Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to cite MSDS or datasheets as reference

Well, the sample that I've gotten is for APA style. If you need a sample for other styles, you'll need to modify a bit. Generally, it is similar to citing a webpage but you'll have to add in some stuff. :)

There is no official APA format for citing an MSDS. Here is a suggested format for citing an MSDS found on the Web:
 Manufacturer's name. (Date of the MSDS). Name of substance [Material Safety Data Sheet].  Retrieved from URL and date retrieved.
 Here is an example of an APA reference citation using that format:
DuPont. (2006, October 14). Aluminum oxide & actived alumina [Material Safety Data Sheet]. Retrieved from
Here are examples of possible in-text citations using information from that MSDS:
Clothing contaminated with aluminum oxide must be washed before being worn again (Dupont, 2006).
According to DuPont (2006) safety glasses or splash goggles must be worn when using activated alumina.

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