Saturday, July 31, 2010

A failure, I am.. and I like to brood about it

What else could I say? I have just flunked, and I do really mean flunked, my CTCT exams. Awesome isn't it?

I did finished studying it but, truthfully, I haven't fully memorised it, especially with a heavy and clouded head/brain, I doubt I could have done anything.

Actually, I do feel deep down inside that I am going to flunk this exam. I kind of already gave up on it. oh, and not to mention the perfect timing of my toothache/headache problem and now, my feverish and coughing problem. Sigh...

What kind of shit hole did I land myself in? Last time, I was feverish, but when studying, I'm not very unwell though,in MB exam and guess what? I aced it. Probably because I paid more attention in class lol... now I'm worried... I haven't been able to pay attention in class since week 7. That's 2 weeks' worth of lectures, my friends, and oh, not to mention, the classes that I've skipped.

I fail... that's that. And now, instead of going out with my friends to celebrate the end of a disasterous exam, I'm brooding... alone... at home... not my true home though...

Well, the net's down again and actually I haven't surfed the net (except that one time for like 5 minutes) for about 3 days now. I have no idea the 'status' of the internet but it'd better be better soon coz I really need it to do my two friggin reports whereby one of them requires 8 friggin graphs.

Okay, thank you and good day. I'm off to get some not well-earned rest and lunch.