Saturday, June 11, 2011

A worrying predicament

Adult ADD - - -
Adults with ADD may have double the challenge of children with the same disorder! Firstly, they often go undiagnosed because attention deficit disorder treatment tends to focus mostly on children. Although it is a problem which an ADD adult usually carries from childhood, it was not a widely recognized disorder in past generations so they often don't realize they have ADD until their own child is diagnosed. Parents will recognize their own past or present behavior when they look through the list of symptoms for their child. Also, there are several fairly common adult conditions that can mimic ADD , such as depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances hypothyroidism, manic depression or obsessive compulsive disorder. It is very important that a physician rule out these conditions before properly diagnosing adult ADD.

The ADD adult may have the same challenges as the ADD child with the main difference being that adults have more sophisticated coping mechanisms than children. Behaviors may include: difficulty staying organized, difficulty finishing a task, procrastination, trouble maintaining relationships or controlling their moods, very impulsive, poor financial management, etc. Once adult add is diagnosed, physicians often prescribe antidepressant medication, like Prozac, and if that is ineffective, stimulant drugs likely will be tried. It is very important to understand that the attention deficit disorder adults can successfully reduce or eliminate their symptoms naturally by incorporating diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications.

I've just did that website's ADD survey-kinda thingy and surprise surprise! Guess what the result is?

Dr. Amen suggests: "More than 20 items with a score of three or more indicates a strong tendency toward ADD. Your total number of items with a score above three is 41.
Based on this calculation, you HAVE a strong tendency toward ADD.

LOL! This sucks but then there are further test questions to be answered to know vaguely which type of ADD you are.

Your ADD Type Results

Your results indicate that it is likely you have ADD
Your results indicate that it is unlikely you have Inattentive ADD
Your results indicate that it is likely you have Over-focused ADD
Your results indicate that it is likely you have Temporal Lobe ADD
Your results indicate that it is likely you have Limbic ADD
Your results indicate that it is likely you have Ring of Fire ADD

:| I've got to find out what's wrong with me lol so I googled all those.. well illnesses.

1. Over-focused ADD

Worries excessively or senselessly
Is oppositional and argumentative
Tends to get locked into negative thoughts, hving the same thought over and over again
Tendency towards compulsive behaviors
Tends to hold grudges
Has trouble shifting attention from subject to subject
Difficulty seeing options in situations
Holds onto his/her own opinion and won't listen to others
I didnt have all symptoms though... moving on!

2. Basal Ganglia ADD
Angry or aggressive
Sensitive to noise, light, clothes and/or touch
Frequent or cyclic mood changes (highs & lows)
Inflexible or rigid in thinking
Insists on having his or her own way, even when told no multiple times
Periods of mean, nasty or insensitive behavior
Periods of excessive talkativeness
Periods of excessive impulsiveness
Exhibits unpredictable behavior
Displays grandiose or "larger than life" thinking
Talks fast
Has the sensation that thoughts go fast
Appears anxious or fearful
Don't have all the symptoms either...

3. Limbic ADD
Low energy
Frequent irritability
Tends to be socially isolated
Frequent feelings of hopelessness, helplessness or excessive guilt
Low interest in things that are usually considered fun
Sleep changes (too much or too little)
Chronic low self-esteem

4. Temporal ADD
Periods of quick temper or rages with little provocation
Misinterprets comments as negative when they are not
Tends to become increasingly irritable and then explodes. Is tired after a rage.
Periods of spaciness or confusion
Periods of panic and/or fear for no specific reason
Imagines visual changes (sees shadows or objects changing shape)
Frequent periods of deja vu
Sensitive or mildly paranoid
-> mild paranoia and periods of deja vu :O

Anyhow, I have quite a lot of the symptoms overall but if specifically for one illness only, then I might have perhaps less than 80% of the symptoms frequently. Haiz, dunno lah. I do have spaciness often. :P

P/S: NOTE! I've found out there are another sickness (mental) that causes you to get paranoid over these perhaps false, self-diagnosis. So, yeah, Ima ignore all my symptoms for now =P

Monday, June 6, 2011

Afterthoughts for today's trip


At Yakult, I've confirmed my believes that it is really good for the health. Surprisingly most of the process there do not require much man-power - this is the power of industrialization I guess. At High 5 Bread Town, I've learned about the legacy of bread which is something that I'm rather interested about and also the processing part. The guide given was rather abrupt and fast - I must have missed out loads of stuff :|

Anyway, learned stuff aside, I've also realised that between my friends and I, we have almost nothing in common (besides being in the same course lah) hence I really starting to feel the gradual separation between them and I - after today, I've got a feeling that I'm just there to fill in whenever the lecturer needed a 5-person assignment group and to head the group when no one else wanted that position. I just... well, I dunno how I really feel right now - mixed feelings. Maybe and probably I'm just thinking too much.

Okay, that's it. Cya!