Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Seriously, what's with all these singing talents popping up everywhere?

Mentioning only those on YouTube would have filled the blog's max word limit - eheh, no lah but almost :P

First off, Boyce Avenue. Something like a Rascal Flatt's-kind of band. Love their more mellow songs and their covers as well ^^

There's Grayson Chance. Not bad vocals for a kid. AND he plays the piano too.

And there's Dave Days. He's actually rather good looking although a bit on the thin side (that's a good thing?). Most importantly, he can sing, edit videos and stuff, act and has a funny personality!

And.... Christina Grimmie. I love her voice though I've only heard her when she's dueting with Sam in Nelly's Just a Dream.

There's this band called A Common Year. Actually I've first heard their songs in Nightclub City (Seriously??? ...Yes, seriously :|) Surprisingly, they put up their whole album online for free! I'm not sure how to categorise them but they're a bit on the Simple Plan-, All American Rejects-kind of line.

Last but not, definitely not, least, Sam Tsui and Kurt. They're the best two combos if I've ever seen one (combo) that good! Sam Tsui has awesome vocals and can hit and hold the falsetto rather easily (I think). Kurt is one of the most talented video editor and producer I've ever seen (I've not seen many of this kind of people but still, this counts for something!)

I'm very sure if I hang around YouTube more often. I'll probably find some more singers/ bands that I like. Still, what's with this explosion of new talents huh? I can hardly keep up with the best songs now lol =)

Anyhow, good luck in building yourselves music careers! You guys and gals can make it! I'll wait eagerly for your upcoming official albums and music videos. ;P

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vampire diaries

It looks and sounds like a twilight rip-off and the series actually did, in my opinion, have some similar plot or storyline as twilight. However, although Taylor Lautner is quite ... unique :P ... in his own way, I gotta say Damon Salvatore (a.k.a. Ian Somerhalder) of vamp diaries beat all of them hawties =D

He's just the kind of bad-ass guy that shoots off lightning bolts from his eyes no matter what he does and plus he's a vamp so that counted for something. Alright, he's awfully good looking especially with that sly smile on and he's the kind of person who can actually make his eye twinkle whenever he wants it to (pro skillz!). He did play his role very convincingly. ^^ Stefan's not at all bad-looking but which girl would like a too-uptight guy? He won't be much fun to be around with, don't you think?

Anyhow, this series is great for checking out guys (there are hot girls as well but well, I'm not interested in those kind of stuff ya :P maybe some guy might wanna tho)... storyline? okay nia... and it does look strange that somehow, all the vamps concentrating on Mystic Falls all of the sudden (perhaps due to the return of the Salvatore brothers).

Eheheh, well, I'm off to play Dragon's Call for a bit more - finishing off my last instance of the day. Wish me luck in getting True* items =)