Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My ramblings - Take 3

Sigh... I was thinking to make this thread/post something like a 'agony aunt' - just me lamenting to an inanimate 'object?'. Lol. I dunno. Degree life is just so much tougher than foundation - got me thinking of the wonderful moments I had during my foundation years with my band of reliable friends. Now, these friends are gone - cruelly separated by different courses. There're no secrets here.. I really miss them.. maybe my success in my foundation years perhaps relies, in some way, by them because well, in my degree, I didn't do as well in exams. Still quite disappointed. Not only that, I've heard that some people who like -plagarised- complete reports or assignments from the internet got higher marks then the ones who tried SO hard not to plagarise. This world is really unfair... haiz...

The presentation didn't actually go very well either.. I mean, yeah, my teammates did well and I'm happy for them but I didn't... the worse thing is probably the part where I totally forgotten to change into formal shoes before going presenting - I presented wearing sport shoes lol, but hopefully the teacher is too dazzled by our performance to notice this small mistake of mine. It's not like I forgot to bring my formal shoes - I did brought it there but well.. heheh, I just forgot to wear them.

The reports aren't going very well either. I mean, yeah, I know during my foundation time, my reports didn't exactly get very high marks, but this time around I had spent SO much effort into completing it - doing research on the net for a -whole- day just to write a Introduction and Discussion do not sound like fun to me... and in the end?? Not very satisfactory results. My friends did better then me even though they are like, well not exactly last-minute work, but I still think my reports are more comprehensive. Sigh. Maybe I should just let go of this excessive competitiveness and, sometime, let fate just take me along for the ride.

However, one of my newer teammate ( my first time working with him and his friend in my team) had just complimented me (or does it has a deeper meaning to it?) for my effectiveness of managing the completing-the-assignment process. He actually said that it (my actions) gave him some sort of safety feeling. I'm glad really. I was like worried that my teammates would think me as too controlling - I'm worried about having not enough time to finish all the stuffs until i kinda like hijacked the discussion... like being a moderator and keeping my friends' wandering minds on the topic. It really funny when you realise that someone had just changed from a discussing the budget to talking about the prices of handphones. It's just amazing how a midn can wander lol.

Ah well, I know my English in this piece of post is not very well... English - it's more to Manglish + Chinese heh. Anyway, it's just that I need to write this fast before going back to do my chem report - did you notice that most of the time when I post a thread here, I have a report to do? It's just one of life's cruel tricks, haha.

Oh well, I can't wait until my holidays to finally let all these burdens down once and for all and perhaps this time, I can make enough preparations for the next semester to do better in my exams or assignments. Wish me good luck! =D