Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Young and the Restless - choral speaking script

I found my old choral speaking script when I was searching for something else and I was overwhelmed with fond memories of the time when I was in the school's choral speaking team. I loved every minute of my time on the team :)

The author for this script is a plump Malay lady with a great smile and is as bubbly as how the script was written :) There was another script, but then I lost that one... it is rather sad, now that I think of it. I only can recall the funny part where we had to do a Mexican wave while calling out 'Tiiiiimmmmmbbbbbbeeeerrrr!'. Maybe it's something related to saving the environment. Hmm....

Anyway, since we've already used this script for our competition, so I thought, 'why not let other people enjoy the brilliance behind the script?' :) Enjoy!

P/S: Although I like the previous (and lost) script better, I only found this... so, yeah, that's it I guess :)

The Young and the Restless

Hey!! We're back! (all)
Wiser (4b) Tougher! (4b) but definitely cuter! (3b3g)
So.... sit back and relax!

The young and the restless, also (all)
Fearless! (3r) Hopeless! (2r)
and sometimes (all) clueless! (1r)
Most notorious trouble-makers ever (all)
Inquisitive! (1/2) and curious! (1/2)
Ladies and gentlemen! (all)
Brought to you live, and kicking! (all)
A topic close to our heart and soul (all)
The young and the restless! (all)

We, the teenagers! (all)
What? Power Rangers? (solo 1)
No! No! (b) Teenagers, silly! (g)
Ooohhh! (b)
Neither an adult, nor a bunch of kids! (all)
Neither a gem, nor a group of misfits! (all)

Life is never easy for us teens... (all)
Everyday we face problems (1r), challenges.. (2r)
Why? Oohh why? (3r)

First of all we are expected to..
Study! (1/4) Study! (1/4) Study! (1/4)
PMR! (3b) SPM! (3b) and be (all)
Busy! (1/4) Busy! (1/4) Busy! (1/4)
Aiyahhhh... so boring you know! (all)
But we try hard to do our best (all)
To make our parents proud! (all)
And not to hear them shout! (all)

What!! You got number two? (solo 2)
Our neighbour's son ahhh... got number one, you know! (solo 2)
But mummy.. I'm in the A class, he's in the Z class... (solo 3)
We are always second best.. Huhhh! (all)
Then we sit around Yakkiki Yak and be lazy

We talk about everything (all)
Politics? (3b) Naahhh (all)
Economics? (3b) Ohh please! (all)
Then what? (3b)
We talk about... boys (1/2) and girls (1/2)
Because, this is the age, we are interested in (all)
L-O-V-E (solo 4,5,6,7)!!... mmmm! (all)

Love and teenagers (all)
Not real love, some might say (all)
It's only 'puppy love' (puppy yelping) (b)
An infatuation (1/2) or a crush (1/2) mm! (all)
Just a short term obsession! (all)
Just loving the rush! (all)

Next on our favourite things to do (all)
Go online! (all) Yeahh!! (b)
You've got mail! (2r)
Welcome to the borderless world! (3r/1r)
From chatting to downloading MP3 (all)
Playing online games (all)
Only Streamyx for me (3r)

We worry about serious stuff too
Like how we look! What we wear!
Branded or imitation.. we take care!
Well, actually that's the least of our worries

We worry about Planet Earth too
We are the future generation
Are we to inherit devastation?
Oh woe is me!
Who can forget the recent tsunami?
The power of nature's fury.
It's really, really scary

The young and the restless (all)
Anything we touch, see or do (3r)
It's karma! (2r) it will all come back to you! (1r)

Fire! (1/2 3r/2r) Fire! (1/2 3r/2r)
Where? (1/2 1r) Where? (1/2 1r)
At school! (1/2 3r/2r) At school! (1/2 3r/2r)
Quick! Call the fire brigade! (all)
Who did this? (1/2) Who's the fool? (1/2)
Vandalism! (1/2) Gangsterism! (1/2)
Causing lots of criticism! (all)
But it's too late! (1r)
The school is gone (2r) all due to hate! (3r)

Teenage life! (all)
From childhood to adulthood! (3r)
A period of transition (2r)
Of raging hormones and confusion (all)

When we express our feelings (all)
We are outspoken (3r)
When we do things our way (all)
We are outrageous (2r)
But when we ask for opinions (all)
You don't have the time! (1r)

Dear, adults, (all)
Don't always find faults and point fingers at us (all)
We're teenagers! We're supposed to have fun! (all)
Enjoy! (3r) Seize the day! (2r/1r) Carpe diem! (all)
Whatever we do, wherever we go... (all)
No freedom! We're dying of boredom! (all)

We, the teenagers! (all)
Are not seeking attention (all)
We just want you to listen (all)
To our views and opinions (all)
Once in a while, let us out of your clutch (all)
Are we asking too much? (all)

Don't worry! (all)
We'll turn out nice (all)
It's just one of those years (all)
When we're sugar and spice! (all)


  1. Hi Aveyn,
    your script is very interesting. Can I use@adapt it for my school choral speaking team? The district level competition is just around the corner and we haven't come up with a script. Thank you

    1. It's not really my script to give since I'm not the author of the script but just one of the many members in my choral speaking team.

      That being said, I personally don't mind. In fact, that's actually one of the reasons why I painstakingly typed it out on my blog - I want to share it and if you can share it further (through the competition), I guess that would be even better :)

      And, good luck for the choral speaking competition! :)