Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Disney Infinity: Toy Box review

Written this review for a review website. This game is so amazing that I couldn't help but to post this up here :) Enjoy!

Also, check out the introduction here:
(It might not seem much but of course, if you play it yourself, then it would be absolutely magical! :) )

Lastly, before the review starts, check out screenshots of my ultimate race track here:

(I'll add more screenshots from my race track when I get the time :P)

A magical game created by the masters in surreal animation for classic children's stories :) (I'm not even sure if that makes sense lol :P). In short though, it's absolutely amazing. You get to play as different Disney characters and build your very own 'virtual playground' or if you're a bit lazy, you can play their many adventures available! It's a free game (free to download and play) - however, there are some limitations - like only 1 free character (Mr Incredibles) for you to play with and that you'll have to buy other playsets to unlock new characters.

You can buy more amazing toy box sets at Amazon by clicking the pictures below:

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