Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What happens to the brain when you write

Something that is very interesting to me.. thought I could put it up here so I won't forget. :P

But there was a difference between seasoned writers and novices: The brains of expert writers also showed activity in regions involved in speech. “I think both groups are using different strategies,” Lotze said to Zimmer. It’s possible that the amateurs are watching their stories like a movie inside their heads, but the professionals may use their inner voice to narrate the story instead, explained Lotze.

Actually, before I start writing, I imagine the scenes, the characters and, when I write, I write it so it's like I'm talking to the reader but with a bit more flair (like more fancy words that you don't usually use in everyday speech) :)

There was one more difference. The caudate nucleus, which plays a huge role in activities that require a lot of training, such as music or sports, became activate in expert writers, but not in novices.
Source: same source, I'm too lazy to relink it xD

But I'm pretty sure my caudate nucleus would probably not light up since I don't exactly get training (except from the occasional writing gigs or like my very incoherent blog posts :P). I gotta work on that. :)

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