Wednesday, July 23, 2014

6 things to do when there is a haze in your area

There's a heavy blanket of haze over at my place and it's probably because (as it is the same every time) of forest burning to clear land for farming at the Sumatera.

Anyway, you often see notices (by the health ministry or some NGO) that list out 6 things that you mustn't do during a hazy day. Now to eliminate boredom, here's 10 things that you can do during hazy days (in no particular order).

1. Play hide-and-seek with your own hands.

2. Decorate each other's face masks. The winner with the best decorated face mask gets a brand new box of face masks.

3. Collect dust particles from the air using a damp tissue

4. Play I-Spy with friends/ family members to try to make out shapes/objects in the haze through your house's window.

5. Sell face masks at elevated prices... ... online.

6. Compare how dusty each other's houses have become after a day (houses were cleaned before the start of the competition)

Okay 6 is enough coz I've run out of ideas, but of course, there are plenty to do that doesn't involve going out, like gaming your eyeballs out. Feel free to be creative about what you can do during very hazy days and if you've thought of a particularly silly or funny one, post them in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This is a lame attempt of mine at creating humour. If you're offended in any way, I sincerely apologize for being my-lame-self.

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