wrecking. You can't wait for holidays and yet you must still study until to the very last minute.
It is strange though, different people react differently when faced with exam stress: some got insomnia, some got extreme headache that just won't go away and some don't even feel the pressure of exam.
Haiz, this is a student's life and we must face it whether we like it or not.

Originakl date of publish: September 18, 2008 at 12:28 pm

Shinedown - Second Chance

My eyes are open wide
By the way I made it through the day
I watch the world outside
By the way I'm leaving out today

I just saw Haley's comet she waved
Said "why you always running in place?
Even the man in the moon disappeared
Somewhere in the stratosphere

Tell my mother, tell my father
I've done the best I can
To make them realize
This is my life
I hope they understand
I'm not angry, I'm just saying
Sometimes goodbye is a second chance

Please don't cry one tear for me
I'm not afraid of what I have to say
This is my one and only voice
So listen close, it's only for today

I just saw Haley's comet she waved
Said "why you always running in place?
Even the man in the moon disappeared
Somewhere in the stratosphere"

Tell my mother, tell my father
I've done the best I can
To make them realize
This is my life
I hope they understand
I'm not angry, I'm just saying
Sometimes goodbye is a second chance

Here is my chance
This is my chance

Tell my mother, tell my father
I've done the best I can
To make them realize
This is my life
I hope they understand
I'm not angry, I'm just saying
Sometimes goodbye is a second chance

Sometimes goodbye
Is a second chance
Is a second chance
Is a second chance

Kris Allen - No Boundaries

Kris Allen - No Boundaries

Seconds hours so many days
You know what you want but how long can you wait
Every moment last forever if you feel you’ve lost your way
What if your chances are already gone
Started believing that I could be wrong
But you give me one good reason
to fight and never walk away

Coz here I am — still holding on!

Every step you climb another mountain
Every breathe its harder to believe

You’ll make it through the pain (or through all your aches and pains)
Weather the hurricane
To get to that one thing

When you think the road is going nowhere
Just when you’ve almost gave up on your dreams
Then take it by the hand and show you that you can

You can go higher
You can go deeper
There are no boundaries
Above and beneath you
B-reak every rule coz there’s nothing between you
and your dreams

Every step you climb another mountain
Every breathe its harder to believe

There were no boundaries
There were no boundaries

With every step you climb another mountain
With every breathe its harder to believe

You take it by the hand
Show you that you can
There were no boundaries

There were no boundaries

There were no boundaries

Rascal Flatts - Feels like today

Rascal Flatts - Feels like today
I Woke up this morning
With this feeling inside me that I can't explain
like a weight that I've carried
Been carried away, away

But I know something is coming
I don't know what it is
But I know it's amazing, you save me
My time is coming
And I'll find my way out of this longest drought...

It feels like today I know
It feels like today I'm sure
It's the one thing that's missin'
The one thing I'm wishin'
Life's sacred blessin' and then
It feels like today
Feels like today

You treat life like a picture
But it's not a moment thats frozen in time
It's not gonna wait
Til you make up your mind, at all

So while this storm is breaking
While there's light at the end of the tunnel
Keep running towards it
Releasing the pressure, that's my heartache
Soon this dam will break

And it feels like today I know,
it feels like today, I'm sure
It's the one thing that's missin'
The one thing you're wishin'
Life's sacred blessin' and then,
It feels like today

Feels like, feels like your life changes
Feels like, feels like your life changes

It's the one thing that's missin'
The one thing you're wishin'
Life's sacred blessin' and then,
It feels like today

Feels like, feels like your life changes
Feels like, feels like your life change

Original date of publish: May 7, 2009 at 10:27 am

Rascal Flatts - Why

It must a been a place so dark, couldn't feel the light

Reachin' for you through that stormy cloud
Now here we are gathered in our little home town
This can't be the way you meant to draw a crowd

Oh why that's what I keep askin'
Was there anything I could have said or done
Oh I had no clue you were masking a troubled soul, god only knows
What went wrong and why you'd leave the stage in the middle of a song

Now in my mind I keep you frozen as a seventeen year old
Rounding third to score the winning run
You always played with passion no matter whta the game
When you took the stage you shined just like the sun

Oh why that's what I keep askin'
Was there anything I could have said or done
Oh I had no clue you were masking a troubled soul, god only knows
What went wrong and why you'd leave the stage in the middle of a song

Now the oak trees are swayin' in the early autumn breeze
The golden sun is shining on my face
The tangled thoughts I hear a mockingbird sing
This old world really ain't that bad a place

Oh why there's no comprehending
And who am I to try to judge or explain
Oh but I do have one burning question
Who told you life wasn't worth the fight
They were wrong, they lied.
Now you're gone, and we cried

Cause it's not like you to walk away in the middle of a song.
Your beautiful song. Your absolutely beautiful song.

"Life is NEVER not worth the fight. I still believe that somehow there must be something good at the end even though I might, at times, sound pessimistic." S.Y.

Original date of publish: April 25, 2009 at 7:13 am

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rascal Flatts - Here Comes Goodbye

i can hear the truck tires comin up
the gravel road
and its not like her to drive that slow
nothing's on the radio
footsteps on the front porch
i hear my doorbell
she usually comes right in
now i can tell

here comes goodbye
here comes the last time
here comes the start of every sleepless night
the first of every tear i'm gonna cry

here comes the pain
here comes me wishin things had never changed
and she was right here in my arms tonight

but here comes.. goodbye

i can hear her say "i love you"
like it was yesterday
and i could see it written on her face
that she had never felt this way

one day i thought i'd see her
with her daddy by her side
and violins would play
"here comes the bride"

but here comes goodbye
here comes the last time
here comes the start of every sleepless night
the first of every tear i'm gonna cry

here comes the pain
here comes me wishin things had never changed
and she was right here in my arms tonight

but here comes goodbye

why does it have to go, from good to gone
before the lights turn on
yeah you're left alone

but here comes goodbye


here comes goodbye
here comes the last time
here comes the start of every sleepless night
the first of every tear i'm gonna cry

here comes the pain
here comes me wishin things had never changed
and she was right here in my arms tonight

but here comes goodbye

"This song is about a daughter losing her father. It's very touching actually and sad. There's no more goodbyes..." S.Y.

Original date of publish: April 14, 2009 at 11:01 am


Some people said that people change when they move from primary school to secondary school. Some change for the best and some for the worse. And until now, I can't seem to understand that whether I have improved or actually deteriorated.

When I'm in primary, I'm not exactly a studious student. I love to play and talk - yep, I'm a major chatterbox when I'm small - until my class teacher had no choice but to position my seat right in a middle of a group of boys, hoping that I would stop talking for once and pay attention. But, haha, I got worse.. I started talking to the boys as well xD The only factor that allow me to get to the top 5 and, sometimes, top 10 in my class is my mother's very persistant and painful way of teaching me to study.

When exams are around the corner, my mother would allow me some time to memorise (we have to memorise a list of words and their defination) before asking me. If I got one wrong, I got a 'nice treat' - a whack on the palm, but she gave me two chances lol. However, with time, I got crafty and decided to write some of the answers on my wooden study table and cover it with my hands. When she asked and I can't recall, I would take a peek - she never knew my secret :P My plan didn't always work though.

But as time passes, I grew up and also right after I got my lousy results for my UPSR. I became overly, or perhaps obssesively conscious of my self-image as well as results. I used to admire those who could get good grades so I modelled myself based on my image of a good person (the fact that I like the subjects - English in sciences and math had too helped a lot). I became a little more hardworking and strive for better results. I did it! I became the top of my class in Form 1 (1B) and 4th in all Form 1 students. I experienced a feeling of satisfaction and also pride in what I had accomplished but yet I'm not completely satisfied - I thought: "There must still be space for me to improve myself. I'll do better next time around."

In the next year, I managed to improve my position - I finally got into the 'elite' group - the top 3! I was proud of my achievements but still I thought: "You definitely could do even better. Keep it up!" I got second in my Form 3 year after a hard year of studying and I've gotten 7 As for my PMR. A rather satisfying result as I always lose out on the Chinese subject - I suck at it.. a lot. And yet, I still strive for better grades.

When I'm in my Form 4 year, finally, I achieved what I've always dreamed of since Form 1 - I'm 1st in my class! I'm so proud of myself (I think my head is starting to get into the clouds now, haha), my parents are proud of my results, my bro.. well, I'm sure he's happy for me, my teachers are very happy too. "Now, I just have this hard job of maintaining this position then." I said to myself.

I fought hard in Form 5 to maintain it - I'm actually having a friendly competition with my best friend and genius - Amelia, who had, truthfully helped me and inspired me to reach greater heights. I can never thank her enough for all her contributions - she's the best! But at the same time, I've heard of her strict father who didn't like her being beaten by someone else - Amelia had hold the 1st position for 3 years in a row now, since Form 1 (I think since her primary school as well!), I felt sad for her and a little guilty, but she didn't seem to mind. We helped each other out as best as we can and yet I emerged victorious in the end - I've maintained my position in Form 5 (And this means a lot of publicity.. sigh*). My SPM results are rather good too and as usual I lose out on BC (got a B3 there..).

And the strange thing is that, I still have this drive to excel even though.. I think it's starting to wear off. I don't know.. it's just that I'm doing stupid mistakes in tests, exams, and I beat myself down hard because of it. I'm starting to realise the importance of keeping good friends and having a wide connection. I need to change! I need my extrovert self back from primary school - but how? I'm so used to doing things alone and in my way (except when I know I can trust the people in my group to do well). I simply know that the small 'me' is locked somewhere in my unconsciousness; I just need to get it out again.

Besides, I'm starting to have this perception of teamwork - it's slow and cumbersome; the bureaucracy (voting and getting outvoted), endless discussions and disagreements. I have this idea that if the assignments are individual works - I might excel in them as well. I can't prove it yet but I still somewhat hold onto this perception. I hope to change this someday.

Besides, I'm also getting very jittery - I keep worrying and panicking over certain issues. It's rather strange as I seem to be able to keep my cool sometimes and yet most of the time, not. I reckon if I continue on like this, I might end up older than I look or end up in an asylum someday >.<

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My ramblings - Take 2

Problems, problems.. they almost never go away and keep piling up, burdening your shoulders and heart knowing that somehow you might never solve some of them in time/ever. Maybe it's just that I'm a born worry-er. I can't stop wiorry about something - I really need a big break someday... or I'll just worry myself to my early grave.
I hate this thing you know - when I am beaten, whether it's by myself or by someone else. I know that for every success there must be a pit fall but why, oh, why must it be now? We can't choose when we're going to run into a pit then what else can we do? Can we avoid it? Sure, if you have seen it before you drop into its depths..
I don't like being the editor/translator of the group. It's really, really lucky I steered my group members away from choosing a famous person from China as our Management assignment's leader or I'll still probably trying to translate some full of old and 'chim' chinese characters articles - I'd rather die... Sigh.
I'm now having a terrible headache. Maybe it's from my over self-criticism, or maybe I'm just emotionally drained. I hate being here, if only I'm at home, I can still get the comfort of my bed and familiar surroundings and family members.
Haiz, I have a 8am class tomorrow and I'm still typing my blog... I've just too many things inside my head and the heavy feeling in my heart - I just can't stand it. Frustrated. Disappointed. Sad. Tired. Perhaps I really should buy a pensive lol. But so far, my pensive is very loud and noisy Linkin Park songs. haha. It's not exactly funny though, hurmph.
Facebook - my new interest.. it's a pity my main blog is all here or I'll probably leave this account to rot. Heh. I have to try to think of a way to convince the lecturer to let us add one important stuff to our assignment tomorrow - problem, is just a problem; there's no use in blaming the source of the problem, I guess.
Web page design is a good and interesting subject but, ya, I won't be re-taking it up anytime time soon after my 3rd semester. Oh, yeah, talking about my 3rd semester, there's just 2 more weeks to go and I'll be free to go home! And then -FINALS- (awww....) and I'm free again for 3 more weeks, to recuperate and get my enthusiasm up for my degree. 3 more years of this - how much longer can I last? Against such terrible unpredictable weather, changes of temperature of situations, of late or early classes, of heavier burdens and having a heavier heart, of emotion turmoils (yeah, it's a part of growing up but it doesn't mean I can't dislike it) and of homesickness... how much longer? Another year is my best bet. >.<

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Left and right, right and left?

I have always had some problems with differentiating left from right. I had to take a few seconds more just to say to myself: "Ok, the hand which is your writing hand is your right hand." It's rather embarrassing but that's that, right? I mean, how the hell could someone with a brain as big as yours can't separate left from right? It's downright humiliating.

This time, however, I actually have to differentiate left and right alignment in my mid-sem web page exam. Perhaps of overconfidence... (well, the previous questions are all very straight-forward and easy) or maybe previous distraction caused by a -1 mark from the Management assignment or perhaps it's just pure unluckiness, I wrote the wrong answer for a particularly easy question and now I feel really stupid and rather disappointed with myself. My Dad told me that overconfidence is one of the things that would be my undoing.

"Keep your confidence level in check, always..." I keep reminding myself but somehow I must have lost my control over it - and it sprang out like a panther, striking anyone within reach and, unfortunately, the only person close enough for it to sink its claws in is me.

Sigh.... What if I just took a longer time to think before I write, maybe I could notice the trick in the question (a rather mean April's Fool trick for those like me), but no... I did not. What if I stayed in the freezing exam hall a little longer, check through my exam papers over and over? Maybe I could spot the mistake in time? I would never know.

How now I wish I could turn back time to undo my very silly mistake. I'll probably never get my wish -I know- but the possibility, no matter how minute it is, is rather tempting.

Some one would wonder how the hell am I going to drive a car with such crippling difficiency in place? I probably take a longer time than most people to turn on the right/left signals. Will I be a cause of accidents because of this? I really hope not.

Well, what's done is done. There's no going back and redoing it again. I have to face this humiliating mistake that I've done and correct it once and for all (I hope I dont need to tie colour ribbons around my wrist/s lol, I usually have my watch to do that for me). If it's unluckiness, then I'll just have to make the best of this and plough through. But if this kind of mistake occurs again sometime in the future, I'll... grr...

*Btw I hate slow internet!!! Man, this place sucks! I'm going to stay at some other private house soon (I hope)..
**When I'm upset, I'll probably make lots of typo mistakes, so forgive me. I'll re-edit asap.

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Thriving Ivory - Angels on the moon

Do you dream, that the world will know your name?
So tell me your name
And do you care, about all the little things or anything at all?
I wanna feel, all the chemicals inside I wanna feel
I wanna sunburn, just to know that I'm alive ["Don't be stupid. A hard pinch on any parts of the body will do just fine." S.Y.]
To know I'm alive

Don't tell me if I'm dying, 'cause I don't wanna know
If I can't see the sun, maybe I should go
Don't wake me 'cause I'm dreaming, of angels on the moon
Where everyone you know, never leaves too soon

Do you believe, in the day that you were born?
Tell me, do you believe?
And do you know, that every day's
The first.. of the rest.. of.. your life?

Don't tell me if I'm dying, 'cause I don't wanna know
If I can't see the sun, maybe I should go
Don't wake me 'cause I'm dreaming, of angels on the moon
Where everyone you know, never leaves too soon

This is to one last day in the shadows
And to know a brother's love
This is to New York City angels
And the rivers of our blood
This is to all of us, to all of us

So don't tell me if I'm dying, 'cause I don't wanna know
If I can't see the sun, maybe I should go
Don't wake me cause I'm dreaming, of angels on the moon
Where everyone you know, never leaves too soon

Yeah, you can tell me all your thoughts
About the stars that fill polluted skies
And show me where you run to
When no one's left to take your side
But don't tell me where the road ends
'Cause I just don't wanna know,
No I don't wanna know

Don't tell me if I'm dying
Don't tell me if I'm dying

"Are... you.... afraid.... of.... death............? or merely the unknown that accompanies/comes after death?" S.Y.
"But anyway, if there are anyone who doesn't believe in birth (They probably believe that babies are sent by seagulls), I doubt they will believe in death as well... until, maybe, they see it themselves." S.Y.

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Miley Cyrus - The Climb

I can almost see it
That dream I'm dreaming but
There's a voice inside my head sayin,
You'll never reach it,
Every step I'm taking,
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking but... I
Got to keep trying
Got to keep my head held high

There's always going to be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
Sometimes I'm gonna to have to lose,
Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side.
It's the climb.

The struggles I'm facing,
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down but
No I'm not breaking
I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I'm going to remember most yeah
Just got to keep going
And I,
I got to be strong
Just keep pushing on, cause

There's always going to be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
Sometimes I'm gonna to have to lose,
Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb (yeah)

There's always going to be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
Sometimes you going to have to lose,
Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb

Keep on moving
Keep climbing
Keep the faith.. baby
It's all about
It's all about
The climb....
Keep the faith
Keep your faith.....................
Whoa a oh oh

"If you're at the edge of the Penang bridge, looking into the deep waters below, in the midst of indecision of whether to jump or not, this song will definitely help you by giving you the push that you sorely needed......... of course, it's pushing you back to the right path." S.Y.

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Personality tests - are they as true as they seem?

I stumble upon this personality test designed by a rather famous, I think, doctor in psychology when I was trying to find information for our management assignment. It looked interesting, so i decided to try it out.
The result that I got was largely satisfying =P
I'll post them here:
Domain/Facet........... Score 0--------10--------20--------30--------40--------50--------60--------70--------80--------90--------99
EXTRAVERSION...............58 **********************************************************
..Friendliness.............26 **************************
..Gregariousness...........40 ****************************************
..Assertiveness............91 *******************************************************************************************
..Activity Level...........65 *****************************************************************
..Excitement-Seeking.......42 ******************************************
..Cheerfulness.............66 ******************************************************************
Your score on Extraversion is average, indicating you are neither a subdued loner nor a jovial chatterbox. You enjoy time with others but also time alone.

Extraversion Facets

  • Friendliness. Friendly people genuinely like other people and openly demonstrate positive feelings toward others. They make friends quickly and it is easy for them to form close, intimate relationships. Low scorers on Friendliness are not necessarily cold and hostile, but they do not reach out to others and are perceived as distant and reserved. Your level of friendliness is low.
  • Gregariousness. Gregarious people find the company of others pleasantly stimulating and rewarding. They enjoy the excitement of crowds. Low scorers tend to feel overwhelmed by, and therefore actively avoid, large crowds. They do not necessarily dislike being with people sometimes, but their need for privacy and time to themselves is much greater than for individuals who score high on this scale. Your level of gregariousness is average.
  • Assertiveness. High scorers Assertiveness like to speak out, take charge, and direct the activities of others. They tend to be leaders in groups. Low scorers tend not to talk much and let others control the activities of groups. Your level of assertiveness is high.
  • Activity Level. Active individuals lead fast-paced, busy lives. They move about quickly, energetically, and vigorously, and they are involved in many activities. People who score low on this scale follow a slower and more leisurely, relaxed pace. Your activity level is average.
  • Excitement-Seeking. High scorers on this scale are easily bored without high levels of stimulation. They love bright lights and hustle and bustle. They are likely to take risks and seek thrills. Low scorers are overwhelmed by noise and commotion and are adverse to thrill-seeking. Your level of excitement-seeking is average.
  • Cheerfulness. This scale measures positive mood and feelings, not negative emotions (which are a part of the Neuroticism domain). Persons who score high on this scale typically experience a range of positive feelings, including happiness, enthusiasm, optimism, and joy. Low scorers are not as prone to such energetic, high spirits. Your level of positive emotions is average.
Domain/Facet........... Score 0--------10--------20--------30--------40--------50--------60--------70--------80--------90--------99
AGREEABLENESS..............60 ************************************************************
..Trust....................73 *************************************************************************
..Morality.................48 ************************************************
..Altruism.................67 *******************************************************************
..Cooperation..............69 *********************************************************************
..Modesty..................3 ***
..Sympathy.................94 **********************************************************************************************
Your level of Agreeableness is average, indicating some concern with others' Needs, but, generally, unwillingness to sacrifice yourself for others.

Agreeableness Facets

  • Trust. A person with high trust assumes that most people are fair, honest, and have good intentions. Persons low in trust see others as selfish, devious, and potentially dangerous. Your level of trust is high.
  • Morality. High scorers on this scale see no need for pretense or manipulation when dealing with others and are therefore candid, frank, and sincere. Low scorers believe that a certain amount of deception in social relationships is necessary. People find it relatively easy to relate to the straightforward high-scorers on this scale. They generally find it more difficult to relate to the unstraightforward low-scorers on this scale. It should be made clear that low scorers are not unprincipled or immoral; they are simply more guarded and less willing to openly reveal the whole truth. Your level of morality is average.
  • Altruism. Altruistic people find helping other people genuinely rewarding. Consequently, they are generally willing to assist those who are in need. Altruistic people find that doing things for others is a form of self-fulfillment rather than self-sacrifice. Low scorers on this scale do not particularly like helping those in need. Requests for help feel like an imposition rather than an opportunity for self-fulfillment. Your level of altruism is average.
  • Cooperation. Individuals who score high on this scale dislike confrontations. They are perfectly willing to compromise or to deny their own needs in order to get along with others. Those who score low on this scale are more likely to intimidate others to get their way. Your level of compliance is high.
  • Modesty. High scorers on this scale do not like to claim that they are better than other people. In some cases this attitude may derive from low self-confidence or self-esteem. Nonetheless, some people with high self-esteem find immodesty unseemly. Those who are willing to describe themselves as superior tend to be seen as disagreeably arrogant by other people. Your level of modesty is low.
  • Sympathy. People who score high on this scale are tenderhearted and compassionate. They feel the pain of others vicariously and are easily moved to pity. Low scorers are not affected strongly by human suffering. They pride themselves on making objective judgments based on reason. They are more concerned with truth and impartial justice than with mercy. Your level of tender-mindedness is high.
Domain/Facet........... Score 0--------10--------20--------30--------40--------50--------60--------70--------80--------90--------99
CONSCIENTIOUSNESS..........90 ******************************************************************************************
..Self-Efficacy............93 *********************************************************************************************
..Orderliness..............40 ****************************************
..Dutifulness..............67 *******************************************************************
..Achievement-Striving.....73 *************************************************************************
..Self-Discipline..........96 ************************************************************************************************
..Cautiousness.............98 **************************************************************************************************
Your score on Conscientiousness is high. This means you set clear goals and pursue them with determination. People regard you as reliable and hard-working.

Conscientiousness Facets

  • Self-Efficacy. Self-Efficacy describes confidence in one's ability to accomplish things. High scorers believe they have the intelligence (common sense), drive, and self-control necessary for achieving success. Low scorers do not feel effective, and may have a sense that they are not in control of their lives. Your level of self-efficacy is high.
  • Orderliness. Persons with high scores on orderliness are well-organized. They like to live according to routines and schedules. They keep lists and make plans. Low scorers tend to be disorganized and scattered. Your level of orderliness is average.
  • Dutifulness. This scale reflects the strength of a person's sense of duty and obligation. Those who score high on this scale have a strong sense of moral obligation. Low scorers find contracts, rules, and regulations overly confining. They are likely to be seen as unreliable or even irresponsible. Your level of dutifulness is average.
  • Achievement-Striving. Individuals who score high on this scale strive hard to achieve excellence. Their drive to be recognized as successful keeps them on track toward their lofty goals. They often have a strong sense of direction in life, but extremely high scores may be too single-minded and obsessed with their work. Low scorers are content to get by with a minimal amount of work, and might be seen by others as lazy. Your level of achievement striving is high.
  • Self-Discipline. Self-discipline-what many people call will-power-refers to the ability to persist at difficult or unpleasant tasks until they are completed. People who possess high self-discipline are able to overcome reluctance to begin tasks and stay on track despite distractions. Those with low self-discipline procrastinate and show poor follow-through, often failing to complete tasks-even tasks they want very much to complete. Your level of self-discipline is high.
  • Cautiousness. Cautiousness describes the disposition to think through possibilities before acting. High scorers on the Cautiousness scale take their time when making decisions. Low scorers often say or do first thing that comes to mind without deliberating alternatives and the probable consequences of those alternatives. Your level of cautiousness is high.
Domain/Facet........... Score 0--------10--------20--------30--------40--------50--------60--------70--------80--------90--------99
NEUROTICISM................10 **********
..Anxiety..................27 ***************************
..Depression...............6 ******
..Self-Consciousness.......58 **********************************************************
..Immoderation.............15 ***************
..Vulnerability............46 **********************************************
Your score on Neuroticism is low, indicating that you are exceptionally calm, composed and unflappable. You do not react with intense emotions, even to situations that most people would describe as stressful.

Neuroticism Facets

  • Anxiety. The "fight-or-flight" system of the brain of anxious individuals is too easily and too often engaged. Therefore, people who are high in anxiety often feel like something dangerous is about to happen. They may be afraid of specific situations or be just generally fearful. They feel tense, jittery, and nervous. Persons low in Anxiety are generally calm and fearless. Your level of anxiety is low.
  • Anger. Persons who score high in Anger feel enraged when things do not go their way. They are sensitive about being treated fairly and feel resentful and bitter when they feel they are being cheated. This scale measures the tendency to feel angry; whether or not the person expresses annoyance and hostility depends on the individual's level on Agreeableness. Low scorers do not get angry often or easily. Your level of anger is low.
  • Depression. This scale measures the tendency to feel sad, dejected, and discouraged. High scorers lack energy and have difficult initiating activities. Low scorers tend to be free from these depressive feelings. Your level of depression is low.
  • Self-Consciousness. Self-conscious individuals are sensitive about what others think of them. Their concern about rejection and ridicule cause them to feel shy and uncomfortable abound others. They are easily embarrassed and often feel ashamed. Their fears that others will criticize or make fun of them are exaggerated and unrealistic, but their awkwardness and discomfort may make these fears a self-fulfilling prophecy. Low scorers, in contrast, do not suffer from the mistaken impression that everyone is watching and judging them. They do not feel nervous in social situations. Your level or self-consciousness is average.
  • Immoderation. Immoderate individuals feel strong cravings and urges that they have have difficulty resisting. They tend to be oriented toward short-term pleasures and rewards rather than long- term consequences. Low scorers do not experience strong, irresistible cravings and consequently do not find themselves tempted to overindulge. Your level of immoderation is low.
  • Vulnerability. High scorers on Vulnerability experience panic, confusion, and helplessness when under pressure or stress. Low scorers feel more poised, confident, and clear-thinking when stressed. Your level of vulnerability is average.
omain/Facet........... Score 0--------10--------20--------30--------40--------50--------60--------70--------80--------90--------99
OPENNESS TO EXPERIENCE.....78 ******************************************************************************
..Imagination..............85 *************************************************************************************
..Artistic Interests.......70 **********************************************************************
..Emotionality.............61 *************************************************************
..Adventurousness..........39 ***************************************
..Intellect................86 **************************************************************************************
..Liberalism...............59 ***********************************************************
Your score on Openness to Experience is high, indicating you enjoy novelty, variety, and change. You are curious, imaginative, and creative.

Openness Facets

  • Imagination. To imaginative individuals, the real world is often too plain and ordinary. High scorers on this scale use fantasy as a way of creating a richer, more interesting world. Low scorers are on this scale are more oriented to facts than fantasy. Your level of imagination is high.
  • Artistic Interests. High scorers on this scale love beauty, both in art and in nature. They become easily involved and absorbed in artistic and natural events. They are not necessarily artistically trained nor talented, although many will be. The defining features of this scale are interest in, and appreciation of natural and artificial beauty. Low scorers lack aesthetic sensitivity and interest in the arts. Your level of artistic interests is high.
  • Emotionality. Persons high on Emotionality have good access to and awareness of their own feelings. Low scorers are less aware of their feelings and tend not to express their emotions openly. Your level of emotionality is average.
  • Adventurousness. High scorers on adventurousness are eager to try new activities, travel to foreign lands, and experience different things. They find familiarity and routine boring, and will take a new route home just because it is different. Low scorers tend to feel uncomfortable with change and prefer familiar routines. Your level of adventurousness is average.
  • Intellect. Intellect and artistic interests are the two most important, central aspects of openness to experience. High scorers on Intellect love to play with ideas. They are open-minded to new and unusual ideas, and like to debate intellectual issues. They enjoy riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers. Low scorers on Intellect prefer dealing with either people or things rather than ideas. They regard intellectual exercises as a waste of time. Intellect should not be equated with intelligence. Intellect is an intellectual style, not an intellectual ability, although high scorers on Intellect score slightly higher than low-Intellect individuals on standardized intelligence tests. Your level of intellect is high.
  • Liberalism. Psychological liberalism refers to a readiness to challenge authority, convention, and traditional values. In its most extreme form, psychological liberalism can even represent outright hostility toward rules, sympathy for law-breakers, and love of ambiguity, chaos, and disorder. Psychological conservatives prefer the security and stability brought by conformity to tradition. Psychological liberalism and conservatism are not identical to political affiliation, but certainly incline individuals toward certain political parties. Your level of liberalism is average.
I think it was a joke when I saw that I've scored high in self-discipline lol, but hmm.. maybe it might be right.. I'm very self-disciplined when exams are approaching! xD Besides, I'm also shocked to see that I have '0' anger level! I mean, yeah, I rarely get mad at someone and usually look at the sunny and funny side of an argument, but I never... thought... well, you know what........
Well, guess you'll know more about me now then. To be truthful, I'm actually surprised that quite a number of things mentioned above, I've never noticed it before as one of my characteristics, but now since the results mentioned it, I've realised that maybe I did have those characteristics. In short, I think I understood more about me now, although, yeah, well, the results might still be wrong.
Try it out someday, if you have time, and post your results up too! I would love to see it lol. Cya for now. =)

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