Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Which TED Talk Are You?

This is a pretty fun Quiz to do, and to some extent, it is surprisingly accurate as well.

Do check it out if you've got the time:

And as usual, since this is my blog (hah, IKR!), I'll be posting up my results :)

Do let me know about your results in the discussion forum/ comment below and we can all laugh about how strangely accurate this quiz is :P

For more 'tests' such as this one, feel free to check out my other posts:

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Most Anticipated Free-to-Play MMO Games for 2016

I've written 2 very lengthy articles on this :P

As I've put in quite a lot of effort in arranging them based on the preference of the majority of players, I would very much like to share this article to you all :)


Black Desert


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

So you're now 26 years old...

So you're now 26 years old... what have you accomplished in your life?

I was inspired to write this blog post when I saw someone, who is 26 (same as me! :D), wrote something similar on Quora in response to the question asked :)

I just thought it is something interesting to do... and so here I am... doing it xD

Okay so here are some ground rules if you guys want to try this:
1. Accomplishments - Stuff that you personally felt you've accomplished. Something that you are personally proud of. Don't only put in stuff that you think other people will consider as an accomplishment. It is your life after all :)

2. Keep your number of accomplishments the same as your age. Summarize or group stuff up if you need to (and if you feel like you've achieved a lot in your life)

3. That's it! Let's start :D

So you're now 26 years old... what have you accomplished in your life?
(in no particular order)
  1. Wrote several gamebooks, stories and poems
  2. Published a poem on the UK Poetry Library (for amateur/ upcoming poets) - the website is currently suspended though :P
  3. Took up the role of Program Manager and, with the help of my friends and my juniors, organised UTAR's first Biological Science Week successfully.
  4. Graduated from university with First Class Honours and managed to keep my scholarship intact
  5. Obtained my Masters degree in science (Research mode some more!)
  6. Learned how to set up a basic online/ freelance business
  7. Worked at one of the most boring jobs in my life - a salesgirl at a shopping mall
  8. Managed to land a job writing reviews in the video game industry (well, technically half of it is in the marketing industry though :P)
  9. Set up and maintained a personal blog that is quite successful :P Thanks guys!
  10. Experienced the joy of being a part of a choral speaking team
  11. Experienced virtual reality and had loads of fun with some virtual reality games
  12. Purchased a gaming laptop... I've always wanted a good laptop to play games on :)
  13. Went through a rather gruelling "military-like" camp for prefects (though I'm not a prefect :P)
  14. Learned the family recipes for a variety of CNY cookies
  15. Learned a bit of French, Spanish, Latin, and even Morse Code... lol :P
  16. Set up my own websites... although I've taken shortcuts by using templates and free website hosting, or that they aren't very successful coz I don't have the time to invest in them :P
  17. Created and uploaded my own pretty cool typography music video which has taken me months to learn and create (But I've lost it forever when YouTube banned my account... cries internally)
  18. Participated in 2 online karaoke contests - didn't win but well, the experience was fun :P
  19. Represented my school in several sports competitions (I'm not the sporty sort... so this is an accomplishment for me :P)
  20. Had a 60% success rate in getting a job offer after going to the job interviews (out of 5 interviews)
  21. Tried to defend Playstation in a console debate (the other consoles in question are Wii and Xbox... Wii won lol) and lost... apparently, no one cares about the graphics. (Do take note that I'm not a console gamer)
  22. Discovered a new passion for designing and creating digital diagrams
  23. Became a teacher (tuition teacher to be exact) for a year - it was tiring but meaningful
  24. Overcame several "major" mistakes that I did in life without resorting to dire methods - the word "major" here can be very relative term
  25. Got a job I enjoy - well, there are ups and downs
  26. Haven't died yet.

Oh and I would like to add these at the end of this blog post:
  1. To have seen my friend's face when I casually bend my thumb backwards at a 90 degree angle (I have Hitchhiker's thumb :P)
  2. To see the amazed expression on my students' faces when they feel the solution turned chilly after being mixed together (endothermic reaction :))
but as they aren't actually accomplishments, so I didn't add them to the main list :P

Have fun compiling up your own list of accomplishments! :)

Friday, January 8, 2016

Infograph: Most Popular Usernames in MMO Games

I was playing around with Canva, a web-based application that allows you to create and save infographs for free... as long as yo don't use any of their paid elements. I've gotta say though - they do have a lot of free icons and images for you to use as you please.

That said, Canva has some really nice templates, fonts and images/icons, but I really dislike that the tools provided are very clunky and restrictive. In fact, I can do an even better job using PowerPoint to create my infograph... lol... minus the free icons and stuff, of course.  

But well, if you need a somewhat freeware that can do the job (infograph) without needing any installations, Canva is a pretty good bet. 

Anyway, here's the infograph that I made for lulz (just to try out the application I mean). Oh and the info in it is pretty accurate I'd say :P

Click to Enlarge
I wanted to add a picture of various anime in the "anime" box, but well, I gave up lol. As mentioned, it's tough as hell to move things around especially when you can't see the layer order for each item and kept clicking/ moving on the wrong stuff. Texts are super tough to move as well.

It turned out okay though, so... guess there's that :P

Alright, have fun with Canva! Ima go grab some dinner now :)