Friday, January 21, 2011

Working as a helper at the blood donation campaign

It's really awesome I think. I've met like 2 new friends (well, we spoke a lot :)), Quan Ee and a guy studying business :P I've met tens of other people as well - the donors.

It's nice to meet new people for a brief time. A bit of chatting with new people is kind of interesting and should help my anti-social problem lol.

Anyhow, it's a bit boring and tiring but, truthfully, after seeing those people donating blood, I'm seriously having second thoughts about donating myself. Since I'm about to be on medication, so I'll skip this time but dunno about next time. Till then, I shall try to remain neutral in this matter :P

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Game update

Wooohoooo!!! Yes I know it's just a game and any achievements that I've gotten through it is practically useless in real life but I can only brag so much so please allow me to 'show off' about this: my mage has finally hit the 5.5k gs mark (have to regem and enchant a bit still :P)! Yes, you have not heard wrong. Well, my druid hit the mark first - 5565GS as of current. Now, I just need to get my DK into icc and try to get into icc heroics with my ret pally. My shammy's at 5.3k, priest nearly 5k, tank at 5.3k (lousy threat generation though), holy pally at 5.2k, rogue at 5k and hunter at 5.4k. No need to mention my lock coz I kinda gave up on it. It's so hard to play it well lol. I've also realised that I sucked playing fire mage - a ench shammy with like 600 less gs than me can out-dps me >.> OMG! I sucked that much?! But I certainly can heal with my tree :P need more haste still though.

I am also proud to say my ally druid is sitting at about 5.3k gs while my rogue, after having to relearn how to play combat spec, is having 5.2k gs. My ally shammy is also at the 5.3k gs mark I think. My pally tankadin is at the 4.5k gs though. Still need to work on it :P

And, now I've realised why some lowbie (low gs peeps) have, suddenly, a icc heroic gear... alt looting - that's why :| How unfair is that? Sigh. I have lots of alts so if I really wanted to alt loot, I would have rolled for every gear that dropped lol.

Well, that's all for now. I only have like a day or two left for gaming then it's back to crappy internet at Kampar and, if Cata updates come, no WoW at all! Sigh... giving up the game is really as bad as it sounds.... zzz

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Resolutions (2011)

1. Relearn programming

2. Take up French

3. Further my knowledge of Photoshop

4. Play less, write more

5. Get a CGPA/GPA of 3.75

6. Try to be more active in extra-co-curricular activities

7. etc etc

I'll add more as I see fit as the year goes on. :)

Time sink

Yes that's what WoW is. I can't believe I've spent about 60 days' worth of time (do the maths - 60 days x 24 hours = 1440 hours, including those time I just put my characters there and afk :P) into this game and I'm still a mediocre player but I can play most classes well enough. Is the game really worth so much attention?

I'd say yes atm. I know..I know.. most people would say that I am addicted and I cannot and will not deny that but I still strongly think that this game is one of the entertainment that I can get back in boring Kampar. I love raiding; I love PvPing (most of the time); I love to read about whatever stuff that the PWoW community is talking about; I love to challenge my skills by soloing instances.. though I really dislike farming for stuff. I love meeting new people but sometimes, when I'm not in a mood to talk, I don't (that's like 90% of my game time). I've also realised that arguing with someone over a game is rather childish and unreasonable though I'd get very pissed off if my loot was ninja-ed by someone. Don't worry though... I can get over it someday :P

Not to mention, I spent my other free time on facebook and its 'applications' (a.k.a games). That's almost my whole day spent excluding those hours I went for lectures and for dinner with my friends. I am becoming a super nerd of sorts lol.

No wonder my chair at Kampar broke! I must have spent so much time on it that its lifespan somehow got drastically shortened.

Oh wait, I've also spent many hours watching and rewatching movies and TV series on the computer. Wow, I do spent a lot of my time in front of the computer then! Especially in Kampar...

Gosh, I really need to get a life and leave the house more often. :| Maybe involve myself in more extra co-curricular activities or something.... I can't just whittled away my life. Another year has passed and I hadn't done anything really worthwhile yet. That's dishearting... like really dishearting.

Well, it's a new year and I guess I'll post up my new year resolutions (next post). I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that they can come true :)