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Roblox Egg Hunt 2018: How to Find All the Eggs in Merlin's Swamp

Note: Merlin's Swamp is a "sub-world" that you can travel to from Wonderland Grove. You can find the book "portal" among the branches of the tree where the Queen is having her tea party at.

Merlin's Swamp

1. Alleggator

Location: Anywhere in Merlin's Swamp

How to get: Just run through it

2. Good Knight Egg

Good Knight Egg
Location: Tower ruins, right side of Merlin's tower. Cross the river with the skull sign nearby.

How to get: The egg will spawn and will attack you on sight. You just need to dodge out of the way when it attacks and jump on or bump the egg from the back. Eventually, its armor will fall off and you can collect the egg.

3. Dreggon

Dreggon - got too excited that I finally got it and forgot to take the screenshot :P Had to take this shot from the eggcylopedia
Location: Merlin's Tower

How to get: Help Merlin slay the dragon
- find 5 pieces of armor
-- HELMET - underneath the Merlin's tower
-- PANTS - in one of the smaller tower ruins. The tower next to it has a vulture on it. At Good Knight Egg's location.
-- CHEST - behind a big green boulder that's behind (rightmost) of the Merlin's tower.
-- GLOVES - very rocky area behind the Merlin's tower. On the left, there are some rather sandy-looking structures. Go further left pass them and you'll find the gloves
-- BOOTS - cross a wooden bridge (there's a vulture standing on a pole) and turn right towards the cluster of bushes. It's right in the middle
- Then find EGGCALIBUR- go through an obstacle course in the cave behind the waterfall
- Wait at Merlin's tower for the dragon spawning time (every 5 mins or so). When it's ready, the timer will say "Dragon ready". There's probably a queue though - you may need to take turns.

Where to get all 5 pieces of armor (Chest, gloves, boots, pants, helmet) and eggcalibur video:

How to defeat the dragon in Merlin's swamp?
- First take note which stone plate the dragon descends nearer to.
- Step on that stone plate and wait
- Dragon will spew fire when it fly close to ground level
- Right after, jump off the stone plate and hit it with your sword - this can be tricky
- Rinse and repeat until the dragon is dead - you just need to get 3-4 solid blows in.
**Note that there's a time limit so make sure to make every sword strike count!
***Also, take note that sometimes the dragon glitches out. If that's the case, then it might just be better to reset everything and try again. You can try switching servers but you'll need to collect the armor pieces and eggcalibur again... which sucks of course.

How to kill the dragon video:

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Roblox Egg Hunt 2018: How to Find All the Eggs in Undernest

P/S: Click on the pictures to enlarge


1. Radio Egg

Radio egg
Location: Anywhere in Undernest

How to get: Just walk right through one

2. Spider Egg

Spider Egg
Location: Gigantic spider web

How to get: Go into the cave next to the super big spider web. Play the runner game without dying = collect your egg.

3. Egg of Dark Nest

Egg of Dark Nest
Location: A place where the crystals are black and there's a huge black void on the ground

How to get: First, jump into the hole and pick up the crystal. 

You'll need to be fast for this one. Once you pick up the crystal, you'll need to hustle.

Run through the obstacle course - be careful with the cannons - and once you're done, you'll get this egg.

Here's a video to show you how:

4. Newton's Third Law of Egg

Newton's Third Law of Eggs
Location: Up the ladder near the spawning area. There are arrows pointing at it.

How to get: Follow the zipline to the very end

Here's a video showing you how:

5. Aymegg

Location: Aymor's Lair. Portal is located near the massive doors at the other end of the Undernest map.

How to get there? Head to the trebuchet, use it to reach higher ground, then jump off the ledge with an umbrella.

Where is Aymor's Lair?

How to get: You must already have all 4 treasured eggs - Treasured Egg of Wonderland, Treasured Cuisine Egg, Hardboiled Treasure Egg, and Treasured Egg of the Jungle Temple (Ruins of Wookong)

Place eggs on the 4 pedestals to open the portal to Aymor's lair.

Once in the lair, you'll need to grab 3 dynamites from a nearby mining cart and place it near a sleeping Lord Aymor.

After he awakens, you'll then need to grab a dynamite from the same cart and jump off the ledge. The skeleton bird will drop you right on top of Aymor. Make sure the dynamite hit it before you jump off. No point trying to use the cannons... they just don't launch you high enough.

Rinse and repeat until Aymor is almost defeated.

Then, you just need to blow up the crystals around him. Using the same dynamite from the cart, run around and blow up all the crystals.

Aymegg is then yours to keep! :)

How to get the Aymegg:

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Roblox Egg Hunt 2018: How to Find All the Eggs in Ruins of Wookong

8 eggs in total!

Has a pretty cool Jumanji (the new movie) vibe to it :)

P/S: Click on the pictures to enlarge

Ruins of Wookong

1. Rock that Looks Like An Egg Rock

Rock that looks like an egg rock
Location: Anywhere around Ruins of Wookong

How to get: Just walk right through it to collect. It's pretty commonplace and easy to find.

2. Dance Dance Eggolution

Dance Dance Eggolution
Location: Inside the temple near to the native village

How to get: Just play a simple action rhythm game and do your best. Once the meter on your right is filled, you will get the egg. Note that you don't need to have 100% accuracy to get the egg.

3. Eggsplorer

Location: Inside the temple near to the native village

How to get: Help save the explorer's friends who are trapped behind a rubble. There are two options apparently - you can find an alternative route or you can pick up some dynamites to blow the rubble up (this is definitely the easier option)
- Dynamite is below the temple by the way.
- once done, you'll need to solve the puzzle in Rooms 1 to 3. Starting from Room 1 though.

Puzzle solution for Room 1 
- From top to bottom: Wolf, snake, monkey

Puzzle Solution for Room 2
- Colors from left to right (while you're facing the icons on the wall): White, Yellow, Purple, Red, Blue, Green

Puzzle Solution for Room 3
- Facing the exits - choose the one on the right
- Then right again
- then middle
- and lastly middle again.

4. Jungle Flower Egg

Location: Native village

How to get: There's a special egg flower called Todesblume that needs watering. You'll need to grab a bucket before you can do this.

- First, Blue water - get it from the temple. The underground chambers.
- Second, Red water - get it from a brazier near to the three-waterfalls - the place where you get the key to the Burial Chamber.
- Third, Purple water - get it from a pool near to the waterfall.

Very important! Do not double jump or use the barrels or you will spill the water you are carrying.

Here's a video for the Jungle Flower Egg:

5. Idol Egg

Idol Egg
Location: Temple - underground chambers

How to get: Grab the Idol Egg to start a Temple Run-like game. Outrun the boulder

Here's a run through:

6.  Treasure Egg of the Jungle Temple

Treasure Egg of the Jungle Temple
Location: Temple - underground chambers to begin the quest

How to get: Explorer asking for dynamite. Pick up the dynamite in the opposite room and place it on the wall you want to blast.
- Then find the key to open the Grand Burial Chamber to open it. Talk to Chief Tikal in the village
- Wrestle Nima - tap on the keys as they come up (just A and D keys though, so it's very easy)
- Bring 4 fruits to the altar at the top of the temple. All fruits can be found in the Native village.
-- The pear - The plant right next to Yatzil (lady in an orange shirt, standing in front of a hut with a closed door).
-- The banana - the fruit bowl in front of Yatzil
--The pineapple - inside the hut where you wrestled Nima. The hut right next to the Chief.
-- The durian - on a spike near to the hanging bridge (to the explorers' camp)
- Once done, locate the place with three-waterfalls from your vantage point. Head to there and enter the cave behind the middle waterfall. Collect the key.
- Head back to the Grand Burial Chamber
- Wait until the Arena is ready (around 5 mins) - sometimes the arena doesn't work. If so, you may need to switch server and do the whole quest again.
- Battle the skeletons that head your way including the Skeleton king. The trick to attack the skeleton king here is to go behind its back before you whack it with your sword. Survive until the end of the 5 mins and you'll get the egg!

Here's a video walkthrough/tutorial of the entire process:

7. Monkeying Around Egg

Monkeying around egg
Location: From the Stonehenge, follow the path where you can see a lady explorer with a blue speech bubble. Follow that path until you come across a hanging bridge. Go across that and you're in the patch of jungle where monkeys live.

How to get: Shake the banana tree at the explorers' camp to get a banana. Bring it there.

Look for a tree with a monkey and a little treehouse. Wait for the monkey to climb down. Walk over to the monkey on the ground and pass it the banana (walking right up to the monkey will do).

8. King Cobregg

King Cobregg
Location:  On a ledge (use the barrel) near to the three-waterfalls. Sometimes, you can find it on the ground nearby as well.

How to get: Just walk right through it to collect. It's only available near that area.


- Found 1 underneath the temple. There's an entrance under the stairs just opposite the blue pool. Go in and turn right
- Found 1 at the ledge near to the three-waterfalls. The ledge is on the left if you're facing the waterfalls
- Found 1 more inside a house on the right of the three-waterfalls. The house should have a ring of golden eggs on top of it

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Roblox Egg Hunt 2018: How to Find All the Eggs in Hardboiled City

7 eggs in total!

Note: Use the subway to travel to different parts of the map

P/S: Click on the pictures to enlarge

Hardboiled City

1. Doggo Egg

Doggo Egg
Location: Anywhere around Sunnyside Heights in Hardboiled City.

How to get: It's very easy, but like the Teapot Egg, you may need to compete with other players for the egg if both of you want it.

2. Newsie Egg

Newsie Egg
Location: Anywhere around Capon Yards in Hardboiled City. A quick tip - take a look near the docks.

How to get: It's very easy.

3. Hardboiled Treasure Egg

Hardboiled Treasure Egg
Location: Commissioner Sousa's office, police station

How to get: Recover the artifact from the Eggy gang to the museum.
- Go to the museum. Follow the detective's directions, you can't miss it.
- Find a dropped note near to the shattered window telling you to go to the warehouse in Capon yards
- Enter an open warehouse with someone shooting a machine gun. make your way to the cabinet on the left. Jump onto the cabinet and then wait for the guy to reload before double-jumping onto the platform to arrest him.
- Head back to Sunnyside Heights. Right after you come out of the subway station enter the alleyway on left that leads to a "net-like construction thingy".
- Look for a red wall and head into that alley, then you should see foot prints on the ground, simply follow it into the warehouse
- Clear the obstacle course
- Return to Commissioner Sousa
- Find the informant - she's the person near to the entrance to the warehouse
- She tells you to go to the Penthouse at the Hotel at Fritatta Square (use the subway)
- Talk to Vincent Pandini a.k.a. Don Pandini
- Return to Commissioner Sousa (you'll be teleported there) and get your egg!

Here's a tutorial/walkthrough to get the Hardboiled Treasure Egg:

4. Inveggstigator Egg

Location: Police station, just across the street from where you spawned.

How to get: Solve the burglary at the hotel.
- First head to Fritatta Square via the subway station
- Go to the apartment and find all 7 clues

Here's a video showing this:

- Head back to Sunnyside Heights and turn in the evidence
- Go to the bookstore to arrest the criminal
- The egg should appear behind the criminal

Here's the entire walkthrough/tutorial for the Inveggstigator:

5. Garbage Egg 

Garbage Egg
Location: Sanitation Station, Capon Yard

How to get: Collect 5 big garbage bags and put them in the garbage chute/ incinerator. The chute is inside the station. Just go up the staircase on the right once you're inside.

Immediately after you add in the last garbage bag, jump quickly into the incinerator to collect your egg before the fire ignites.

Here's a video of all the locations for the garbage bags and what to do right after:

6. Egg Capone

Egg Capone
Location: Secret door, Subway station, Capon Yard

How to get: Easy, just grab the lockpick kit from one of the cells at the police station, then head on over to Capon Yards. Open the secret door in the subway of Capon Yards, get past all the defenses and you'll get the egg. There's a lot of jumping involved  and you will need to collect all 3 items of clothing (Update: this is optional) to get past the final guard (follow the footsteps sound to find the shirt and the pants). The hat is on the right (after you jump down from the tower of crates you've just wall-jumped), behind some stacked crates near the wall

Here's how you can get Egg Capone:

7. Eggcellent Eggtor

Eggcellent Eggtor
Location: Inside the Theater

How to get: Just follow the color arrangements as fast as you can. You don't need to use the keys on the keyboard - just use your mouse to click on the color tiles. Also, you don't need to flawlessly complete all 8 Acts. Just 5 Acts will do.


- Found 1 when collecting Golden Eggs at Sunnyside Heights, just opposite the police station
- Found 1 by climbing the construction frame at Capon Yards
- Found 1 by climbing to the top of the theater at Fritatta Square

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Roblox Egg Hunt 2018: How to Find All the Eggs in Easterbury Canals

7 eggs in total!

P/S: Click on the pictures to enlarge

Easterbury Canals

1. Eggchup

Location: Rolling around near the tents

How to get: Just catch up to it. You may need to roll around to do so (press shift to roll)

2. Eggplant

Location: Near to the teleport book that will bring you to Stein's basement. Sometimes will spawn on top of barrels or at balconies (look up) too.

How to get: Just a lot of hopping and perseverance :) but if it's on top of a barrel, then no jumping needed.

3. Treasured Cuisine Egg

Treasured Cuisine Egg
1. Near spawning point - the mayor
2. Billy Bonka's Chocolate factory - Billy Bonka
3. Ice cream shop (pink/purplish building you can't miss it. From the building you spawned at, just go to the back and look for a water mill. Take that path to the end and you should see the building) - Isaac the ice cream man
4. Return to the mayor

How to get: 
1. Bring the food from the smaller tents at the end, near to the canals to the tents where the food are all laid out. Arrange them according to the "sample"
2. Help Billy cool down his machine
3. Make sub-zero ice cream (just follow the instructions or recipe on the menu at the counter) at the ice cream shop.
Sub-zero ice cream recipe
- Bring ice cream to Billy asap.
- Carry ice cream to the machine. Avoid any steam
- Drop it in and you're done! 

4. Sugar Crystal Egg

Sugar Crystal Egg
Location: Candy shop

How to get: Go to the sugar cave underneath and collect 1 sugar cube. Just make sure you don't fall into the water or the sugar cube will dissolve.

I'd recommend using the path of the left just because it's easier. Make use of the little niche in the cave wall to jump to the slanted green neon stick and from the stick, you can hop right to safety

Here's how:

5. Demeaned Egg

Demeaning Egg
Location: From the street near to the ice cream shop to the spa

How to get: Just talk to the guy in green floral short and he will pass you the egg. Then, all you need to do is to keep carrying the egg - if you drop it, pick it up again asap - to the black and white building near to the chocolate factory. It's the spa.

Immerse the egg in the pool of the spa and you'll get your egg!

6. Club Egg Skewer

Club Skewer Egg
Location: Chunky's BBQ Steakhouse and Grill, somewhat near to the candy shop

How to get: 
- Get frozen skewer out of freezer and put it on grill
- Turn on grill by connecting the pipes
- Click on the red button to check if any of the pipes are wrong

Here's the solution to the puzzle:

7. Feast Egg

Feast Egg
Location: Restaurant with Chef Franklin inside

How to get: It's a time management mini-game! My favorite :)

It's really easy. After talking to the Chef and the game starts, simply run over to the customer to see what he wants, pick up the corresponding items and put them at the correct preparation stations in the kitchen, such as lettuce and tomatoes at the chopping board station and burger patty at the stove.

To prepare the burger, place a plate first then the rest of the stuff. You don't need to put things in order. And don't forget the buns! 

Here's a video walkthrough/tutorial showing how you can get the Feast Egg:


- Found 1 behind the ice cream shop
- 1 in the underwater tunnel near to the chocolate factory
- 1 near the top of the building you spawned right next to. You can use the nearby lamp post as a boost to jump to the top.

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Roblox Egg Hunt 2018: How to Find All the Eggs in Wonderland Grove

I'm back once again! :) I've just started collecting eggs so please bear with me as I do my best to collect 'em all and write this guide for you all to refer to.

Tried capturing videos but I got distracted by other stuff too easily so the video turned out to be quite long. Anyway, hope my screenshots help! :)

*Gah... this is incredibly frustrating! I've had to complete the starting sequence for 5 times now zzzz and had to redo the invitation quest for an equal number of time :\ Update: 6th now.....

Update 2: They fixed the issue with the server I think. It didn't crash this time and I got the egg! :D

P/S: Click on the pictures to enlarge

5 eggs in total!

Wonderland Grove

1. Teapot Egg

Teapot Egg

Possibly the easiest egg to get so far. 

Location: It spawns pretty much everywhere in Wonderland Grove. 

How to get: Just run over to it to collect. However, other players can collect it as well, even those who already have the egg, so make sure to be quick! 

2. Yolker Egg

Yolker Egg

Location: In a caravan trailer at the very top. You'll need to jump on a series of mushrooms to reach it.

How to get: Play 3 simple games of "find where the ball is" and win all three consecutively. Should be easy enough :)

3. Egg of Well

Egg of Well

Location: The well at the farm

How to get: Throw 3 coins (plate-like thingies) into the well. You can usually find coins near the houses in the "town" area of the map (just go through the black steel gates)

4. Painted Rose Egg

Painted Rose Egg

Location: In the maze (at the very end)

How to get: Help the King of Hearts paint all the white roses red by throwing tomatoes at them. Tests your reflexes since the crosshairs just move all over the place. Still shouldn't be too hard.

5. Treasured Egg of Wonderland

Treasured Egg of Wonderland
Location: Queen of Heart's tea party

How to get: Complete the quest where you have to send out invitations to the Queen's guests

- Find the key to release Knight from his home. - a red heart-shaped key can be found behind the very house he is trapped in. Look behind the fence.
- Get a Shrubbery to the Romomerath who is taking iOozi captive in the area where only shrunk Robloxians can enter. The Shrubbery is the little green blob on the ground in front of the house near to the well at the farm.
- Answer Beeism's question correctly - the answer is PINK
- Help BSlickMusic finish his game of croquet (in the maze). Pretty easy this one.
- Help InsanelyLuke who is trapped behind a gate in the maze. Get him a crowbar.
- Help NowDotheHarlemShake who is trapped inside the pig's stomach. Pick up the pepper from the table at the Queen's tea party and use it to make the pig sneeze.

Where to find all the people you'll need to invite for the tea party:

Crayons (3)

- Found 1 in the maze. Go on the other path after coming out of the place with the King of Hearts. It's in a little niche in the maze.
- Found 1 on one of the branches of the tree where the Queen's tea party is held
- Found 1 more near the blue fountain (I think)

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Typing Test Results

After avoiding it for such a long time, I've finally decided to give it a go. My first attempt was pretty all right - 66 WPM - but I was caught off-guard because I thought there would be a countdown before the test actually starts :P

Anyway, my second attempt faired much better (obviously, because I know how things work now), but still, I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get a Pro rating hehe... all in good time I think.

I should also let you all know that I managed to achieve this typing test result without using the "standard typing method"... you know, the one where you are required to place your fingers from ASDF to JKL; 

In fact, I type in a rather weird style I guess - I basically use four fingers on my left hand (except the pinky finger) and only the middle finger on my right. I also use my middle finger on my right hand to swipe, tap and do any action on my phone/tablet :P 

That being said, I would like to point out that having a fast typing speed doesn't mean you can be a good content writer though. I'm really befuddled as to why people like to boast about their typing speed when applying for a content writing position. It's "good to know", but it's not exactly a priority (something that I'm looking for), especially when the company is paying you on a per content basis. 

A quick tip - it's more important to work on your "voice" when you write; to develop, your own unique style and tone (particularly for content that require you to express your opinions, and not say... a company's press release). 

Being able to show that you are willing to do all the necessary research to write a pretty good copy is important as well... since apparently and surprisingly not many people are willing to do so.