Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Most Anticipated MMO Games and Upcoming Games of 2018

And so, I've compiled another list of my usual most anticipated games of the new year - sorry that it took this long though... I was busy preparing for the Chinese New Year which had just passed :)

Anyway, here it is:

Part 2 is (still) pending

This time around though - I did a short list for this year's upcoming buy-to-play games. Here's a link:

I'm not exactly a massive fan of Far Cry and well, this list might be a bit misleading - I wrote it to match with our audience's sentiments and not so much my own :P

Anyway, I'm more excited for State of Decay 2. Loved the first game to bits but honestly, I got a feeling I didn't really finish playing it... the same goes for Dying Light lol. Perhaps at one point, the game became too scary for me... or more likely, I got distracted by another game heh :P

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Tabikaeru: Travel Frog - Items Guide (English)

Tabikaeru: Travel Frog is one of the biggest mobile hits in the East Asian/ SEA regions and well, considering how simple a game can contain such profound meaning, it's not at all surprising.

To find out more about how players feel while playing the game:

Anyway, I've stumbled upon a guide written entirely in Mandarin and thought I would give translating a go. Enjoy!

P/S: Click on the image to enlarge